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Assessment of Balanced Scorecard implementation and its challenges: The case of Ethiopian Railways Corporation

The Balanced Score Card (BSC) is one of the most popular Public service reform initiatives in Ethiopia that tries to translate a company’s strategic direction and objectives into actionable initiatives and measurements. The major purpose of this study was to assess the status and challenges faced while implementing the balanced scorecard reform initiative in ERC. Descriptive method of research with a mixed approach of...

Author(s):Teshome Abdeta & Messele Kumilachew

Article in Press


The study examined the effect of IFRS on earnings management with a sample of manufacturing firms in the UK and Nigeria. The study made use of cross-sectional data obtained for a period of 10 years from 2000 - 2009 for UK and 2007-2016 for Nigeria. This study utilized pooled ordinary regression to achieve its research objective. Discretionary accrual was used to detect earnings management based on the Modified Jones...

Author(s):KWAR BAI Jerry Danjuma ; AJIBADE Ayodeji Temitope, ABDULRAHEEM Yusuf Bolaji and OLURIN Oluwatoyosi Toluwalase

Article in Press

A review of public financial management issues in Nigeria

The study examined issues faced in Public Financial Management and government reforms efforts in addressing these issues in Nigeria. Descriptive and simple regression techniques were employed to analyse secondary data generated form the NBS, UNDP and TI reports. The study revealed that the public financial management reforms of government are effective and positive. It was also revealed in the study that corruption does...

Author(s):Abdulhamid Ellawule

Article in Press

An Empirical Analysis of Free Cash Flow and Dividend Policy in the Nigerian Consumer Goods Sector

The paper determines the impact of free cash flow on the dividend policy of consumer goods companies in Nigeria. The data was collected from annual reports and accounts of the sampled companies for a period of ten years from 2009 to 2018. Data were analyzed by means of descriptive statistics to provide summary statistics for the variables and correlation analysis was also carried out using the Pearson correlation technique...

Author(s):Hannatu S. Ahmad and Buhari Abubakar

Article in Press

The Role of Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) in Stimulating Agricultural Commodities Export: the Case of Export Coffee

The purpose of this paper was to examine the role of ECX in stimulating agricultural commodity exports with the case of export coffee. A structured questionnaire was prepared to collect data. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation & regression. The findings of descriptive statistics of the independent variables showed that facilitation of physical trade dimension scored the highest rating with a...

Author(s):Mr Temesgen Fetene Aragaw

Article in Press


The study was to determine the influence of monitoring and evaluation initiatives on sustainability of Miti Mingi Maisha Bora Donor funded project in Kenya Forest service. The specific objectives were to determine the influence of implementation of recommendations and funding on sustainability of the funded project in Kenya Forest Service. The theories applied are Programme theory and Dynamic capability theory....

Author(s):G. O. OLUGA and D. M. Wanyoike

Article in Press

The Mediating Effect of Family Role Identification on Family Structure and Everyday Creativity

This article explores how employee’s family role identification, as driven by family structure, affects everyday creativity at work. Using survey data from 345 working professionals and Master of Business Administration (MBA) students, the results indicate that respondents who were married-with-children reported higher levels of family role identification relative to other respondents. Gender moderated the positive effect...

Author(s):Atamba Cynthiaa and Ibrahim Lukoko Faridab

Article in Press

The Effects of Organizational Learning on the Security of Banking’s Information System in Indonesia

Organizational learning improves the security of information system. This study aimed to test and prove whether organizational learning had an effect on the security of information system. Data was gathered through survey, by administering questionnaires to public banks in Indonesia, and was tested using SEMPLS. This study employed explanatory research methodology. The findings showed that insecure information system...

Author(s):Said Herry Safrizal, Julin Lin and Marjulin

Article in Press

Research on risk early-warning system of transitional operation of Africa-related enterprises

The growing business prosperity in African countries has brought new opportunities for enterprises to carry out transnational operation in Africa; however, it may also be accompanied by some transnational operation risks. Enterprises incorrectly identify and analyze these risks, which brings enterprises great uncertainty and huge losses. So enterprises should establish a transnational operation risk management system as...

Author(s):Jieyi Li, Xiaoxiao Wan and Bibo Lai

Article in Press

The Role of Multi-Purpose Cooperatives on Economic Development of Ethiopia, the case of Lalo-Assabi District (West Wollega Zone, Oromia Regional State)

Evidence from various sources reveals that cooperatives are contributing great share to the country’s economic development. The objective of this study is to show the overall conditions and the challenges encountering the multi-purpose cooperatives (MPCs) in the study area. To do so, research methodology employed was descriptive, which involved both qualitative and quantitative methods. Data were collected from...

