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Table of Content: 4 August 2010; 4(9)

August 2010

Discriminant analysis: An illustrated example

  One of the challenging tasks facing a researcher is the data analysis section where the researcher needs to identify the correct analysis technique and interpret the output that he gets. The analysis wise is very simple, just by the click of a mouse the analysis can be done. The more demanding part is the interpretation of the output that the researcher gets. Many researchers are very familiar and well...

Author(s):   T. Ramayah, Noor Hazlina Ahmad, Hasliza Abdul Halim, Siti Rohaida Mohamed Zainaland May-Chiun Lo

  • Article Number: 1BF418E31373

August 2010

A study on performance of Iranian supreme audit court

  Supreme audit court plays very important role in states offices and governmental agencies. The results of this study shows weakness as well as strength of Iranian supreme audit court. The results show that clerks of this institutions practice according to the rules and regulations, however, the weakness of such institution are as follows: weak auditors’ motivation at the time of practicing job, lack of...

Author(s):   Mahdi Salehi and Vahab Rostami

  • Article Number: 19200BA31410

August 2010

Stress in banker’s life: Demands-control model as predictors of employee’s activity participation

  The aim of this study was to provide the reliability and validity of job factors and to analyze its association with demands-control model and activity participation in two time cross-sectional study of private and public sector commercial banks of Rawalpindi-Islamabad region. Two time self-reported cross-sectional surveys were conducted, the study samples consisted of 250 respondents at T1 and 200...

Author(s): Saif ur Rehman, Muhammad Aslam Khan, Hasan Afzal, Waheed Akhter and Imran Ali

  • Article Number: B2D68A831445

August 2010

Reforming the pension system in Romania with logical schemes

  In the current economic context pension system in Romania is in a sharp crisis and the financial system both because our involvement decision makers in applying a balancing structural reforms - entry-exit-benefit. Starting from this, we tried through this study, a possible adjustment of public pension scheme using logical schemes through analysis of pension schemes, whose principles lead to a possible model...

Author(s): Carina-Elena Stegăroiu and Valentin Stegăroiu

  • Article Number: DE6A27A31490

August 2010

Effect of relationship style on innovation performance

  The purpose of this study is to analyze how different relationship styles of employees in the hi-tech industry influence innovation performance. This is helpful to understand whether the intimacy among employees in each relationship style has a positive effect on innovation performance. This study takes employees in the hi-tech industry as subjects and finds that the relationship style of an organization can...

Author(s): Hung-Wen Lee and Ching-Fang Yu

  • Article Number: 36C24A231529

August 2010

Does debt really matter on the profitability of small firms? A perspective on small manufacturing firms in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

  Small firms are the engines for economic development of several developed countries such as the US and Japan. Developing countries such as Zimbabwe have also identified the potential of small firms to turn economies with negative growth into vibrant ones. For this reason, several governments in developing countries offer funding to small firms either directly or by guaranteeing the payment of such loans as...

Author(s):   Matarirano Obert and Fatoki Olawale

  • Article Number: 674814731574

August 2010

Factors determining the entrepreneurial consolidation in Latin America

  In this paper, we analyze the factors determining the entrepreneurial consolidation in Latin American countries participating in the global entrepreruship monitor project (GEM). We include in our research both the entrepreneur and social characteristics that lead to business consolidation. Our research is based in the analysis of such characteristics in a sample of seven Latin American countries during years...

Author(s): Agustín Álvarez Herranz, Pilar Valencia de Lara, Santiago Barraza and Ana María Legato

  • Article Number: 097CAD931604

August 2010

Outsourcing priorities of government functions: Analytic network process approach

  Prioritizing some outsourcing functions of government is increasingly considered as a strategic necessity for developing nations. In recent decades, outsourcing management has been one of the main concerns for running public organizations, effectively and efficiently; the more there is citizen satisfaction and fewer costs, the more there will be emergence and expansion of outsourcing. In the complex...

Author(s): Ali Pirannejad, Hadi Salami and Abdolazim Mollaee

  • Article Number: 960A83931641

August 2010

Supply chain management, organizational innovation and corporate culture: The impact of relatedness

  The growth and survival of organizations in a competitive global economy necessitates reaching markets through various competitive mechanisms. The integration of supply chain management and organizational innovation has been identified as providing such competitiveness. This paper introduces corporate culture and identifies unique relationships between these variables. Furthermore, constructs are introduced...

Author(s): Chich-Jen Shieh

  • Article Number: A6AF90031680

August 2010

Employees’ emotional wellbeing – the step to successful implementation of total quality management; case study of Serbian post

  The main objective of this study was to propose a methodology for which the implementation could examine the state of business organization in some enterprise and give concrete directions for its improvement, considering the principles of total quality management. Apparently, every concept of total quality management depends on appropriate actions of people involved in the business process. Leaders usually...

