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Table of Content: 4 January 2011; 5(1)

January 2011

A further editorial guideline for writing manuscript in the field of social science: A special perspective for African Journal of Business Management (AJBM)

  With the breathtaking success of African Journal of Business Management-AJBM in the recent years, has  become one of most commanding podiums for the scholar especially from the developing world. In 2009,  not only its impact factor has increased substantially, but also one of its published papers “has been  selected by Essential Science Indicators SM  from Thomson...

Author(s): Gazi Mahabubul Alam

January 2011

The moderating role of leader-member exchange in the relationship between psychological contract violation and organizational citizenship behavior

  This paper aims to explore the moderating role of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) quality in the relationship between Psychological Contract Violation (PCV) and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). Data were gathered from a sample of 148 registered nurses working in a private general hospital. Results show that the negative relationship between PCV and OCB is stronger for nurses who have high LMX quality....

Author(s): Alev Katrinli, Gulem Atabay, Gonca Gunay and Burcu Guneri Cangarli

January 2011

Forecasting stock price of Iranian major petrochemical companies

  The issue of forecasting the stock prices of the companies attending the stock exchange market is a very important problem for investors. The ability of forecasting stock prices would enable them to choose the best investment basket leading to high benefits. In this paper, we intend to forecast the price of stocks of the major Iranian petrochemical companies. For this purpose, the regression models are used....

Author(s): Masoud Behravesh

January 2011

Appling new hybrid model to evaluate dynamic relationship in high-tech Industries

  Investigating dynamic relationship among stock markets has received considerable attention by both academics and practitioners. Hence, this study presents new integrated model, Grey-VAR Model, to modify Granger causality test procedure that can investigate dynamic relationships of high-tech industries. These results provide evidences that there exist the short-term equilibrium relationship of high-tech...

Author(s): Yi-Hsien Wanga

January 2011

The relationships of cruise image, perceived value, satisfaction, and post-purchase behavioral intention on Taiwanese tourists

  The travel industry has recognized the advantages offered by global cruise tourism, now a famous tourism product in Taiwan. This research looks at the cruise image as a recreational experience and compares the results of 906 questionnaires to investigate perceived value, satisfaction and post-purchase behavioral intention. Analyzing these factors, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is used for theory...

Author(s): Shiang-Min Meng, Gin-Shuh Liang and Shih-Hao Yang

January 2011

A comparative study of educational leadership in Taiwan and the USA

  This research study employed a casual comparative approach to investigating transformational leadership practices of educational leaders in Taiwan and the USA. Convenient samples of 50 educational leaders from each culture were selected as two sample groups to draw cross-cultural comparisons. The instrument selected to measure exemplary leadership practices was Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Practice...

Author(s):   Hui-Wen Vivian Tang, Mu-Shang Yin and Jennifer C. H. Min

January 2011

The adoption of new and innovative knowledge by small and medium enterprises of Iran: Opportunities and constraints for growth

  The purpose of this article was to explore the capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in absorbing and managing knowledge as a prior condition to innovations and   entrepreneurial growth. Drawing the findings from more than 1,500 SME owners/ managers of the ICT sector in Iran, across regular quarterly Small Enterprise Research (SER) team surveys and from other large scale studies, this...

Author(s): Kambeiz Talebi and Mahdi Tajeddin

January 2011

Comparison of the theory of reasoned action and the theory of planned behavior: An application on accountants’ information technology usage

  Because of efficiency and easiness that it provides, Information Technology (IT) usage has a vital meaning for all sectors. To derive benefits from IT completely, it has to be discovered in all aspects. The purpose of this study is to investigate the reasons behind accountants’ IT usage and in this context, compare two social psychology based theories; the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) and the Theory...

Author(s): Gökhan Özer and Emine Yılmaz

January 2011

Comparing the persistency of different frequencies of stock returns volatility in an emerging market: A case study of Pakistan

  This study aimed at comparing the variance structure of high (daily) and low (weekly, monthly) frequencies of data. By employing ARCH (1) and GARCH (1, 1) models, the study found that the intensity of the shocks was not equal for all the series. The study found that statistical properties of the three data series of returns were substantially different from one another and the persistence of conditional...

Author(s): Amir Rafique and Kashif-Ur-Rehman

January 2011

Facilitating qualitative research in business studies: Using the business narrative to model value creation

  This is a conceptual paper supported by empirical research giving details of a new Business Narrative Modelling Language (BNML). The need for BNML arose given a growing dissatisfaction with qualitative research approaches and also due to the need to bring entrepreneurs, especially those with little training in management theory, closer to the academic (as well as practitioner) discussion of innovation and...