Author(s):Desalegn Fekadu Etefa

Article in Press

Using Big Data in Telecommunication Companies: A Case Study

Purpose: The study was aimed at examining Big Data management in three telecommunication companies. Method: The case of Big Data management was studied using a qualitative research approach with the primary method of open-ended interview. Websites and documents were examined for developing Company profile. Observations augmented data collection from other sources. Findings: Companies have widespread operations with...

Author(s):SAJJAD REHMAN and Dhary Al-raqom

Article in Press


Quantity surveying firms (QSFs) in Nigeria are faced with numerous challenges and stiff competitions in the construction industry that have really threatened the growth and survival of the firms. Therefore, this study examined the current growth status of QSFs in Lagos and Ondo States, Nigeria. This was achieved by assessing some germane growth indicators of firms which include asset, profit, staffing, clients and so on....

Author(s):Dorcas T. Moyanga and Ajoke A. Agboola

Article in Press


Owing to globalization, enterprises continue to face increasing pressure from competition across the globe. When compounded with the changing needs of customers, complex business uncertainty and market instability, it becomes apparent that enterprises face increasing challenges in improving and maintaining business performance over time unless they actively manage these pressures. Entrepreneurs need to embrace an...

Author(s):Lydiah Nyaboe Zachary, Prof Bitange Ndemo and Kennedy O. Ogollah

Article in Press


Information communication technology has plenty of benefits to society. Social media being the product of information technology have become an essential tool for marketers at a very minimum investment. Social media have a positive impact on companies as well as customers. In today’s circumstances, customers judge companies based on their online presence, hence they can innovate and simultaneously create a strong social...

Author(s):Mohammedhussen Mama Irbo and Abdulnasir Abdulmelike Mohammed

Article in Press


The general objective of the study was to determine effect of leadership practices and employee competence on performance of the betting companies in Kenya. Despite of the betting companies recording super normal profit, due to tremendous growth of the industry, they have been accused of their ignorant on the welfare of the general citizen. In this regard, this study sought to investigate the effects leadership and...

Author(s):Nicholas Musonye & Juster Nyaga

Article in Press


In this study the researcher investigates the impact of the management contracting and transformation of the ETC to ET on the commitment of the employees, the new managerial practices which influence the level of commitment of the employees negatively or positively. The study used different statistical sampling stages which include convenient sampling, judgmental sampling, stratified sampling and simple random sampling...

Author(s):Dawit Tekletsadik

Article in Press


Now-a-days, Information technology is said to be the key driver for the changes that are taking place throughout the world. To meet with the customer expectations and growing competition post globalization and liberalization, it is necessary for the banks to adopt new technologies. Today, Internet banking is used as a major tool by the global banking sector to attract the customers. The latest and most innovative service...

Author(s):Inderjit Singh

Article in Press


This research identifies the factors such as perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived self-efficacy, perceived security and privacy, and perceived financial cost which influence the customer adoption of mobile banking in Bangladesh mediated through customer attitude. For the study, data was collected from 239 respondents via a structured questionnaire, Pearson’s correlation in regression analysis were used to...


Article in Press

The Economic Role of Micro and Small Scale Business Enterprise in Case of Meket Town, North Wollo, Ethiopia

This study was aimed to assess the economic role of micro and small scale business enterprise in case of Meket town, North Wollo. The specific objectives were to investigate employment creation in micro and small scale business enterprise, to assess the role of MSSEs in income generation, and to assess major constraints of MSSEs in the study area. In this study, owner of micro and small scale enterprise and out of MSSEs...

Author(s):Yohannes Walie and Fiker Ayalew

Article in Press

Risk assessment for demolition, dismantling and removal of chemical industry existing plants project

Projects performed in the process chemical industry implies construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation part of the plants or the entire production facilities. Inwardly may contain a number of smaller projects within a civil, mechanical, technological and instrumental profession. Demolition works can be considered as a part of civil works and identification of risk events is one of the first steps of risk management....

Author(s):Aleksandra Aleksića , Jasna Tomlačb , Radoslav Mićića , Dragiša Tolmač B. and Slavica Prvulović B.

Article in Press


Corporate values" is the "heartbeat of excellence that intrinsically motivates and inspires people in organization". These values are anchored in the mission and vision of the company and integrated in the HR policies and practices. Corporate values integrated to Organizational Support (OS), Psychological Contract (PC), and Employee Engagement (EE) practices were considered in the study as basis for the development of...

