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Table of Content: 19 April 2010; 9(16)

April 2010

Study on transition of g.11584A>G of goat melanophilin gene in different populations

Though the melanophilin (MLPH) gene has been characterized as one of the candidate genes for coat color dilution in human, mice and dog, little is known about this gene in sheep and goat. In this study, a missense mutation of g.11584A>G in exon 10 of goat MLPH gene was determined according to the sequence EU316218previously obtained. Meanwhile the PCR-RFLP of this mutation was performed in...

Author(s): Rong-Yan Zhou, Fu-Jun Feng, Xiang-Long Li, Lan-Hui LI, Chun-Juan Tang, Jian-Tao Wang and Hui-Qin Zheng

April 2010

Effects of rare earth elements on callus growth, soluble protein content, peroxidase activity and shoot differentiation of Echinacea angustifolia cultures in vitro

The effects of lanthanum nitrate (La3+) and cerium nitrate (Ce4+) on Echinaceaangustifolia callus growth and subculture were studied by the measurement of callus fresh weight, dry weight and time-course curve. The effects of La3+ on soluble protein content, peroxidase activity and shoot differentiation of callus were also investigated. Low concentrations of La3+ and Ce4+ (0.01, 0.1 and...

Author(s): Lin Ma, Jun Zhao, Hongli Wu, Xiaohong Yuan and Dabin Hou

April 2010

Investigation of correlation analysis and relationships between grain yield and other quantitative traits in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Understanding the relationships between chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) yield and yield components is critical to utilizing these relationships effectively and thus developing desirable varieties. This research was done in order to investigate the correlation analysis and relationships between grain yield and other quantitative traits with three chickpea cultivars (Filip-84-48-c, Ilc-482 and...

Author(s): Soheil Kobraee, Keyvan Shamsi, Behrooz Rasekhi and Saeed Kobraee

April 2010

Detection of potato leafroll virus isolated from potato fields in Tehran province in aphids by immunocapture reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction

The surveys conducted during 2006 and 2007 revealed the infection of the virus in potato fields in Tehran province. Due to the important roll of aphids in transmission of the virus, immunocapture reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (IC-RT-PCR) and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was developed using potato leafroll virus (PLRV) specific antibodies and specific primer pair (20...

Author(s): Kh. Hemmati Ahouee, M. Kouhi Habibi and G. H. Mosahebi

April 2010

Analysis of forest product trade relationships between Turkey and European Union member states

The countries have needed to strengthen their trade relationships in the face of increasing competition conditions with globalization and a lot of unions emerged all over the world. The European Union, remaining in the foreground as an economical, commercial and political factor in these unions, possesses considerable influence, which a lot of countries want to be involved in. Turkey, being in the European integration...

Author(s): Kadri Cemil Akyüz, İbrahim Yıldırım, Yasin Balaban and Süleyman Korkut

April 2010

Micropropagation of some Malaysian banana and plantain (Musa sp.) cultivars using male flowers

Male inflorescences have potential to be used as explants for rapid micropropagation of Musa sp. The male flowers of four banana cultivars, namely ‘Berangan’, ‘Rastali’, ‘Nangka’ and ‘Abu’ belonging to three genome types in Musa(AAA, AAB, and ABB), were cultured onto Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium which was supplemented with 1 mg/L of TDZ, BAP, Kin, 2-ip...

Author(s): F. Mahdavi Darvari, M. Sariah, M. P. Puad and M. Maziah

April 2010

Optimization of callus induction and plant regeneration from germinating seeds of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor Moench)

An efficient regeneration system was developed using germinating seeds of two cultivars of sweet sorghum, Sorghum bicolor 'Yuantian No.1' and 'M81E', as explants. We tested different media supplements effects on callus induction. The effects of combinations of 2,4-D, KT, sucrose, agar and proline at different concentrations on callus induction were compared. While...

Author(s): Liming Zhao, Shujun Liu and Songquan Song

April 2010

Examination of forest products trade between Turkey and European Union countries with gravity model approach

The success of getting in the foreign trade forms one of the basic stones of economic development for countries. The current and potential trading volume among countries and determining the main factors affecting trade are quite important. The trade currents of the European Union (EU) countries and Turkey in the forest products industry field were analyzed by the gravity model in this study. For this reason, the panel...

