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Table of Content: 29 December 2010; 4(19)

December 2010

A critical review of employee turnover model (1938-2009) and development in perspective of performance

  Retaining employees remains a primary concern for many organizations during days of intellectual property, for intellectual capital has become a critical component of wealth creation. This paper provides a theoretical overview of the different periods of motives and domains or targets of employee retention/ turnover and highlights the performing importance from the platform of social capital in research. The...

Author(s): Zheng WeiBo, Sharan Kaur and Tao Zhi

  • Article Number: A4AE50218071

December 2010

Zimbabwe’s agricultural industry

  The aim of this paper is to investigate the agricultural industry in the Republic of Zimbabwe. Hence, the types of agricultural products, the different classes of farmers, the agricultural system, the agricultural extension services, the marketing of agricultural products and the contribution of agriculture to the economy of Zimbabwe were examined. It was found that agriculture used to be the mainstay of...

Author(s): Ahmed Audu Maiyaki

  • Article Number: B1B917618089

December 2010

A review on international portfolio diversification: The Middle East and North African region

  Over the last three decades, international portfolio diversification has been the integral feature of global capital markets. Several potential benefits have made investors to internationalize their portfolios. In this regards, emerging stock markets have been the subject of a large body of the international finance literature. It has also been more attractive for the practitioners in stock markets. This...

Author(s): Gholamreza Mansourfar, Shamsher Mohamad and Taufiq Hassan

  • Article Number: E58B61C18109

December 2010

Literature mapping: A bird’s eye view on classification of factors influencing project success

  The subject of project success has caught the attention of researchers for the last five decades. The long list of project success factors indicates that there are no common denominators for project success. It also indicates that there was no agreement on the definition of success. The aim of this review paper is to classify relevant literature on project success in order to obtain a greater breadth on this...

Author(s): Abdul Aziz Abdullah, Hamzah Abdul Rahman, Zakaria Harun, Ali Mohammed Alashwal and Abdul Mutalib Beksin

  • Article Number: 61F202518141

December 2010

The algorithm for the development of global financial crises

  Currently the world economy is facing a disaster whose size, behavior and overall circuit remains a mystery. We do not know what the outcome will be, whether the state of the economy will continue to strike or how to respond to counter-measures. But we can certainly say that there is one thing we know already, which is crisis. There is therefore the need for a radical restructuring of the global financial...

Author(s): Carina-Elena Stegăroiu and Valentin Stegăroiu

  • Article Number: 0B294AD18165

December 2010

Romania and Greece: Together or alone against the present global crisis

  The fiasco of the Lisbon Agenda and the latest EU Agenda 2020 are the main European political effects of the present global crisis. The paper analysed the effects of the global crisis on Greece and Romania because these countries have a lot of common historical, cultural and socio-economic characteristics and they became the greatest socio-economic problem for the EU27. As a result, was realised a comparative...

Author(s): Ionescu Romeo

  • Article Number: 6960EDF18184

December 2010

A review of the application of RFM model

  RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) model has been widely applied in many practical areas in a long history, particularly in direct marketing. By adopting RFM model, decision makers can effectively identify valuable customers and then develop effective marketing strategy. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive review on the application of RFM model. In addition, this paper depicts the definition and the...

Author(s):   Jo-Ting Wei, Shih-Yen Lin and Hsin-Hung Wu

  • Article Number: EB3418D18198

December 2010

Towards an integration of sensory research and marketing in new food products development: A theoretical and methodological review

  Product innovation can be instrumental for firms that want to be market oriented. There are many examples in the literature of the importance of sensory analysis in terms of designing, testing, launching, and rethinking food products. Sensory and product testing researchers have often called on to participate in the development of new products but they only quantified consumer reactions to prototypes...

Author(s):   Mariarosaria Simeone and Giuseppe Marotta

  • Article Number: DD1142B18217

December 2010

Guidelines for improving the adoption of cleaner production in companies through attention to non-technical factors: A literature review

  The success of Cleaner Production programmes is an essential part of the search for more sustainable societies, because Cleaner Production emerges as one of the main activities of the companies committed to effective environmental management. However, it is believed that Cleaner Production proves to be unrealistic without the support of human resources. Thus, the main purpose of this article is to present...

Author(s):   Angelo Saturnino Neto and Charbel José Chiappetta Jabbour

  • Article Number: 2C15F7818236