Author(s):Mario Glenn A. Isic and Hector Aguiling

Article in Press

Do extraverts react more positively to a transformational leader? Unique ‘person x situation’ interactions on employee psychological capital

Despite the importance of employee Psychological Capital (self-efficacy, hope, optimism, resilience) as an organizational construct, previous studies on its antecedents have been sparse, suffered from a lack of generalizability, or failed to investigate unique ‘person x situation’ framework interactions. A total of 1406 employees from two large multinational corporations participated in this study. A ‘person x situation’...

Author(s):Julian H.L. Teh and Ng Shwu-Shing

Article in Press

Organizational Learning and its Relationship with the Development of Managerial Skills

The possible relationship between organizational learning and skills has been the subject of study of many researchers, how organizations learn and how to develop skills is a poorly understood process. Thus, this article aims to identify how learning processes are related to the development of managerial skills: a case study of the project coordinators of the Development Plan of University staff - PDA State University of...


Article in Press

The Impact of Leadership Styles on Employee Commitment in Madda Walabu University

Effective leaders are able to contribute directly by enabling competent and committed employees through encouraging them to perform well. Studies in the area of organizational behavior literatures have indicated that among the major factors affecting organizational success and failure are leadership styles and employee commitment. The aim of this paper was to examine the impact of leadership styles on academic staffs’...

Author(s):Tafesse Akinida Biza, Mohammedhussen Mama

Article in Press

Tax Education and Voluntary Compliance, evidence from Nigeria

This paper examines the extent of tax education on voluntary compliance in Nigeria in order to promote the level of revenue generation. A quantitative method of analysis was used through descriptive statistic and Chi- square test using Statistical Ppackage for Ssocial Science. Data was administered through survey questionnaire 345 respomdents of which 200 were disrtibuted to the taxpayers and 145 to tax officials. The...

Author(s):Bojuwon Mustapha ,Abidoye, Mobolaji Kafayat and Raji, Sadiq Ademola Agbaje, Abdulganiyy A.

Article in Press


Innovation plays an increasingly important role in the survival and growth of all organisations irrespective of public or private enterprises. Nevertheless, most studies focus on technological innovation while there is a lack of studies examining organisational innovation relating to organisational methods. Therefore, expanding and replicating past research, this conceptual paper aims to provide a framework through which...

Author(s):Nguyen Nhat Tan¬), Hooi Lai Wan)

Article in Press

The Efficiency Implications of Corporate Earnings Retentions

The study examines the efficiency of the investment of corporate income retention. If retained earnings are invested in positive net present value projects, they should enhance the shareholder value in the long run. It is believed that the stock market adds premium to a firm’s earnings when the firm signals more retention of earnings. However, the stock market is seen to reverse the discipline when such retained earnings...

Author(s):Ravi Thirumalaisamy

Article in Press

Determinants of Network Marketing Success Strategies

Remarkable successes have been registered throughout the world by individuals engaged in Network Marketing (NM). On the other hand, numerous individuals have failed to achieve significant economic successes in this field. In other countries such as the USA, China and India record numbers of successful stories in NM Network Marketing have been reported. The African economies, however, are lagging behind in this wealth...

Author(s):Albert Makore,Talak Moyo,Evelyn Madziba

Article in Press

To explore the impact of knowledge hiding towards entrepreneurial intentions - An empirical study of software industry

Knowledge is the basic pillar or foundation for getting a competitive advantage. Taking, loading, distributing (sharing) and using of the knowledge has progressively become vital part of most firm’s knowledge management approach. Moreover, there are many studies founded on knowledge sharing but the concept of knowledge hiding is still untouched. Therefore, no study has been conducted to check the response of behavior...

Author(s):Rabeea Ishaq, Muhammad Ahsan Athar , Alia Manzoor and Noor Ul Ain

Article in Press

The Impact of a Cashless Economy on the Performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Zimbabwe

The research intended to investigate the impact of cashless economy on the performance of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Zimbabwe. The closure and failure to survive of MSMEs in a cashless economy prompted the researchers to carry out this study. The objectives of the study were to determine the effects of cashless economy on performance of MSMEs and to identify the factors hindering the adoption of...

