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Table of Content: 28 March, 2012; 6(12)

March 2012

Controversies in using derivatives in the context of the financial crisis

As a phenomenon, risk is specific for any human activity. Following this logic, we can say that this concept is a constituent element in the definition given to the financial sector, investments and market competition. The questions that the whole range of operators (governments, regulation bodies, financial institutions, companies and shareholders) must answer are: Which type of risk should one assume within an...

Author(s): Madalina Radoi

March 2012

Customer relationship management concept and competitiveness of companies from Western Balkans

On the global market level, the competitiveness of companies from Western Balkans, except Slovenia and Montenegro, is at a very low level. According to Global Competitiveness Report 2010 to 2011, companies from Western Balkans were ranked from 45th to 102nd positions. The main objective of modern business should be to achieve business excellence and reach world class of product and...

Author(s): Dejan Stojkovic, Dejan Djordjevic and Zvonko Sajfert

March 2012

Algorithm of "vehicle routing scheduling problem" for business managers in the third millennium

The problem studied in this literature tend to be highly simplified compared to the issues faced by distribution managers due to several reasons: the number of vehicles, customers, difficult real world constraints and the fact that such routes must be constructed in a relatively short period of time. In the past several years, micro computers have become more powerful and less expensive, thus they enhanced their...

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Kabaranzade Ghadim and Alireza Mamaghani

March 2012

The efficiency performance of Taiwanese enterprises in China: Tax incentive perspective

This paper explores the efficiency performance of individual Taiwanese manufacturing enterprises in China and Chinese tax incentives impact. Applying data envelopment analysis (DEA) to operations data for 3,506 firms over the four year period (2004 to 2007), the study finds that Taiwanese firms located in the special tax incentive zones benefit from tax incentives than their counterparts in the other zones along with...

Author(s): Li-Hua Huang, Hsing-Chin Hsiao and Jui-Chih Wang

March 2012

Value relevance of financial assets’ fair values: Evidence from Chinese listed companies

The primary objective of this paper is to examine the value-relevance of financial assets’ fair values using data from all A-share listed companies in non-financial industries during 2004 to 2009 in China under IFRS-based new China Accounting Standards (CAS). We find that value-relevance of financial instruments is improved following the implementation of the fair value accounting standards, as predicted....

Author(s): Xiaoqing Zeng, Xicai Guo, Chang-Tyan Yang⊃ and Yuxuan Xiong

March 2012

In the context of the knowledge economy of parameters: Econometrics analysis of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) economies

The difference between knowledge economy and the others is that, the former has the primary importance. In recent years, the theoretical and empirical studies emphasize the role and the parameters of the knowledge economy. The important part of the empirical studies, concentrates on the relationship of knowledge economy and economic growth. In this study, the relationships between the variables effect and knowledge...

Author(s): Selahattin KAYNAK and Ä°brahim ARSLAN

March 2012

Banking customers’ attitudes toward complaining: Their likelihood of voicing a complaint and service recovery they consider appropriate

This paper measures the attitude of banking customers towards complaining and their likelihood to complain when a service failure is experienced at their current and another bank. Insight is also provided into the service recovery responses customers consider appropriate when a service failure is experienced. The target population included individuals in the Gauteng Province of South Africa who hold a bank account...

Author(s): DJ Petzer and PG Mostert

March 2012

Creating of roadmap model for public policy towards national power development plan

Currently, public policies and plans of work are presented in a descriptive format which makes systematic projections of future scenarios a difficult task. This concern is especially applicable to the National Power Development Plan (PDP), which is expected to be an important factor in the economic development and quality of life of the Thai citizenry. This paper therefore proposes a PDP Roadmap-Model, employing the...

Author(s): Karnchana Choomon and Nopbhorn Leeprechanon

March 2012

The impact of institutional ownership on risk-taking behaviors

One of the major factors influencing a company’s performance is undoubtedly the level of risk-taking. As owners of a great deal of company stock, institutional investors can play an important role in determining this level. Therefore, this study has investigated the influence of institutional ownership on the risk-taking behavior of companies that are listed in the Tehran stock exchange. The study has used the...

Author(s): Gholamhossein Mahdavi, Mohammad Monfared Maharlouie, Mehdi Sarikhani and Fahime Ebrahimi

March 2012

Consumers’ awareness and consumption intention towards green foods

Consumers’ food consumption patterns are changing rapidly. Consumers are becoming more concerned about the food they consume. They tend to consume food that is nutritious, healthy, safe and friendly to the environment and animals. Thus, the green concept is now steadily being disseminated among consumers in conjunction with the sustainability and conservation of agricultural development. Green foods refer to foods...

