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Agricultural Research

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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
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Table of Content: 23 November, 2017; 12(47)

November 2017

Biological control of Anastrepha Schiner (Díptera: Tephritidae) through augmentative releases of Diachasmimorpha longicaudata Ashmead (Hymenoptera; Braconidae) in fruit-producing marginal areas of Northern Nayarit, México

In Mexico, fruit flies (Anastrepha Schiner) are one of the main pests that affect production and limit the commercialization of fresh fruits. In regions producing municipalities such as Ruiz (Nayarit), the insect is actively multiplying in marginal areas, in fruits such as Mangifera indica L. (mango), Psidium guajava L. (guava), Spondias sp. (jobo) and Psidium sartorianum (Berg), from where they move to commercial...

Author(s): Isiordia-Aquino N., Robles-Bermúdez A., Cambero-Campos O. J., Díaz-Heredia M., González-Castellón L. and Flores-Canales R. J.

November 2017

Effect of cover crops on physico-chemical attributes of soil in a short-term experiment in the southwestern Amazon region

No-tillage is an agricultural system that is proposed as a sustainable soil management system. This paper aims to evaluate the short-term effects of cover crops on a no-tillage system, by assessing a number of physical and chemical attributes of soil of the Brazilian Amazon region. The experiment was carried out in a typical Ferralsol under a no-tillage system from March to December, 2014. A randomized block design,...

Author(s): Alexandre Martins Abdão dos Passos, Andreia Marcilene Aker, Rogerio Sebastiao Correa Da Costa, Flávia Cristina Dos Santos, Vivianni Pacheco Dantas Leite and Alaerto Luiz Marcolan

November 2017

Temperature and substrate effects on the germination of Caesalpinia ferrea Mart. Ex Tul.

Caesalpinia ferrea Mart. Ex Tul. is a tropical arboreal species used in naval and civil construction, and in the recovery of degraded areas. The substrate used and temperature can interfere directly in the germination of this species. This work aimed to evaluate the influence of different substrates and temperature regimes on the seed germination potential and initial growth of C. ferrea seedlings. The experiment was...

Author(s): Luan Danilo Ferreira de Andrade Melo, João Luciano de Andrade Melo Junior, Ivomberg Dourado Magalhães, Aldair de Souza Medeiros, Sebastião de Oliveira Maia Júnior, José Jairo Florentino Cordeiro Junior and Abraão Cícero da Silva

November 2017

Agro-morphologic variations among eleven potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars

In this work, we studied agro-morphological parameters that could be used to define variaton among  early, mid-early, mid-late and late potato cultivars, cropped in the main season by quantitaive and qualitative parameters (characters of mother tubers, vegetation cover, height of plants, number of leaves, number of true leaves, number of stems, number of stolons, lenght of first stolon, median diameter of first...

Author(s): Khaoula Mokrani, Wassim Saadaoui, Rym Mediouni and Neji Tarchoun

November 2017

Relationship between physical and physiological quality variables in analyzes of black oat seeds

The success of species implantation depends on the quality of seeds used initially. It is therefore important to ascertain that the seed is in an excellent physical, physiological, sanitary and nutritional condition as this will determine the genetic cultivars’ potential. Thus, this research work studied the relationships between physical and physiological variables in the seed. Samples were analysed and grouped...

Author(s): Roberto Carbonera, Alessandro Dal’Col Lúcio, Ubirajara Russi Nunes and Sandra Beatriz Vicenci Fernandes