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Table of Content: 1 February, 2018; 13(5)

February 2018

Sustainable and technological strategies for basic cereal crops in the face of climate change: A literature review

At the international level, corn, wheat and rice are basic grains considered to be the most important food source for humans, as they are a fundamental part of the daily diet and represent more than 55% of the caloric intake. They make up the greater production and consumption in the world. Due to Climate Change, these highly vulnerable crops to extreme temperatures have suffered a reduction in quality and quantity of...

Author(s): Silvia Soledad Moreno Gutiérrez, Alfredo Toriz Palacios, Jorge A. Ruiz-Vanoye and Sócrates López Pérez

February 2018

Litter production in a natural stand of Brazil nut trees (Bertholletia excelsa Bonpl.)

This research estimated litter production and analyzed its relation to environmental variables such as maximum temperature, insolation, and rainfall. The study was conducted on a 300 × 300 m experiment as part of the project titled mapping of native Brazil nut stands and socio-environmental and economic characterization of Brazil nut production systems (MapCast), in the Tapajós National Forest (FLONA...

Author(s): Quêzia Leandro de Moura Guerreiro, Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira Júnior, Maria de Lourdes Pinheiro Ruivo, Katia Emidio da Silva, Troy Patrick Beldini, Marcelino Carneiro Guedes, Amanda Fabricia Leão Mota, Brenda Lohana Teixeira de Moraes, Paulo Roberto Brasil Santos and Izabela Moura Duin

February 2018

Higher K+/Na+ and lower reactive oxygen species and lipid peroxidation are related to higher yield in maize under saline condition

Thirty six single cross hybrids with six commercial checks were evaluated for yield performance along with earliness, plant height and ear height. The mean performance for days to tasseling and days to silking were significantly different among the hybrids. Considering the yield, Kaberi 50 and Pioneer 3396 were found as the best and the second best check, respectively. None of the hybrids produced higher yield compared...

Author(s): Rohman M. M., Islam M. R., , Mahmuda B. M., Begum S., Fakir O. A. and Amiruzzaman M.

February 2018

Genetic diversity study of some banana genotypes collected from various parts of India through RAPD analysis

Globally, banana is the fourth most important fruit crop and is grown in more than 130 countries across the world. Traditional procedure to characterize banana plants by morphological descriptors has many limitations, and different communities refer to the same local cultivars by different names due to lack of clear clone identity resulting in unnecessary duplication with regard to cultivation, conservation and...

Author(s): Prasenjit Kundu, Fatik Kumar Bauri and Sutanu Maji

February 2018

Screening of wheat germplasm for seed associated fungi in geographical areas of Pakistan

One hundred wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) accessions were selected on the basis of different geographical areas of Pakistan. Isolation and identification of seed born fungi were conducted according to standard blotter test and a total of five major seed borne fungi including Alternaria alternata, Aspergillus niger, Fusarium species, Drechslera species and Phytophthora species were isolated from the wheat seeds. The...

Author(s): Attiq-ur-Rahman, Riffat Tahira, Aqleem Abbas, Shahid Iqbal, Israr Ahmad and Waseem Ahmad

February 2018

Gas exchange and yield of Prata-type banana plants with fertilizer sources for organic management

The aim of this paper is to evaluate gas exchanges and yield of Prata-type banana plants subjected to fertilizer sources for organic management in soil with improved fertility. Two cultivars (‘Dwarf-Prata’ and ‘BRS Platina’), 5 K2O rates (0, 200, 400, 600, and 800 kg ha-1 year-1) supplied by cattle manure and Naturalplus® rock powder, and 2 evaluation times (8:00 am and 2:00 pm) were arranged...

Author(s): Pedro Ricardo Rocha Marques, Sergio Luiz Rodrigues Donato, Abel Rebouças São José and Raul Castro Carriello Rosa