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Table of Content: 19 April, 2018; 13(16)

April 2018

Nutrient absorption march and accumulation of nutrients in developing Roxo de Valinhos fig (Ficus carica L.) tree, cultivated under different water regimes

The nutrient absorption march in fig (Ficus carica L.) trees and other fruit trees has been studied only at the seedling stage, and little is known about nutrient accumulation in perennial plants when the entire life cycle of the plant is considered. To this end, the present study aimed to evaluate nutrient accumulation in the Roxo de Valinhos fig tree, cultivated with and without supplemental irrigation. The split-plot...

Author(s): Manoel Euzébio de Souza, Sarita Leonel, Andréa Carvalho da Silva, Adilson Pacheco de Souza, Ana Heloisa Maia, Roberto Lyra Villas Boas and Adriana Aki Tanaka

April 2018

Nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers in elephant-grass for energy use

Nitrogen is the mineral element that plants most require. Its deficiency quickly inhibits plant growth. Excessive nitrogen fertilization raises the cost of biomass production. Therefore, there is a need to find the appropriate dose of nitrogen fertilizer that provides greater efficiency in dry matter production. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers on the chemical...

Author(s): José Augusto de Almeida Sant&#;Ana, Rogério Figueiredo Daher, Niraldo José Ponciano, Marcia Maria Paes Santos, Alexandre Pio Viana, Erik da Silva Oliveira, Francisco José da Silva Ledo, Bruna Rafaela da Silva Menezes, Carlos Lacy Santos and Wallace Luís de Lima  

April 2018

Thermal comfort analysis of agricultural machinery operators with thermography

Heat stress appears as a strong candidate for physical wear and tear, leading to lower yields and high risks of accidents due to lack of attention. In this context, this work aims to study the possible influence of the internal temperature of metal roof tractor, skin temperature of face operator, relating it to possible physiological responses connected with environmental variables such as relative humidity air and wind...

Author(s): Murilo Mesquita Baesso, Vinicius Bertuga Do Amaral, Alcir José Modolo, Clovis Fischer, Emerson Trogello,  Jonathas Cassimiro Silvestrini, Raquel Couto Evangelista Baesso and Marco Aurélio Spoljaric Gonçalves  

April 2018

Towards being equal to them: Impact of organic certified production systems on women empowerment in agriculture

The objective of the study was to determine the degree of women empowerment in agriculture as well as examine the effect of organic certification and other socio-economic and cultural factors on women empowerment in agriculture in Kenya. This objective was achieved using data from peri-urban vegetable and rural honey producing households. It followed the innovative multidimensional measurement of women empowerment in...

Author(s): Oscar Ingasia Ayuya  

April 2018

Genotypic variability in some sun flower (Helianthus annuus L.) hybrids evaluated in Khordunia under rainfed conditions

Twenty locally generated hybrids of Sun flower (Helianthus annuus L.) hybrids were evaluated in two seasons (2012 and 2013) for yield and yield components at Khordunia area, Blue Nile State under rain fed conditions. A randomized complete block design with six replications was used for laying out the field experiments. The seeds were sown in the second and third week of July in the first and second seasons, respectively...

Author(s): Mohamed E. K. Fadlalla, Hashim A. Fadlalla, Abdelwahab H. Adbdalla and Murwan K. Sabahelkhair  

April 2018

Prospection and production of Solanaceae species resistant to the root knot nematode

Plant species of Solanaceae family are affected by numerous pathogens worldwide. Among them is the root-knot nematode which hinders the establishment of crops in the field, reducing their production capacity. This work aims to select Solanaceae species tolerant or resistant to root-knot nematode under the climatic conditions of Fortaleza, Ceará. Two experiments were performed. For both, the followings were...

Author(s): Janiquelle da Silva Rabelo, Marcelo de Almeida Guimarães, Carmen Dolores Gonzaga Santos, Benedito Pereira Lima Neto, Ana Régia Alves de Araújo Hendges, Caris dos Santos Viana, Jean Paulo de Jesus Tello and Hozano de Souza Lemos Neto

April 2018

Effects of market price, cultivating area and price regulation on cotton production in China

This study examines the quantitative effects of market price in cotton producing areas of China. It also analyzes the qualitative effects of price regulation on cotton production. Secondary time series data were collected from National Bureau of Statistics in China, between 1990 and 2013. Calculation of the growth rate of cotton in production was done using linear trend model and multi-regression model to analyze the...

Author(s): Mansoor Ahmed Koondhar#, Lingling Qiu#, Xingyue Liu, Fahmida Abbassi, Masroor Ali Koondhar and He Ge  

April 2018

Effect of calcium chloride dipping treatment on quality of Ziziphus spina-christi L. fruits during cold storage

Zizyphus spina-christi L. is one of the wide varieties of plant grown in Al-Ahsa Oasis in Saudi Arabia and known locally as Alnabaq (buckthorn). The objective of this investigation was to study the effects of postharvest calcium chloride applications on fruit quality of buckthorn under cold storage condition at 2°C and 90% RH for 5 weeks.¬¬ Fruits were dipped in calcium chloride at different concentrations...

Author(s): Mohamed S. AL-Saikhan  

April 2018

Saflufenacil and indaziflam herbicide effects on agricultural crops and microorganisms

The herbicides saflufenacil and indaziflam have recently been registered in Brazil for weed control in sugarcane crops; however, little information exists regarding their residual effects or influences on soil microorganisms. Therefore, the present study aimed: (a) to determine the effects of saflufenacil and indaziflam on soil microorganisms and (b) to evaluate the residual and dose effects of these herbicides on...

Author(s): Beatriz Alexandre Torres, Silvana Perissatto Meneghin, Nágilla Moraes Ribeiro, Paulo Henrique Vieira dos Santos, Bruna Ferrari Schedenffeldt, and Patricia Andrea Monquero  

April 2018

Integrated crop management (ICM) for increasing rice production in Barind area

An experiment was conducted at the Agronomy Field Laboratory, University of Rajshahi during the period from June, 2015 to December 2015 to study the effect of Integrated Crop Management (ICM) practice for increasing rice production in Barind area, Bangladesh. The experiment consisted of two factors that is, two variety which is BRRI dhan56 and BRRI dhan57, and five management practices like control, only weed...

Author(s): N. Khatun, M. A. Rahman and P. Devi