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Table of Content: 1 March, 2018; 13(9)

March 2018

Characterization and classification of salt affected soils and irrigation water in Tendaho sugarcane production farm, North-Eastern Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Considerable area of land is becoming unproductive every year because of salinity and sodicity in lowlands of Ethiopia. For sound land use and irrigation water management, it is a paramount important to know the chemical composition of soils and irrigation water. Therefore, the study was aimed to evaluate the physicochemical properties of soils and irrigation water of Tendaho sugarcane production farm, located in...

Author(s): Mulat Asmamaw, Ashenafi Haile, and Gezai Abera,  

March 2018

Effect of poultry litter biochar on Ultisol physical properties

A study was carried out to investigate the effect of biochar produced from the pyrolysis of poultry litter feedstock in some of the physical properties of a Yellow Red Argisol eutrophic typical (Ultisol), located in the municipality Lagoa Seca, State of Paraiba, Brazil, that is, granulometric analysis,  bulk density, porosity and available water capacity. Six doses of biochar (0; 10; 15; 20; 25 and 30 ton ha-1)...

Author(s): Lúcia Helena Garófalo Chaves, Washington Benevenuto de Lima, Iêde de Brito Chaves, Josué da Silva Buriti, Marcos Vinicius Lia Fook and José William de Lima Souza  

March 2018

Phosphorus adsorption and its relationship to the physical and chemical characteristics with different soil classes

In order to determine the characteristics of phosphorus adsorption using the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms and its relationship with some of the chemical and physical properties of soils, a study was developed at the Embrapa Soil Laboratory with soil samples (0 - 30 cm) from four classes of topsoil: Orthic Chromic Luvisols, Eutrophic Cambisols, Fluvic Neossol and Eutrophic Cambisols Typical. The hyperbolic model of...

Author(s): José Félix de Brito Neto, Leonardo Theodoro Bull, André Luiz Pereira da Silva, Cláudio Silva Soares and Joaquim Alves de Lima Junior  

March 2018

Wet bulb dimensions associated with different flow and terrain declivity

Geometry information of wet bulb is important for the design of projects and management of drip irrigation, mainly to estimate the volume of wet soil, emitter flows and irrigation time. This study aims to determine the dimensions of wet bulb formed by drippers with different flow and terrain declivities. For this, soil moisture levels were determined throughout the soil profile after drip irrigation with three flow...

Author(s): José Antonio R. Souza, Débora A. Moreira, Leandro C. Salomão, Fernando F. Cunha, Renan S. Pedroso, Ellen L. Silva, Janine M. Gonçalves, João G. F. Rezende, João V. C. Costa and Jamerson F. Silva Filho

March 2018

Nitrogen fertilization applied through drip fertigation and broadcasted in blueberry crop

The aim of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of nitrogen fertilization on the blueberry crop throughout three consecutive years with different rates and ways of fertilizer application. The experiment was carried out in a commercial orchard located at the county of Vacaria-RS, in Southern Brazil utilizing the blueberry cultivar ‘Bluecrop’. The treatments consisted of the broadcasted nitrogen rates:...

Author(s): Leonardo Oliboni do Amaral, Elaine Damiani Conte, Lucas De Ross Marchioretto, Endrigo Soares Golin and Diego da Rocha Cavaletti