Author(s): Kadri Cemil Akyüz, Ibrahim Yildirim, Yasin Balaban, Tarik Gedik and Süleyman Korkut

April 2010

New nanomaterial and process for the production of biofuel from metal hyper accumulator water hyacinth

Three different studies were performed for the conversion of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) plant into biofuel. In the first study, water hyacinth was saccharified with diluted sulfuric acid (1% v/v at 110°C for one hour), fermented by yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). The results showed the formation of 55.20% ethanol and 41.66% acetic acid. In another experiment, water hyacinth was gasified by using Ni...

Author(s): Tariq Mahmood, Syed Tajammul Hussain and Salman Akbar Malik

April 2010

Environmental study of heavy metals influence on soil and Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare L.)

The aim of this work was to define the correlation between heavy metal (mercury, lead, cadmium, chrome and nickel) concentration changes (in soil, leaf, stem, root and essential oil in Tansy) and type and distance from source pollution. The concentration was monitored on different locations: 1) Chemical industry pančevo (with accident situation); 2) Pančevo industrial zone; 3) highway; 4) Ada Ciganlija recreation zone...

Author(s): Svetlana Stevović, Vesna Surčinski Mikovilović and Dušica Ćalić-Dragosavac

April 2010

Two electrophoreses in different pH buffers to purify forest soil DNA contaminated with humic substances

Direct extraction of DNA from soils is a useful way to gain genetic information on the soil source. However, DNA extraction from soils, especially forest soils, may be contaminated by humic substances due to their similar physical and chemical characteristics to soil. Even commercial soil DNA extraction kits fail to retrieve DNA from these soils. Using the potential changes of specific charge of DNA and humic substances...

Author(s): Weiguo Hou, Bin Lian and Sarah Rothenberg

April 2010

Environmental impact of site location on macro-and microelements in Tansy

Human activities cause specific impact on the enveronment, which also could been monitored by mineral contents in the soil and in the plants. Two different caracteristic locations had been selected for the experiments: anthropogenic-Ada Huja contamineted industrial zone and non anthropogenic-Topcider park area. The contents of macro- and microelements is measured in the soil and conseqently in the plant. Correlation...

Author(s): Svetlana Stevović[], Vesna Surcinski Mikovilovic and Dusica Calic-Dragosavac

April 2010

Environmental impact on morphological and anatomical structure of Tansy

Morphological and anatomical structure of Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare L.) from two specific locations in one town, depending on environmental conditions, were carried out: anthropogenic Ada Huja (polluted zone) and non anthropogenic Topcider park (unpolluted). Study included the diferences in the structure of leaves, stem and roots. The plants from both cites showed visible morphological and anatomical changes in...

Author(s): Svetlana Stevović, Vesna Surčinski Mikovilović and Dušica Ćalić-Dragosavac

April 2010

A new strategy to enhance polysialic acid production by controlling sorbitol concentration in cultivation of Escherichia coli K235

Polysialic acid (PSA) is a new pharmaceutical material used in control release of protein drugs and as scaffold material in biomedical applications. It is also a vital source of sialic acid and its derivatives. In this paper, we demonstrated that the substrate sorbitol has significant effect on bacterial growth and PSA formation in cultivation of Escherichia coli K235. Lower sorbitol concentration favored...

Author(s): Jin-Long Liu, Jian-Rong Wu, Feng-Dan Shen, Dan-Feng Yu, Qi-zhang and Xiao-Bei Zhan

April 2010

Effects of palm oil mill effluent (POME) anaerobic sludge from 500 m3 of closed anaerobic methane digested tank on pressed-shredded empty fruit bunch (EFB) composting process

In this study, co-composting of pressed-shredded empty fruit bunches (EFB) and palm oil mill effluent (POME) anaerobic sludge from 500 m3 closed anaerobic methane digested tank was carried out. High nitrogen and nutrients content were observed in the POME anaerobic sludge. The sludge was subjected to the pressed-shredded EFB to accelerate the co-composting treatment. In the present study, changes in the...

