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Table of Content: 6 December, 2017; 16(49)

December 2017

Anaerobic decomposition of submerged macrophytes in semiarid aquatic systems under different trophic states, Paraíba State, Brazil

The macrophytes play an important role in the regulation of biological and chemical processes in aquatic ecosystems, particularly in shallow lakes. They also play an important role in storage and nutrient cycling, serving as a source of organic matter to native environments. The aim of this study was to describe the kinetic aspects of the nutrients released during the anaerobic decomposition process of Egeria densa...

Author(s): Vanessa Virginia Barbosa, José Etham De Lucena Barbosa, Luiz Ubiratan Hepp, Marcela Bianchessi Cunha Santino and Janiele França Nery

December 2017

The impact of over-expression of NPK1 gene on growth and yield of sorghum under drought stress

Sorghum bicolor L. is an important crop in many tropical regions, yet it has received little attention in applying modern biotechnologies for improvement due to transformation difficulties. Drought is among the most important factors limiting sorghum productivity. The Nicotina Protein Kinase 1 (NPK1) gene confers tolerance to adverse environmental conditions. The present work was conducted to determine the amenability...

Author(s): Shireen K. Assem, Mohamed M. Zamzam, Mohamed E. Saad, Basita A. Hussein and Ebtissam H. A. Hussein

December 2017

Peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase activities associated to somatic embryogenesis potential in an elite hybrid genotype of Theobroma cacao L.

Cross-fertilization and somatic embryogenesis stand as potential useful tools for genetic improvement and vulgarization of agronomical interesting cocoa planting material for sustainable cocoa culture. Manual cross-fertilization (♀SNK13×♂UPA143) was conducted. ♀SNK13×♂UPA143 derived hybrid genotypes were tested for their susceptibility to black pods disease (BPD). The most tolerant hybrid genotype...

Author(s): Minyaka Emile, Niemenak Nicolas, Ngangue Latta Tanguy Armand, Madina Banen  Colette Vanessa,  Bahoya Joseph Aime and Omokolo Ndoumou  Denis

December 2017

Evaluation of productivity of sweet potato genotypes for first and second generation bioethanol production

The increased supply of ethanol fuel and its spread as an alternative to fossil fuels depend on the exploration of biomasses that can be regarded as alternatives to sugarcane and maize. In this study, the agricultural productivity and the potential for production of ethanol from roots and the aerial portion of twenty sweet potato genotypes were evaluated. The roots and branches were harvested 180 days after planting....

Author(s): Daniel José Silva Viana, Silvânia Saldanha da Silva Pinto, Karen Paola Fróes Dias, David Lee Nelson, Lílian de Araújo Pantoja, Nísia Andrade Villela Dessimoni Pinto, Valter Carvalho de Andrade Junior and Alexandre Soares dos Santos