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Table of Content: 18 July 2010; 4(8)

July 2010

Hello! Ethiopian managers, be positive

  The purpose of this research paper was to find out the Ethiopian managers behavioural patterns and managerial competencies. The study explored this point from two dimensions (employees’ view point and the managers’ view point). Relevant literature reviews on behavioural patterns and managerial abilities with specific emphasis on the behaviours of managers and their competencies were made....

Author(s):   Rajasekhara Mouly Potluri, Jung Wan Lee and Hailu Abiebie  

  • Article Number: BA1BBBD26228

July 2010

The influence of micro-credit on poverty alleviation among rural dwellers: A case study of Akoko North West Local Government Area of Ondo State

  The study which was conducted in Akoko North West Area of Ondo State, examined the influence of micro credit on poverty alleviation among rural areas. The study among other things examined the socio-economic characteristics of respondents, activities of the Ondo State micro credit agency (OSMA) and the influence of micro credit on some selected macroeconomic variables of respondents. Data were sourced with...

Author(s):   M. M. Fasoranti    

  • Article Number: 281513426237

July 2010

Strategies for employee recruitment, retention and performance: Dimension of the Federal civil service of Nigeria

Institutions are established to accomplish specified goals. To achieve these goals, the human resource is seen as one of the most crucial factors, without which the goals are as good as dead. This study empirically examined strategies for employee recruitment, retention and performance in the Federal civil service (FCS) of Nigeria. To achieve the objectives of the study, questionnaires were administered to civil...

Author(s):   Daniel Eseme Gberevbie  

  • Article Number: 4870FB526249

July 2010

The impact of liberalization, privatization, and globalization (LPG) on life insurance corporation of India (LIC)

  The Indian life insurance industry has its own origin and history. Since its inception, it has passed through many obstacles, hindrances to attain its present status. The income earning capacity of an individual citizen of a nation and the eagerness and awareness of the general public are the two key determinants of the growth of any insurance industry. As a result, wider mass-employment opportunities and...

Author(s):   R. Rajendran and B. Natarajan    

  • Article Number: 54D3C4E26259

July 2010

Effect of proficiency in English on the performance of B. Tech students in group discussion

  The following study has been done to study the effect of proficiency in English on the performance of engineering students in group discussion. The hypothesis was framed in such a way that the higher the student’s proficiency in English, the better will their performance be in group discussion. The first year students of Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology were taken as respondents. Group...

Author(s):   Moumeta Paul and A. Sinha  

  • Article Number: FD195CF26269

July 2010

The current global economic crisis and its impacts in Tanzania

  This paper is on the current global financial crisis and its impacts in Tanzania. The author gives an overview of the meaning, nature, causes, general impacts and possible solutions for the crisis in Tanzania. Informed mainly by a review of literature and analysis of the same, it is found by the author that the crisis officially started to manifest itself in September 2008 in the financial markets in the...

Author(s):   Honest Prosper Ngowi    

  • Article Number: 83AF67F26276

July 2010

World food scenario: Emerging trends and issues

  Global food scenario has been under heavy odds. This has been due to spiraling food prices and scarcity of food grains all over the world. The result is that the specter of a hungry world that stood at 800 million roiled into unrest and political upheavals. One of the contributory factors is more population and lesser output of food grains. There is also a saying that the Asian Economies and the US have also...

Author(s):   Badar Alam Iqbal    

  • Article Number: E1B617B26283

July 2010

Six sigma concept within banking system

  Finance industry is considerably applying six sigma quality process with the aim of eliminating defects. Six sigma is a powerful system. Basically it is measuring of quality that longs for perfection (3,4 defects on 1.000.000 transactions). The very name of this philosophy is important. The word "sigma" is a Greek letter which represents standard deviation, the term that describes how distant is the...

Author(s):   Vojislav Stoiljkovic, Pedja Milosavljevic and Sasa Randjelovic    

  • Article Number: 33A392026291

July 2010

Organizational design of a rail company using Fuzzy ANP

  For development of state policy, railway traffic has great importance, considering necessary reduction of traffic pollution, strengthening and increase of the national rail company. According to the rail market liberalization and deregulation, a rail company has to be flexible and open to the current trends on the market. The organizational design has great importance, since a rail company with an adequate...

Author(s):   Resad Nuhodzic, Dragana Macura, Nebojsa Bojovic and Milos Milenkovic  

  • Article Number: B9F8AC726295

July 2010

The effects of discrimination perception and job satisfaction on Turkish public accountants’ turnover intention

  This research tests a model of turnover intentions for accountants’ motivated by the belief that understanding the turnover phenomenon among accountants’ may help personnel managers and manpower planners design effective retention strategies. It may also provide occupational counselors and prospective job seekers a better perspective on the nature and requirements of jobs in accounting. The...

Author(s):   Gökhan Özer and Mehmet Günlük  

  • Article Number: BC6E8F526303

July 2010

Organizational complexity and departmental leadership: Perceptions of leadership and teaching/learning in a US research-intensive academic department

  This study aims to contribute to the discussion about the role of leadership in academic departments in research-intensive universities. The objective here is to understand how leadership and teaching are perceived in the context of an academic department of one elite US research-intensive university. Semi-structured interviews carried out in a dialogical manner aimed at grasping faculty perceptions of...

Author(s):   Fabio Bento  

  • Article Number: 80E4D9D26307

July 2010

The effects of service quality, tourism impact, and tourist satisfaction on tourist choice of leisure farming types

  In the highly-competitive leisure service industry, improving service quality to gain competitive advantages is the only key to sustainable management of leisure agriculture. However, developing leisure farming may cause positive and negative impact on local economy, social culture, and environment. Therefore, how to identify the factors affecting tourist choice of leisure farming types is an important issue...