Author(s): Golnaz Rezai, Phuah Kit Teng, Zainalabidin Mohamed and Mad Nasir Shamsudin

March 2012

Joint determination of the choice of planting season and technical efficiency of potato in northern Thailand: A comparison of Greene’s versus Heckman’s sample selection approach

The potato sector in Thailand has undergone significant changes with rapid expansion of the contract farming system, thereby, leading farmers to grow potato either early or late in the season. The present paper addresses two interrelated issues: (a) jointly determine the choice of planting season, productivity and technical efficiency of potato cultivation in northern Thailand; and (b) compare suitability of the two...

Author(s): Aree Wiboonpongse, Songsak Sriboonchitta, Sanzidur Rahman, Peter Calkins and Thanes Sriwichailumphun

March 2012

Microfinance and women empowerment: A case study of District Bahawalpur (Pakistan)

Empowerment of women is one of the important issues in developing countries. Women are an integral part of the society, their participation in decision making through their participation in economic activities is very low. Microfinance plays a significant role in improving women decision making through participation in economic activities. The study is an attempt to explore the socioeconomic determinants of women...

Author(s): Rana Ejaz Ali Khan and Sara Noreen

March 2012

Assessing the impact of organizational learning capability on firm innovation

The importance of the innovation to survive organizations in fast changing environment is generally accepted by all. Therefore, finding the effects of the organizational features on innovation is of paramount importance. The organizational literature shows that Organizational Learning Capabilities (OLC) plays a critical role in the development and promotions of companies and increases the potential of innovation. In...

Author(s): Hamid Tohidi and Maryam Mandegari

March 2012

Partial least square (PLS) path modelling and its application: Evaluation of patient satisfaction with service quality (SERVQUAL)

Increasing developments and opportunities in health sector made patient satisfaction more important. It is inevitable for health institutions to increase their service quality in ever increasing rivalry conditions. In the evaluation of service given in hospitals by patients, dimensions of service quality are one of the most effective factors. In this study, the causative relationship between service quality and...

Author(s): H. Eray ÇELÄ°K and Sanem ÅžEHRÄ°BANOÄžLU

March 2012

Personal values and entrepreneurial career location: The case of high-skilled immigrants from a developing country

The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of personal values on the reasons why high-skilled immigrants from developing countries are returning to their home countries for career development by creating a business instead of starting up in their host country. A case study methodology was used to understand the role of personal values. The cases studied had a migration experience from Colombia to Spain and...

Author(s): Alejandro Campos, Esther Hormiga and Francisco Javier Matiz-Bulla

March 2012

E-Newsletter as a marketing tool for hospitality and travel firms to retain customers

There are no empirical studies on e-mail newsletters, especially studies focused on the hospitality and travel industries. The study uses literature on customer retention and customer relationship marketing together with information on hospitality and travel firms to provide insights on the benefits of using email newsletters as well as considerations in creating and improving email newsletters to ensure positive...

Author(s): Yu-San Ting, D. B. A.

March 2012

An empirical study on the role of intermediary in global e-business management

The aim of this paper is to empirically examine the role of export intermediary firms (EIFs) based on structural equation modeling (SEM) for the unified global economic structure. E-business based export intermediary firms (e-EIFs) have experienced the systematic and professional paradigm shift. For this paradigm shift, we propose two hypotheses: the knowledge hypothesis for the traditional EIFs about the market and...

Author(s): Yongrok Choi

March 2012

Overcoming executive bureaucracy in the application of administrative justice to foreigners in South Africa

This article examines the various problems being faced by foreigners on a daily basis in order to obtain the necessary permits to work and reside in South Africa. The article highlights that the major obstacle is unnecessary bureaucracy by the officials of the Home Affairs who are responsible for the processing of permits. The article also examines how executive bureaucracy is affecting administrative actions and what...

Author(s): Jonas Leaka Humphrey Letsoalo and Kola O. Odeku

March 2012

The existence of favoritism in organizations

The aim of this study is to determine if favoritism exists in Turkish universities and, if so, to clarify its type and to present the views of faculty members regarding the reasons for favoritism. This is a descriptive study and its population consists of the faculty members of Turkish universities. The study was carried out by obtaining the views of 385 faculty members who were...

Author(s): Ismail AYDOGAN

March 2012

Introduction of private sector management principles to the public sector: Easier said than done

The public sector on the African continent is viewed by critics as dysfunctional, inefficient and ineffective in meeting and addressing societal demand in a turbulent socio-economic environment. The proponents of neo-economic liberalism are of the view that the introduction and application of private sector management principles to the public sector will address service delivery deficiencies. The study focuses on the...

