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Full Length Research Paper

Antibacterial effects and toxigenesis of Penicillium aurantiogriseum and P. viridicatum

Mustapha Khaddor1, Rabah Saidi1, Anouar Aidoun1, Ahmed Lamarti2*, Abdelrhafour Tantaoui-Elaraki3, Mohammed Ezziyyani4, Maria-Emilia Candela Castillo4 and Alain Badoc5
1École Normale Supérieure, BP 229, 93150 Martil, Morocco. 2Département de Biologie, Unité de Biotechnologie et d’Amélioration des plantes,Faculté des Sciences M’hannech II, BP 212, 93002 Tétouan, Morocco. 3Sup’Agro (École Supérieure de l’Agro-alimentaire), 22, rue le Câtelet, Belvédère, 20300, Casablanca, Morocco. 4Laboratorio de Fisiopatología, Departamento de Biología vegetal, Facultad de Biología, Campus Universitario de Espinardo, 30100 Espinardo, Murcia, Spain. 5Laboratoire de Mycologie et Biotechnologie végétale, Faculté des Sciences Pharmaceutiques, Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2, 146, rue Léo Saignat, 33076 Bordeaux Cedex, France.
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  •  Accepted: 25 January 2007
  •  Published: 18 October 2007


The toxigenesis of one Penicillium aurantiogriseum and one Penicillium viridicatumisolates was investigated. Sterile culture filtrates of both fungi had a clear antibacterial effect only against Bacillus subtilis. The effect on B. subtilis varied with amount of filtrate used and temperature. The antibacterial activity of chloroform extracts varied with the nature of media used to grow the fungi. Different mycotoxins were identified in the fungal cultures using thin-layer chromatography. P. aurantiogriseum was found to produce penicillic acid, terrestric acid and aurantiamine, while penicillic acid, terrestric acid, brevianamide A and xanthomegnin were produced by P. viridicatum.


Key words: P. aurantiogriseumP. viridicatum, mycotoxins, antibacterial activity.


ANIS: Solution of p-anisaldehyde in absolute ethanol - glacial acetic acid -concentrated sulfuric acid; CYA:  Czapeck Yeast extract Agar; ENS: École Normale Supérieure; MB: Malt Broth; MEA:  Malt Extract Agar; Nm:  Nanometre;RF:     Migration forehead; TLC: Thin Layer Chromatographie; TYG:  Tryptone Yeast extract Glucose; YES:  Yeast Extract Sucrose.