Author(s):Mwero Trymore

Article in Press

Local Economic Development in Nelson Mandela Bay and Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipalities: An Empirical Investigation

Albeit in its infancy, South Africa’s LED practice is a benchmark of a large number of African countries in general and southern African countries in particular. The practice stand out, for its massive and growing LED budgets, robust legal and a variety of LED governance structures, amongst others. This study seeks to answer three critical questions: What LED facets (particular aspects) are available in literature? Are...

Author(s):Mativenga Ngatiane, Noluntu. S. Dyubhele and Hendrik Lloyd

Article in Press

Entrepreneurship in Tunisia: Motivators and Obstacles

Due to the severe competitiveness in the marketplace, venture creation in big towns, such as Sfax-Tunisia, has become a serious challenge. Then, considering entrepreneurship as a source of wealth creation, economic growth, social progress, and technological development, the current paper seeks to identify the motivating and demotivating factors that are respectively triggering and impeding new venture creators‟ decision to...

Author(s):Abdellatif Amouri and Sami boudabbous

Article in Press

Changing work patterns: Implications for employment relations in Power Holding Company of Nigeria

The notions of changing work patterns and employment relations have become an emerging subject of study by social scientists in recent times. New work situations have brought with them new risks and challenges for workers and employers alike. This paper examines the changing work pattern and its consequent implications on employment relations in Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). Strategic choice theory was adopted...

Author(s):Adebimpe A. Adenugba and Busayo Bankole

Article in Press

Analysis of factors of bank selection by educated cohort people –A case study on Bangladeshi private commercial banks

This study analyzes major factors of bank selection by educated young cohort people of Bangladesh to be bank customer. It is based on a survey of a mix of 300 university students and employees in diverse academic disciplines and background who are customers of private commercial bank(s) located in Dhaka City. The findings of the study reveal that the most important variables influencing choice are digital banking...

Author(s):Akim M. Rahman Akim

Article in Press

Competence of African negotiators in managing and mending business deals

The ability of negotiators to demonstrate negotiations competence to facilitate business deals is very essential. Researchers argue that, for a negotiator to be able to facilitate a business deal, one need to have competencies and other personal characteristics that are essential for performing the required functions. This paper is of the view that, the nominal growth performance of African business manifested by the rise...

Author(s):Ahmad Mtengwa Burhan

Article in Press

Dividend policy and share price volatility of Nigerian oil and gas industries

This study was conducted to assess the effect of dividend policy on share price volatility of downstream sector of Oil and Gas Company in Nigeria. The population of the study comprised all the twelve quoted oil and gas downstream sector on the Nigerian Stock Exchange as of December, 2016, it covered the period of 5 years from 2011 to 2015. Four companies were selected as sample due to the availability of data. The study...

Author(s):Adamu Danlami Ahmed

Article in Press

Institutionalism and Development Process of Family Firms in Kenya

This paper uses institutional theory to investigate the nexus between the institutional context and the development of the entrepreneurial process in the family firm (from start-up, development, and growth to innovation and corporate entrepreneurship), focussing on the behaviour patterns of entrepreneurs. A qualitative case study methodology was used to examine 60 cases over a one-year period. Thirty of these cases were...

Author(s):Elijah Bitange Ndemo

Article in Press

Managing value dimensions within an ecosystem framework: Reflections and empirical observations in the tourism sector

The increasing attention in the field of value management is highlighting multiple challenges for researchers and practitioners. Building on previous managerial contributions, the paper aims to define a possible path for combining the conceptual contributions related to value in exchange, value in use, and value in context in a common framework to improve understanding of emerging social and economic dynamics under the...


Article in Press


South Africa has its own texture of cultural diversity unparalleled by any in the history of the world. The diversity emanates from the period of the Dutch settlers (1640s) occupying land in the country by conquering the non-militant indigenous inhabitants. Soon the British arrived (1800s) and occupied more land, before long the two settler groups were fighting for ownership and control of the land. As soon as their...

Author(s):Tendency Beretu and L. E. Jowah

Article in Press

The Impact of Employee Empowerment on Job Satisfaction of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Dire Dawa Branch.

Various authors argue that empowering employee using different facets of empowerment like information sharing, trust, reward, training and autonomy has an impact on job satisfaction and service quality where as other authors disagree with this idea. This study has the objective of testing whether the facets of empowerment have a relation with overall job satisfaction. Questionnaires were distributed to the entire...