Author(s): Momčilo Dobrodolac, Marjana Čubranić-Dobrodolac, Dejan Marković and Mladenka Blagojević

  • Article Number: 4BB84D231713

August 2010

Design of a secure unified e-payment system in Nigeria: A case study

  The Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is the most widely used e-Payment instrument in Nigeria. It is responsible for about 89% (in volume) of all e-Payment instruments since 2006 to 2008. Some customers have at least two ATM cards depending on the number of accounts operated by them and they represent the active users of the ATM cards. Furthermore, identity theft has been identified as one of the most prominent...

Author(s): Charles K. Ayo and Wilfred Isioma Ukpere

  • Article Number: 0F8F30531752

August 2010

Design of a secure unified e-payment system in Nigeria: A case study

  The Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is the most widely used e-Payment instrument in Nigeria. It is responsible for about 89% (in volume) of all e-Payment instruments since 2006 to 2008. Some customers have at least two ATM cards depending on the number of accounts operated by them and they represent the active users of the ATM cards. Furthermore, identity theft has been identified as one of the most prominent...

Author(s): Charles K. Ayo and Wilfred Isioma Ukpere

  • Article Number: 3908C7A31755

August 2010

The jump-diffusion process for the VIX and the S&P 500 index

  This paper applies the CBP-GARCH model of Chan (2003) to analyze the discontinuous jump and the time-varying correlated jump intensity for the changes in the VIX and the S&P 500 returns over the period extending from January 15, 2001 to December 31, 2009. The empirical results provide evidence of the significant jump-diffusion process and the causal relationships in the bi-directions...

Author(s):   Chi-Tai Lin and Yen-Hsien Lee

  • Article Number: 007564E31797

August 2010

Foundation administrations and foundation landownership in Turkey from past to present

  The traces of foundation civilization are seen in every period of Turkish history. During the Seljuk period, the foundations occupied an important position in the community life and this importance peaked during the Ottoman period. During the last periods of the Ottoman, feeling the necessity to assemble the administration of the foundations under one center and administrate them, the Ministry of Imperial...

Author(s): Faik Ahmet Sesli

  • Article Number: B81B87831830

August 2010

Business environmental influences on the availability of debt to new SMEs in South Africa

  This study investigates the impact of the business environment (internal and external environment) on the availability of debt from commercial banks to new SMEs. The literature identifies 78 issues. Exploratory factor analysis reduces the issues to nine factors that include both internal and external factors. The internal factors were labeled as managerial competencies, collateral, networking and business...

Author(s):   Fatoki Olawale and A. Van Aardt Smit

  • Article Number: 167347A31862

August 2010

The impact of the business environment on the availability of trade credit to new SMEs in South Africa

  This study investigates the impact of the business environment on the availability of trade credit to new SMEs in South Africa. The literature identifies 78 questionnaire items. Exploratory factor analysis reduces the items to 44 items under nine factors that include both internal factors and external factors. The internal factors were labeled as managerial competencies, collateral, networking and business...

Author(s): Fatoki Olawale and A. Van Aardt Smit

  • Article Number: 226660E31905

August 2010

Exploring the impact of personality traits on online shopping behavior

  With online shops (e-stores) popping up at a rapid rate in the 21st century, brick-and-mortar stores (physical stores) are no longer the only outlet that attracts consumer spending. Compared with their physical store cousins, e-stores offer more diverse product choices, individualized products and service information, shopping convenience, and privacy. The purpose of this article is mainly to investigate the...

Author(s): Wen-Chin Tsao, and Hung-Ru Chang

  • Article Number: 3F838BE31935

August 2010

Has technological innovations resulted in increased efficiency and cost savings for banks’ customers?

    The role of technological innovations on efficiency and cost reductions in the banking sector is paramount to the successful and profitable service delivery in the sector. Technological innovations play a significant role in improving the efficiency of the banking sector as well as reducing the costs of banking transactions for customers. The banking sector has, for the past decade, witnessed...

Author(s):   M. Musara and O. Fatoki

  • Article Number: C5541BC31993

August 2010

An effective way to measure the performance of cooperative strategies with competitors in Taiwan’s small business

  Forming strategic alliances with competitors has become a heated issue not only in practice but also in academic research. Firms involved in the alliance should dedicate their knowledge, skills, technology, and other valuable resources to achieve collective goals and to create cooperative performance. Drawing from an intellectual capital perspective, this paper attempts to answer three major questions: How...

Author(s):   Hao-Wei Yang, Kai-Fu Yang Chung-Hsin Yang and Chih-Yang Chao

  • Article Number: C99142632152

August 2010

Quality management as an effective strategy of cost savings

    This paper presents the cost savings performance of two quality management (QM) organisation classified groups based on the intensity of QM being implemented, namely low intensive and high intensive. Data of this study were collected from 205 local authority managers in Malaysia. The issue of cost savings is topical to the current focus of many public organisations worldwide due to the scarcity of...