Author(s): Gregory. J. Davids

March 2012

Integrated multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) method combined with decision making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL) and analytic network process (ANP) in food supplier selection

The analytic network process (ANP) is a relatively new multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) method which can be used to solve supplier selection problem. Because there are different degrees of influence among the criteria, using ANP average method (equal cluster-weighted) to obtain the weighted super-matrix may be inexact. This paper uses an effective solution based on a combined ANP and the decision-making trial and...

Author(s): Jung-Lu Shen and Yong-Mei Liu

March 2012

The effect of earnings management on the quality of financial reporting

The accuracy of predicting future operating cash flows and the stability of accounting profit were the indices applied in defining the quality of financial reporting. The hypotheses of the study were tested through the panel data gathered from 70 listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange. The findings of the research indicated that earnings management through accruals decreased the quality of financial reporting, that...

Author(s): Yadollah Tariverdi, Mehdi Moradzadehfard and Maryam Rostami

March 2012

Family businesses: How to measure their performance

Numerous studies on family businesses have drawn on the theory of resources and capabilities and have employed the concept of familiness as an indicator of family influence on businesses. A literature review shows that to measure the performance of this type of organization, it is necessary to use indicators that reflect both business variables and socio-economic factors related to family involvement in a company and...

Author(s): Pedro Núñez-Cacho Utrilla and Félix A. Grande Torraleja

March 2012

A Brazilian study on the importance of instrumental and terminal personal values

A great part of the efforts in international marketing and market segmentation focus on the comprehension and measurement of personal values in different cultures. This paper aims to verify which dimensions of personal values emerge from a group of Brazilian students, as well as the most important ones for such group. The present study was a descriptive research, using quantitative data analysis procedures. Instrumental...

Author(s): Francine Veloni Gervazio, Janaina de Moura Engracia Giraldi and André Lucirton Costa

March 2012

How entrepreneurs identify opportunities and access to external financing in Tunisian’s micro-enterprises?

Micro-enterprises play an extremely important role in the development of any country, especially in developing countries. To understand entrepreneurs who operate in a low-technology industry and in a low financial resources, we rely on the network and human perspective on entrepreneurship. In this paper, we investigate how the social and human capital of entrepreneurs influences their ability to identify opportunities...

Author(s): Omri Anis and Frikha Mohamed

March 2012

Exchange effects and sectorial rotation role in selecting financial securities portfolios

The development strategies of large companies are marked, after the beginning of the 1990s, by two major evolutions as compared to the industrial and financial consolidation processes: on the one hand, the activities refocusing on basic materials, and on the other hand, the acceleration of the internationalization of activities connected to the market globalization. More than that, if globalization preserves a closer...

Author(s): Madalina Radoi

March 2012

Relationship between employees’ perfectionism and their creativity

A major challenge confronting managers in the 21st century is how to effectively use the potential capabilities of their employees. To achieve this goal, employees must be encouraged to use their intellectual capabilities to enhance their knowledge and creativity. One aspect that reinforces individual creativity is perfectionism, which is a stable pattern of thinking and behavior that changes relatively little over...

Author(s): Mahmood Nekoie-Moghadam, Malikeh Beheshtifar and Fateme Mazrae-Sefidi

March 2012

Financing the start-up and operation of immigrant-owned businesses: The path taken by African immigrants in the Cape Town metropolitan area of South Africa

Drawing a sample of 135 successful African immigrant-owned businesses, this paper sets out to investigate how their owners acquired the necessary capital for start-up and growth thereafter. The paper was designed within the quantitative and qualitative research paradigms, in which a triangulation of three methods was utilised to collect and analyze the data. The paper revealed that although African immigrants are...

Author(s): Robertson K Tengeh, Harry Ballard and Andre Slabbert

March 2012

Multi-criteria decision of business management for the best selection in product design industries

This study explores why some researches conclude that multi-criteria decision of business management approach is changeable with unclear condition and time intraditional product industries. It also helps the enterprise to face important reforms by using Fuzzy set with multi-attribute policy to make decisions in business management. These reforms construct an integrity product design operation...

Author(s): Shih-Chung Liao, Shih-Wen Hsiao and Ming-Chyuan Lin

March 2012

Ensuring equality at the workplace by strengthening the law on prohibition against discrimination

Nigeria is a liberal democratic society, a free market economy and a secular state. As such, it is vulnerable to invidious workplace discrimination. This article examines inequality and blatant discriminatory practices in the workplace in Nigeria. The paper explores extensively the jurisprudence of the workplace discrimination in Nigeria and makes a comparison with approaches from other jurisdictions. The paper argues...

Author(s): Kola Odeku and Sola Animashaun