Author(s):Girmay Aklilu GIRMAY AKLILU

Article in Press

Divine modeling inflationary impact on beef mutton and chicken price increase in Pakistan economy

This study investigates the relationship between commodity (beef mutton and chicken price) price increase, money supply, and inflation in Pakistan. The hypothesis says that an increase in commodity price leads to accumulation, higher growth rates of money supply and higher inflation. Consequently, higher inflation leads to appreciation of domestic currency with a resultant increase in import of goods seen in strategic...

Author(s):Sohail Zafara and Javaid Iqbalb

Article in Press

Stock market reaction to sudden events: Evidence from the announcement of fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria

The sudden announcement of fuel subsidy removal by the Federal Government of Nigeria on the 11th of May, 2016 in Nigeria generated a lot of arguments and several reactions among observers and market analysts as to the likely consequences of such an action to the Nigerian economy on the market value of listed firms. This study aims to empirically investigate the reaction of the Nigerian stock market to the sudden...

Author(s):Mohammed Aminu Bello

Article in Press

Factors Influencing the Choice of Mobile Phones in Nigerian Knowledge Institution

Understanding customers’ preference and factors influencing their choices are important to firms’ strategists. These provide opportunities for firms to design suitable products to attract customers’ attention and earn competitive advantage through strategic positioning. This study explored factors influencing the choice of mobile phones among public servants in Obafemi Awolowo University. Primary data were collected...

Author(s):Caleb Muyiwa Adelowo, Olabamiji John Onifade and Adewumi Sunday Adepoju

Article in Press

The financial statements contained informational and decision of Yemeni bank credit

The objective of this study is to identify the determinants of policy bank lending in the context of Yemen. To achieve this goal, attempt was made to model the probability of lending investment companies Yemenis through a number of explanatory variables included in the multivariate model (model discriminant analysis) and a model of artificial intelligence (artificial Neural Network). To empirically study this problem,...

Author(s):Saleem al-Aguari and Chokri Slim

Article in Press

Leadership and management strategic change: A conceptual framework

In an environment of continuous evolution, change becomes a condition for survival. Aware of this need for change, this paper discussed the role of strategic leadership in strategic change, in addition to address how strategic leaders should work to lead the organization on strategic estates, to achieve organizational objectives by generating vision and empowering organization systems, where strategic leaders stand out...

Author(s):Hana Arrfou, M. and Al-Edeinat, M.

Article in Press

Barriers to Plant and Equipment Procurement in Tertiary Institutions, Kaduna State as case study

This research aims to contribute to the development of a solution to the barriers that can create a direct and indirect impact of various forms of plant and equipment procurement in Kaduna state Tertiary Institutions (2015) in relation to, need assessment, delay in completion, costs and non-conformance with specification by suppliers and installation related issues, likewise the involvement of professionals in procurement...

Author(s):Bashir Garba.I, Muhammad Dauda , F.O. Anafi , Bello Sabo

Article in Press

Impact of Corporate Governance on Nigerian Economy: a comparative study of public and private Organization in Ondo State

The study investigated impact of corporate governance on Nigeria economy. It also examined the difference between public and private corporate governance on Nigeria economy. Primary data were used for study. Population consisted of top echelon employees of public and private sectors in Ondo State. The study used purposively sampling technique to select 186 participants for the study. Corporate Governance Economy Impact...

Author(s):Ajele Kenny

Article in Press

Healthcare Service Quality and Patients’ Satisfaction in Ghana: an In-Patient Centered Approach

This study, which is patient-centered, examined service quality as indicated by differences of patients’ expectations and perceptions of hospitals’ services. The study also examined the relationship between patients’ perception of service quality and the overall satisfaction in the health sector. Patients were interviewed using a SERVQUAL (service quality) questionnaire proposed by Oliveira et al. (2008) with modifications...

Author(s):Gyamfi Joseph Yeboah

Article in Press

New product introduction: The case of Star Lite Beer

The study focused on new product development and introduction. The main objective of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies used to introduce Star Lite Lager Beer. Star Lite Beer is a line extension of its flagship brand – Star Lager Beer, a product of Nigeria Breweries Plc. The survey research design was employed. The population of the study comprised of the personnel of Nigeria Breweries Plc, the...

Author(s):Mba Chris, C and Onwuka Ifeanyi Onuka

Article in Press

Performance of Avocado value chain in Kenya: An exploratory study based on actors’ perceptions

Avocado is one of the pillars of the Kenyan horticultural sector. Despite its importance, avocado production and marketing is still saddled with numerous problems. In order to address some of these bottlenecks, the Kenyan government together with its development partners has introduced many interventions in the avocado sector. Regardless of these interventions, not much is known about their effectiveness. In particular,...


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