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Table of Content: 8 February, 2017; 16(6)

February 2017

The potential of Aspergillus species in transformation of agricultural products for sustainable production of textile and leather industries in Tanzania

Manufacturing industries contribute about 8% of the gross domestic products (GDP) whereas leather and textile industries supply 18% employments of manufacturing industries in Tanzania. Manufacturing industries merely depend on agriculture for raw materials and other inputs. However, processing of leather and textiles requires a lot of inputs, many of them supplied from agricultural produce and some are imported from...

Author(s): Never Zekeya, Madundo Mtambo, Suleman Ndaro, Musa Chacha Patrick Ndakidemi and Ernest R. Mbega

February 2017

Expression stability of reference genes in the skeletal muscles of beef cattle

The objectives of this study were to evaluate the relative expression stability of five candidate reference genes in the semimembranosus (SM) and longissimus thoracis (LT) of beef steers, heifers and young bulls. The mRNA levels of Beta-Actin, eukaryotic initiation factor-2B Subunit 2, glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, peptidylprolyl isomerase-A and succinate dehydrogenase complex-subunit A were quantified using...

Author(s): Christopher Heinz Hunke Mberema, and Olivier A. E. Sparagano

February 2017

Influence of Suillus luteus on Fusarium damping-off in pine seedlings

The role of the ectomycorrhizal (Myc) fungus Suillus luteus as a biological control agent against damping off caused by Fusarium verticillioides (Fo) and Fusarium oxysporum (Fm) on Scots (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) was studied in a greenhouse experiment. The vegetative mycelium of S. luteus in a vermiculite/peat carrier was added to potting substrate before inoculation with Fo or Fm spores...

Author(s): Estefanía Mateos, Jaime Olaizola, Juan Alberto Pajares, Valentín Pando and Julio Javier Diez

February 2017

The ameliorative role of cranberry extract and bone marrow cells against chlorambucil cytotoxicity in rat fertility

The objective of the current study was to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of cranberry extracts and bone marrow cells against chlorambucil (CHB) effect on rats' fertility. Forty adult male albino rats were divided randomly into eight equal groups as the following; normal control, rats injected orally with 0.2 mg/kg of CHB for 14 days, rats injected orally with 100 mg/kg of cranberry extract (CB) for ten days,...

Author(s): Ebtesam H. O. Nafie, Eman Khater, Mohamed Awwad, Mohamed Zowail and Kholud Hegazy

February 2017

Tradescantia pallida as a biomonitoring tool to assess the influence of vehicle exhaustion and benzene derivatives

Air pollutants affect their quality, making, inappropriate, harmful and damaging to health in general. The air quality can be measured by the use of higher plants as bioindicators in environmental biomonitoring. In this study, we evaluated the increased frequency of micronuclei (MN) in Tradescantia pallida exposed to potentially toxic environments. The vegetables were implanted in five points (4 test and 1 control) for...

Author(s): Ricardo Melo de Carvalho, Jéssica Laís Couto Machado, Rai Pablo Sousa de Aguiar, Ana Maria Oliveira Ferreira da Mata, Reyca Rodrigues e Silva, Jadson Silva Teixeira, Marcus Vinícius Oliveira Barros de Alencar, Muhammad Torequl Islam, and Ana Amélia de Carvalho Melo-Cavalcante,