Author(s): Zulnaidi Yaacob

  • Article Number: 333526C32288

August 2010

Does work engagement mediate the relationship between job resources and job performance of employees?

  The purpose of this study is to examine the extent to which the engagement of employees in their work mediates the relationship between their performance and the job resources that organisations provide. A primary survey of 341 working adults from the Klang Valley in Malaysia revealed the direct and indirect relationships between the availability of job resources and employee performance. Work engagement...

Author(s): Ng Ging Chung and Tay Angeline

  • Article Number: 81612E732304

August 2010

Performance management systems: A comparative analysis

  Many organizations install Performance Management Systems (PMS) formally and informally in their organizations, with the motivation to achieve better organizational results. In practice, organizations have difficulty in implementing a performance management system because its different dimensions are not taken into considerations enough. This article describes the findings of a comparative analyses conducted...

Author(s):   Jawaria Andleeb Qureshi, Asad Shahjehan, Zia-ur-Rehman and Bilal Afsar

  • Article Number: 0ECF0F532323

August 2010

Explanation of knowledge management enabler as a latent variable: A case study of SMEs in Iran

  Attention to organizational knowledge is important for sustaining competitive advantage for companies. The factors that consider as knowledge management enablers are very important in process of knowledge management, because that can be affecting on knowledge creation processes. The aim of this research is to explain the knowledge management enablers in small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) of Mazandaran...

Author(s): Rahmatollah Gholipour, Gholamreza Jandaghi and Seyed Ali Akbar Hosseinzadeh

  • Article Number: E45D80932349

August 2010

Islamic management model

  Managing an organization is a skilful job. Today, globally operated organizations are faced with numerous challenges. How corporate leaders should approach their obligations is one of the important queries at the desk of business researchers. This paper provides Islamic management model; where leaders first surrender their authorities to ‘divine’ instructions and then gain knowledge and practices...

Author(s): Abdus Sattar Abbasi, Kashif Ur Rehman and Amna Bibi

  • Article Number: 3A5071A32357

August 2010

Disclosure and corporate governance of insider trading: The Malaysian perspectives

  This study examined the issues of disclosure of and corporate governance of insider trading in Malaysia. Insider trading has evolved itself in various jurisdictions from the agency theory to the misappropriation theory. In Malaysia, the mere fact of the receipt of information itself resulted in a triggering of a breach of insider laws regardless of unrealized gain or loss. In this paper, documents from...

Author(s):   Edward Sek Khin Wong , Choong Kwai Fatt and Priscillia Yap Poi Yok

  • Article Number: C04C16432378

August 2010

An impact assessment of a prototype financial literacy flagship programme in a rural South African setting

  This article applies experimental research to investigate the impact of the Bubomi financial literacy flagship programme developed by Absa Group Limited, one of South Africa’s largest financial service organizations. The programme aims to improve essential financial literacy skills, habits and behaviour of South Africans. The impact of the programme is measured by comparing the level of financial...

Author(s): Deon Harold Tustin

  • Article Number: 4692E2532393

August 2010

The interactive relationship among international gold indices, gold futures and the overall economy

  This study was devised to improve our understanding of the interactive relationship among the Amex gold BUGS index, the New York gold spot and the New York goldfutures in the gold market, as well as the commodity research bureau (CRB) futures price index, the Dow Jones industrial average, the OPEC crude oil spot,and the dollar index. To do so, this...

Author(s):   Wen-Rong Jerry Ho, Yung-Chung Wang and Guan-Juan Liou

  • Article Number: EA9E4E832408

August 2010

The comparison of two groups in perception of knowledge management in the environment of higher education

  Contrary to most studies in the field of KM (knowledge management) in education, and beginning with the indivisibility of organizational aspects of KM in educational institution and the application of KM in educational process, this study had a goal to investigate the attitude of students and professors (as users and creators of educational services) towards KM. The ground research of this study comprised a...

Author(s):   Jasmina Arsenijević, Vilmoš Tot and Dejan Arsenijević

  • Article Number: A49D11732422

August 2010

A study of the relationship between related party transactions and firm value in high technology firms in Taiwan and China

  Related-party transactions are a facet of corporate governance, due to the fact that they are usually comprised of complicated transactions between a company and its managers, directors, subsidiaries and major shareholders. It is a fact that related-party transactions result in higher agency costs due to the alignment of decision-making rights and monitoring rights. The traditional accounting performance...

Author(s):   Derek-Teshun Huang and Zhien-Chia Liu

  • Article Number: F57BE1C32441