Author(s):   Chin-Hung Liu and Li-Chen Yen    

  • Article Number: D30607626312

July 2010

Influence of work support on employee creativity: An empirical examination in the Peoples Republic of China

  Employee creativity makes an important contribution to organizational survival and development. Hence, researchers have become increasingly interested in identifying the conditions that influence employee creativity. One of these conditions is work support for creativity. In the PRC, work support has received more considerable research attention because it is related to “Guanxi” which plays a key...

Author(s):   Duanxu Wang, Huijuan Xue and Hongling Su        

  • Article Number: 32AF52826317

July 2010

Assessing the leisure travel behavior of foreign and domestic graduates in Central United States

  This study employed both quantitative and qualitative research design to identify how graduate students’ travel behavior in the Central US varied in leisure behavior, based on comparing Taiwanese students to both other international foreign students and domestic Americans. The study found significant differences in what motivated students to seek travel and leisure during study breaks (push factors)....

Author(s):   Brendan T. Chen and Carol Y. Lu    

  • Article Number: 8061CFC26321

July 2010

Does debts foster economic growth? The experience of Malaysia

  The study examines the effect of different types of debts on the economic growth in Malaysia during the sample period 1970 - 2006. Using cointegration test, the findings suggest that all components of debts have a negative effect on long-run economic growth. In addition, the Granger causality test reveals the existence of a short-run causality linkage between all debt measures and...

Author(s):   Chee-Keong Choong, Evan Lau, Venus Khim-Sen Liew and Chin-Hong Puah    

  • Article Number: 833991426364

July 2010

Decision-support analysis for risk management

  Generally, a project is an investment suggestion, which requires making a series of investment expenditures (cash outflow) in a planned manner to obtain more cash inflow in the future. Therefore, the basic objective of project appraisal should be to make prior decisions on the feasibility of investment advice. The results of project feasibility can be classified into two categories: uncertainty and risk....

Author(s):   Hülya Demir and Bülent Bostanci    

  • Article Number: 25B4E9726378

July 2010

Applying activity based costing model on cost accounting of provider of universal postal services in developing countries

  One of the effects of the current postal legislation is that a request by the public postal operators must publish accounting data on their operations while respecting a number of criteria. The obligation of the public operator involves keeping separate accounts for reserved and unreserved services. Directive of European Parliament and of the Council from the 1997 includes guide for the issue of mechanism for...

Author(s):   Mladenka Blagojević, Dejan Marković, Momčilo Kujačić and Momčilo Dobrodolac    

  • Article Number: 1ABC3DD26388

July 2010

Analysis of factors affecting land fragmentation in Erzurum Province, Turkey

  Fragmentation of the agriculture prevents the efficient use of the production factors. The aim of this study is to determine the factors which affect land fragmentation of farms in villages of Central District of Erzurum Province in 2004. Ordered logit model was used for this purpose. As a result of the study, it has been found that there is a positive relationship between tools and machinery assets which...

Author(s):   Emine Ikikat Tumer, Atilla Keskin and Avni Birinci    

  • Article Number: 1F2F87526395

July 2010

The comparison and analysis of employee satisfaction improvement in the hot spring and financial industries

  This study addresses the deficiency in service quality by integrating the “importance” and “satisfaction” indices to establish the “importance-satisfaction model (I-S model)” and provide a comprehensive assessment model for improving specific quality attributes. The study applies this integrated measuring instrument in the Taiwanese hot spring and financial industries by...

Author(s):   King-Jang Yang and Shun-Hsing Chen    

  • Article Number: F7860C426418

July 2010

Relationship antecedents that impact on outcomes of strategic stakeholder alliances

  The research aims to measure the reliability of applying the three-stage model to strategic alliances and to propose relationship antecedents that may impact on the outcome of strategic alliances. Four relationship outcomes were used to measure strategic alliances and were adopted from the seminal work by Grunig and Huang (2000): 'Trust' relates to the reliability and integrity of relationship...

Author(s):   E. Botha and DLR van der Waldt  

  • Article Number: E691EDF26430

July 2010

The relationships between self leadership and critical thinking

  The aim of this research is to address general relationships between self leadership and critical thinking as well as relationships with the sub dimensions. Survey method was used in the research. The population included 450 students in Firat University (of Turkey) attending pedagogical formation program for being teachers in secondary schools. The study sample comprised of 386 students selected among those...

Author(s):   Nuriye Semerci  

  • Article Number: BEE777026437

July 2010

Multi dimensional organizational intelligence measurements for determining the institutional and managerial capacity of girls’ technical education institution (Diyarbakir, Şanliurfa and Konya/Turkey)

  This study aims to measure the level of the organizational intelligence of the Technical Education Institutions for Girls in Diyarbakir, Şanliurfa and Konya in Turkey. These provinces are studied with the demand of Girls Technical Education Institutions because of the heterogeneous structure they have about organizational intelligence perceptions, in terms of geographical extent, social, economic and cultural...

Author(s):   Nihan Potas, Ş. Şule Erçetin and Seval Koçak    

  • Article Number: CBE3F7C26448

July 2010

Anti-rational decision making

  In this research, the situations of university entrance examinations simulate the conditions of decision-making behavior. Based on the analysis of the above information that is empowered by a series of interviews, a new idea about the behavior of human beings in decision-making is developed. "Antirational decision making" expresses that the limitation of rationality could lead to decisions which...

Author(s):   Ali Abdollahi Neisiani    

  • Article Number: 64BFF8826462