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Table of Content: 16 January 2014; 9(3)

January 2014

Dissipation of fenpropathrin residues in squash fruits intercropped with garden rocket

The dissipation and residue of fenpropathrin in squash fruits intercropped with garden rocket under field conditions were studied. Samples were collected periodically on the sampling days after applications. The residue data revealed the half-life values of fenpropathrin in Squash fruit and garden rocket were found to be 1.78 and 1.85 days, respectively. The residues of fenpropathrin were more greatly concentrated in...

Author(s): Ahmed Ali Romeh and Mohammed Yousef Hendawi

January 2014

Determinants of smallholder commercialization of horticultural crops in Gemechis District, West Hararghe Zone, Ethiopia

Transforming the subsistence-oriented production system into a market-oriented production system as a way to increase the smallholder farmer’s income and reduce rural poverty has been in the policy spotlight of many developing countries, including Ethiopia. However, there are no adequate studies in Ethiopia, particularly, in study area of West Hararghe zone that focusing on the determinants of smallholder...

Author(s): Aman Tufa, Adam Bekele and Lemma Zemedu

January 2014

Quantitative and qualitative analyses of weed seed banks of different agroecosystems

One of the main survival mechanisms of weeds in constantly disturbed environments, specially the annual weeds, is their high production of seeds. In this study it was intended to evaluate the influence of different agroecosystems (vegetable garden, pasture, native field, soybean, dry bean and corn) on the strength of the seed bank, making quantitative and qualitative analyses. On each site, soil samples were collected,...

Author(s): Ademir de Oliveira Ferreira, Claúdio Purissimo, Rafael Pivotto Bortolotto, Telmo Jorge Carneiro Amado, Klaus Reichardt, Larissa Bavoso and Mariânne Graziele Kugler

January 2014

Participatory varietal selection of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes at Marwold Kebele, Womberma Woreda, West Gojam, Ethiopia

Participatory variety selection was conducted at Marwoled Kebele, Womberma Woreda, to select superior bread wheat varieties on farmers’ fields with their participations. Bread wheat variety called Kubsa (HAR1685) is the sole variety grown by farmers. Twelve alternative bread wheat varieties were evaluated under rainfed conditions using a randomized complete block design with three replications as grandmother trial...

Author(s): Asaye Demelash L., Tadesse Desalegn and Getachew Alemayehu

January 2014

Effect of transpiration suppressants and nutrients under rainfed conditions: An integral view on crop productivity and biological indices in millet/pulses intercropping system

Under rainfed condition (650 mm/annum) of India drought of unpredictable intensity and duration is a prevailing feature. Appropriate intercropping combinations and management practices for sustaining crop productivity in such situations needs to be worked out, where monoculture is prevailing. Objectives were to examine the effect of transpiration suppressants and nutrients on sustaining productivity, profitability of...

Author(s): M. A. Ansari, K. S. Rana, M. H. Ansari, L. K. Baishya, Subhash Babu, Anup Das and Hari O. M.

January 2014

Assessment of factors and factors affecting milk value chain in smallholder dairy farmers: A case study of Ada’a District, East Shawa Zone of Oromia regional State, Ethiopia

Analysis of factors affecting milk value chain in smallholder dairy farmers was conducted in Ada’a district to strength the position of smallholder dairy farmers in milk value chain. Purposive and simple random sampling was employed as sampling techniques to select 100 smallholder dairy farmers 50 from urban area and 50 farmers from rural area to collect the required information. The data was collected through...

Author(s): Girma Debele and Marco Verschuur

January 2014

Supermarket chains and small farmers in Africa: A new look from the perspective of New Institutional Economics

Supermarket chains have expanded and internationalized to become large buyers and distributors in the global agri-food sector. Meanwhile, in Eastern and Southern Africa which is the focus area of this study, collecting data on rural poverty related to small farmers remains daunting. This study investigates the differences between large and small farmers, the transaction costs involved in supplying agricultural products...

Author(s): Valdecir José Zonin, César Augustus Winck, Wilson João Zonin, Alex Leonardi and João Armando Dessimon Machado

January 2014

Rhizosphere microflora of noni (Morinda citrifolia) as influenced by organic manures and drip irrigation

An experiment was conducted at Horticultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Periyakulam to elucidate the effect of different irrigation regimes and organic manures on rhizosphere microbial population of noni (Morinda citrifolia).  The trial was carried out in split plot design with irrigation regimes on main plot (four levels) and organic manures on sub plot (eight levels) with...

Author(s): S. Muthu Kumar and V. Ponnuswami

January 2014

Soil and leaf nutrient status of noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) as influenced by drip irrigation and manurial treatments

An investigation was carried out at Horticultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Periyakulam to find out the effect of various irrigation regimes and manurial treatments on soil and leaf nutrient status of noni (Morinda citrifolia L.). The experiment was carried out in split plot design with irrigation regimes on main plot and manurial treatments on sub plot. Among the treatment...

Author(s): S. Muthu Kumar and V. Ponnuswami

January 2014

M-mode echocardiographic study in dogs

Echocardiography is a unique non-invasive application of ultrasound for imaging of living heart. It is based on detection of echoes produced by a beam of ultrasound pulses transmitted into the heart. Conventional echocardiographic modalities include two-dimensional (2D), M-mode and Doppler modes. M-mode is the first ultrasound modality used in which the ultrasound beams are aimed manually at selected cardiac structures...

Author(s): Gugjoo, M. B.,  Saxena, A. C.  Hoque M.,and Zama,M. M. S.  

January 2014

Biomass yields and crude protein content of two African indigenous leafy vegetables in response to kraal manure application and leaf cutting management

African indigenous leafy vegetables have the important role of providing essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids in diets of poor smallholder farmer households in sub-Saharan Africa. A study was conducted to quantify the influence of applying cattle and goat manure on the biomass yields and crude protein content of two commonly used African leafy vegetables (Cleome gynandra and Amaranthus hybridus) when subjected...

Author(s): M. T. Seeiso and S. A. Materechera

January 2014

Diffusion of crossbreeding technology in piggery: A case of ‘T&D’ breed in Eastern region of India

The paper throws light on the genesis and diffusion of a new breed of pig developed and propagated in India. The breed named ‘T&D’ was developed by crossing and continuous selection of Tamworth with local indigenous (Desi) pig which is distinctively black in colour. The extent of dissemination of the technology was assessed through random selection and interviewing 240 farmers across four states of...

Author(s): Pankaj Seth, Mahesh Chander, Prakashkumar Rathod and Dwaipayan Bardhan

January 2014

Rural households’ awareness and preceptions to variability in climatic conditions in rural South Africa

Understanding climate variability is key to the reduction of human foot print and communal farming production. This study evaluates climate change awareness and perceptions of climate variability among the Eastern Cape communal farmers. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 130 heads of households across Ntabankulu local municipality for participation in the study. Data were collected through a pre-tested...

Author(s): S. Ndhleve, M. D. V. Nakin and B. Longo-Mbenza

January 2014

Relative performance of oat (Avena sativa L.) varieties for their growth and seed yield

Deficit of the feed and fodder availability of the desired quality has been considered as the major bottleneck in harnessing the potential of the livestock sector in India. With the objective to find out the suitable variety of oat for getting maximum seed yield, a field experiment was conducted during rabi season of 2007 to 2008 at JNKVV, Jabalpur (MP). The treatments consisted of six varieties of oat (Kent, UPO...

Author(s): P. N. Siloriya, G. S. Rathi and V. D. Meena