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The counteraction effect of different Cu concentration and Azospirillum inoculation on wheat plants

Hamdia m. Abd El_samad Abd El-Samad

  •  Received: 05 February 2019
  •  Accepted: 05 February 2019
Results of this investigation indicated that wheat plant was differentially response to the addition of Cu++ from 5 mM to 25 mM in the soil media according to its organs (shoot and root). While shoot organ response positively to this treatment, root response negatively.i.e. Cu++ acts as activator metal in shoot organ and acts as toxicity metal in root organ. This activation response in shoot organ was observed in the production of fresh and dry matter which related with the accumulation of soluble sugar, soluble protein. When take the attention the lower level of Cu++ treatment 5mM, it is the specific concentration which gave a higher activation in the production of fresh and dry matter, relative water content and soluble sugar of shoot and root of wheat plants than the other Cu++ concentration as compared with the control plant. However, the negatively response of root to Cu++ treatment was related with the inhibition of fresh, dry matter which produced as the result of decrease the accumulation of soluble sugar, soluble protein at lower Cu++ concentration. Azospirillum inoculation exhibited a promotion in the accumulation of soluble sugar and soluble protein which reflected in the increase of relative water uptake which reflected on the production of fresh dry matter and length of shoot and root of the tested plants under Cu++ treatment. It can be observed from the data that shoot response higher than root to the Azospirillum inoculation which reflected the interaction effect of the two fertilizers Cu++ and Azospirillum application. Thus Azospirillum and Cu counteracted to enhancement wheat plant growth and the higher activated effect was observed at 5 mM Cu++concentration.

Keywords: Cu treatment, Azospirillum (Az.), wheat , counteract, enhancement