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Table of Content: 21 March, 2013; 8(10)

March 2013

Sulphur distribution in Inceptisol of Northern India and genotypic differences in sulphur uptake of rice

  Estimating site and depth wise distribution of major (S) fractions and their relationship with soil physicochemical properties are central to developing efficient S management strategies, especially in S deficient areas. Screening use of efficient genotypes also holds promise in this regard in environment like low land paddy ecosystem, which are known to be extremely hostile in the term of S availability for...

Author(s):   Virinder Singh, Y. K. Sharma, A. K. Singh and L. J. Bordoloi    

March 2013

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) prediction of herbage quality from forage and browse legumes, and natural pasture grass grown in Zimbabwe

  Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) was used to predict the chemical composition of forage legumes Vigna unguiculata (cowpea), Desmodium uncinatum (Silverleaf desmodium), Stylosanthes guianensis (cv. Oxley fine stem stylo), natural pasture grass hay, Stylosanthes scabra (cv. Fitzroy) and an indigenous browse tree, Brachystegia spiciformis (Musasa)....

Author(s):   J. J. Baloyi, H. Hamudikuwanda, N. Berardo, M. Ordoardi and N. T. Ngongoni  

March 2013

Effects of remittances on poverty among rural households in Nigeria

  Poverty in Nigeria is more prevalent in the rural sector due to dwindling and inequitable distribution of real income. Remittances can be poverty reducing. However, the extent to which remittances affect poverty has not been adequately documented in Nigeria. This paper uses Nigerian National Living Standard Survey (NLSS), 2004 to analyse the impact of domestic remittances (from Nigeria) and foreign...

Author(s):   Olowa, Olatomide Waheed, Awoyemi, Taiwo Timothy, Shittu, Musediku Adebayo and Olowa, Omowumi Ayodele  

March 2013

Comparative advantage of agriculture sector between Turkey and European Union

  The purpose of this study is to determine the competition in agricultural sector between Turkey and European Union. For this analysis, food and agriculture trade data for 2008 are used. The Revealed ComparativeAdvantage Index (RCA) is calculated for the 420 agricultural items with relevance to the agricultural sector.While Turkey has...

Author(s):   Mehmet Arif ÅžAHÄ°NLÄ°  

March 2013

The effect of intercropping pattern of okra, maize, pepper on weeds infestations and okra yield

  Field study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of intercropping pattern in reducing weed infestation in okra, maize and pepper intercrop; at the teaching and research farm of Rivers State University of Science and Technology Port Harcourt, Nigeria during 2009 and 2010 cropping season. Three intercropping pattern namely; alternate row intercropping, strip row intercropping and mixed intercropping were...

Author(s):   J. A. Orluchukwu and Udensi E. Udensi,  

March 2013

Energy scenario, carbon efficiency, nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics of pearlmillet –mustard system under diverse nutrient and tillage management practices

  Under limited moisture conditions integrated nutrient management and conservation agriculture (CA) practices plays a vital role. Information on effect of integrated nutrient management (INM) with CA practices in pearlmillet (Pennisetum glaucum) –mustard (Brassica juncea) system is lacking.  The present experiment was conducted during 2005-06 and 2006-07 in rainy and winter...

Author(s):   C. M. Parihar, R. N. Bhakar, K. S. Rana, M. L. Jat, A. K. Singh, S. L. Jat, M. D. Parihar and S. Sharma    

March 2013

Soil carbon capacity in a grassy rangeland ecosystem in North-western Iran: Implication for conservation

  Carbon dioxide is one of the most important greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Ranges and based on carbon sequestration and soil conservation have a key role and known as dominant species in the region. In Iran, overgrazing of rangelands, during the process of soil erosion is happening that this fact resulted to decrease soil carbon. In the present study, comparative assessment of carbon sequestration...

Author(s):   R. Ghoreyshi, F. Keivan Behjou, J. Motamedi and E. Goly Kalanpa    

March 2013

Drying kinetics of Aristolochia cymbifera Mart. and Zucc. leaves

  Drying medicinal plant materials ensures the retention of their active ingredients. The aim of this study was to fit different mathematical models to experimental data from Aristolochia cymbifera leaves to determine and evaluate the effective diffusion coefficient and to obtain the drying process activation energy under varying air conditions. The experiment was conducted at the Federal Institute of...

Author(s):   Daniel Emanuel Cabral De Oliveira, Osvaldo Resende, André Luiz Montes and Fabiano Guimarães Silva    

March 2013

Effect of delayed extraction and storage on quality of sugarcane juice

  A study was conducted to determine the quality of sugarcane juice extracted from stored canes, as well as changes in quality of fresh juice stored at different temperatures. Cane stems were stored at 10 and 30°C, while the fresh juice was stored at 5 and 30°C. The parameters studied were juice yield, total soluble solids, total sugar content, titratable acidity, pH, viscosity, total microbial count...

Author(s):   Krishnakumar T., Thamilselvi C. and Devadas C.T.    

March 2013

Effect of plant spacing and harvesting frequency on the yield of Swiss chard cultivars (Beta vulgaris L.) in a closed hydroponic system

  The objective of this study was to determine the combined effect of plant densities and leaf harvesting frequencies on yield of two hydroponically grown Swiss chard cultivars. Swiss chard plantlets were transplanted 28 days after seeding, utilizing a gravel-film technique hydroponic system. Thirty treatment combinations were used, namely two Swiss chard cultivars (‘Ford Hook Giant’ and ‘Star...

Author(s):   M. M. Maboko and C. P. Du Plooy