Author(s): Azhari Samsu Baharuddin, Lim Siong Hock, Mohd Zulkhairi Md Yusof, Nor’ Aini Abdul Rahman, Umi kalsom Md Shah, Mohd Ali Hassan, Minato Wakisaka, Kenji Sakai and Yoshihito Shirai

April 2010

In vitro evaluation of antioxidant activity of Anisopus mannii N.E. Br.

Anisopus mannii (Asclepiadaceae) –a plant widely used as an anti-diabetic agent in Northern Nigerian traditional medicine, was subjected to antioxidant evaluation. The crude methanol extract, n-butanol and ethyl acetate fractions were investigated for free radical scavenging activity of the 1, 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl radical (DPPH), total phenolic contents and reducing power assay. The results of the...

Author(s): A. B. Aliyu, H. Ibrahim, A. M. Musa, M. A. Ibrahim, A. O. Oyewale and J. O. Amupitan

April 2010

Plant dried powders as biocatalysts: Hydrolysis of 1-phenylpropanol acetate

The hydrolytic ability of plant dried powders, lyophilized or acetone dried, was tested on the hydrolysis of racemic 1-phenylpropanol acetate. Most of the twenty powders tested showed hydrolytic activity, however the best values of conversion and enantioselectivity were reached with the lyophilized powder of nopal (27% conversion, 72% enantiomeric excess of 1-phenylpropanol) and the acetonic powders of cherry (50%...

Author(s): Aida Solís, Herminia I. Pérez, Norberto Manjarrez, Myrna Solís-Oba, Héctor Luna, Julia Cassani, Laura E. Bernaldez and Araceli Hernández

April 2010

Polyvalent horse F(Ab`)2 snake antivenom: Development of process to produce polyvalent horse F(Ab`)2 antibodies anti-african snake venom

A method to obtain polyvalent anti-Bitis and polyvalent-anti-Naja antibodies was developed by immunizing horses with B. arietans, B. nasicornis, B. rhinoceros, N. melanoleuca and N. mossambica crude venoms. Antibody production was followed by the ELISA method during the immunization procedure. Once the desired anti-venom antibody titers were attained, horses were bled and the...

Author(s): R. G. Guidlolin, R. M. Marcelino, H. H. Gondo, J. F. Morais, R. A. Ferreira, C. L. Silva, T. L. Kipnis, J. A. Silva, J. Fafetine and W. D. da Silva

April 2010

High level expression of human basic fibroblast growth factor in Escherichia coli: Evaluating the effect of the GC content and rare codons within the first 13 codons

High-level expression of recombinant human basic fibroblast growth factor inEscherichia coli presents research opportunities such as analysis of hbFGF expression after translation initiation region (TIR) mutagenesis. In our study, hbfgf-cDNA was expressed in three stains of E. coli comprising OrigamiB (DE3), BL21 (DE3) and modified strain carrying copies for rare codon tRNAs (BL21...

Author(s): Mona Alibolandi, Hasan Mirzahoseini, Mehri Abedi Khalil Abad and Mehrnaz Azami movahed

April 2010

Anti-obesity and hypolipidemic effects of a functional formula containing Prumus mume in mice fed high-fat diet

The present study is designed to investigate the effect of an anti-obesity functional formula (PMC) composed of Prumus mume stem barks extract (PMSBE) and L-carnitine (2:1, w/w) on obesity and hyperlipidemia induced by high-fat diet in mice.Male ICR mice were fed a high-fat diet (HFD) with or without PMC (PMC-1 group: 450 mg/kg/day; PMC-2 group: 900 mg/kg/day) for 6 weeks to examine adipose...

Author(s): Daozong Xia, Xiaoqin Wu, Qing Yang, Jinyan Gong and Ying Zhang

April 2010

Effects of acetic, propionic and butyric acids given intraruminally at different molar proportions or individually on rumen papillae growth and IGF-I and IGFBP-3 in plasma, liver and rumen tissue in growing sheep nourished by total intragastric infusions

Two experiments were conducted to evaluate effects of acetic, propionic and butyric acids given intraruminally at different molar proportions or individually on the rumen papillae growth and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), IGF binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3), growth hormone (GH) and insulin in plasma and/or tissues in growing sheep nourished by total intragastric infusions. The animals were daily infused with...

Author(s): Song-Cheng Ma and Guang-Yong Zhao