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Table of Content: 8 November, 2017; 16(45)

November 2017

Occurrence and genetic variability of partial coat protein gene of Sweet potato leaf curl virus (SPLCV) in Kenya

A survey was conducted to determine the occurrence of sweet potato leaf curl virus (SPLCV) infecting sweet potato in Kenya. Vine cuttings of sweet potato were collected in 2011 from fields in Central, Western and Coastal regions of the country. The cuttings were grown in an insect-proof screen-house and scion grafted to Ipomoea setosa indicator plants. DNA was extracted from leaf samples of graft-inoculated I. serosa...

Author(s): Maina, S., Miano, D. W., Mbogo, E., Amimo, J. O., Irungu, J. and Njiruh, P. N.

November 2017

Promising substrates to increase the production of tannase under solid state fermentation (SSF) by Penicillium spp.

Tannase (tannin acyl hydrolse, E.C. is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of ester and depside bonds of hydrolysable tannins. Among the filamentous fungi the genus Penicillium is recognized as the second best producer of tannase. This enzyme presents applications in several industrial segments, such as in the production of judges and teas. The industrial production of tannase can be performed through solid...

Author(s): Roberta Cruz, Juliana Silva de Lima, Julyanna Cordoville Fonseca, José Erick Galindo Gomes⊃, José Ivaldo de Siqueira Silva Júnior⊃, Keila Aparecida Moreira⊃ and Cristina Maria de Souza-Motta⊃

November 2017

Optimization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae SKM10 single cell protein production from mango (Magnifera indica L.) waste using response surface methodology

The present study aims at optimizing the production of Saccharomyces cerevisiae SKM10 single cell proteins (SCP) from mango waste. To optimize the production process, the effect of two independent variables was evaluated by a three-level full factorial design using response surface methodology (RSM). The parameters studied were inoculum size (2 to 12% v/v) and concentration of substrates (5 to 10 g/L). Analytical...

Author(s): Marius K. SOMDA, Cheik Amadou Tidiane OUATTARA, Iliassou MOGMENGA, Mahamadi NIKIEMA, Ibrahim KEITA, Nicolas OUEDRAOGO, Desiré TRAORE and Alfred S.TRAORE

November 2017

Comparative evaluation of anti-oxidative potentials of fermented locust bean condiment and its moringa fortified variant

The need to boost daily intake of natural antioxidants to combat free radicals causing degenerative diseases has become more imperative. Fermented locust bean condiment was fortified with moringa leaf powder (rich in antioxidants) at 20, 30 and 50% substitution levels. Proximate composition, phenolic content, total flavonoid, reducing power, and the sensory properties of the condiments were determined using standard...

Author(s): Gibson L. Arueya, Maimuna Sani and Akeem Olayemi Raji