Author(s): Manuel Au-Yong Oliveira, and João José Pinto Ferreira

January 2011

Task value, goal orientation, and employee job satisfaction in high-tech firms

  Operating in highly competitive environments, high-tech firms leverage capital-intensive facilities, technology-intensive products and computer applications to earn competitive advantages. Doing so requires employees perform tasks that are relatively more complex in comparison with other industry sectors. Employee job satisfaction, a surrogate measure of organizational effectiveness/performance, is an...

Author(s): Jung-Yu Lai, Hsin-Jung Chi and Chun-Chieh Yang

January 2011

The relationship between intellectual capital and financial performance: An empirical investigation in an Iranian company

  In the Intellectual Capital (IC) literature, only a few studies have analyzed the relationships among the components of IC and organizational success. This study provides further insight into the role of IC in organizational performance, especially financial performance. In this order, Value Added Intellectual Coefficient (VAICTM) method has been used for measuring the value based performance of the company....

Author(s): Reza Gharoie Ahangar

January 2011

The impact of reforms on the value relevance of accounting information: Evidence from Iran

  This paper examines the value relevance of accounting information in Iran for the period 1996 - 2008, before and after the codification of national accounting standard in 2001, which could describe the effect of codification of the first national accounting standards by The Iranian Association of Certified Public Accountants. The results obtained from a combination of regression and portfolio approaches, show...

Author(s):   Jamal Barzegari Khanagha, Shamsher Mohamad, Taufiq Hassan and Zulkarnain Muhamad Sori

January 2011

Investigation of the factors influencing the acceptance of electronic cash stored-value cards

  Electronic cash stored-value cards have been issued in Asia for a while. Few academic studies investigate the factors that influence consumers’ acceptance of electronic cash stored-value cards. This study proposes an extended technology acceptance model and applies structural equation model to confirm the factors influencing consumers’ acceptance of electronic cash stored-value cards. A set...

Author(s): Teng-Tsai Tu, Hsin-HueChang and Yung-Ho Chiu

January 2011

Factors influencing intention to create new venture among young graduates

  The purpose of this paper is to investigate the factors that are influencing the young graduates for intention to create new venture. The study further highlights how the attraction, networking support, entrepreneurial capabilities, self-independence and self-reliance influence the young students to initiate their new businesses. The sample size of this study was 255 final semester students of various...

Author(s): Ahmed Imran Hunjra, H. Mushtaq Ahmad, Kashif-Ur-Rehman and Nadeem Safwan

January 2011

The influence of usability and enjoyment on electronic customer relationship management performance in Jordan mobile communication services

  Electronic customer relationship management performance is a comprehensive business and marketing strategy that integrates people, process, technology and all business activities for attracting and retaining customers over the internet and mobile phone to reduce costs and increase profitability by consolidation the principles of customer loyalty. Therefore, the results of electronic customer relationship...

Author(s): Samsudin Wahab, Kamaruzaman Jusoff, Khaled Abed Mufleh Al Momani, Nor Azila Mohd Noor and Ahmad Suffian Mohd Zahari

January 2011

Forecasting the usage probability of VoIP by attributes of telephone service

  This study proposes an adoption model for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with telephone service attributes as the predicative factors. We use survey data on descriptive preferences to predict the usage probability of VoIP in Taiwan. The proposed method compensates for the defects in most current forecasting methods, where the forecasting model cannot be built without historical data. Analytical...

Author(s): Yi-Fei Chuang, Yih-Ching Tsaih and Kuei-Wen Wang

January 2011

The effects of a project’s social capital, leadership style, modularity, and diversification on new product development performance

  Due to the rapid advances in information technology and the dynamic business environment, firms are facing more and more competitive challenges. To overcome this, many companies are trying to create new products to maintain their competitiveness. This study aims to explore the key success factors of New Product Development (NPD) performance from the perspectives of social capital, leadership, modularity and...

Author(s): Li-Yueh Lee, Chen-Su Fu, Shu-Min Li and Shang-Min Chen

January 2011

The challenges of the customer services for modern market requests: A case study of "Telecom Serbia"

  A new review of telecommunication business in modern economic environment indicates that there is no existence without accepting modern marketing approach. There must be a strong focus on the organizational design, which create an internal environment that is supportive to the empowerment of customer centred employees. The goal of the research consisted in the identification of the internal factors for which...

Author(s): Borislav Kolarić, Leposava Grubić Nešić and Slobodan Radojčić

January 2011

The effect of organizational form and vertical integration on efficiency: An empirical comparison between cooperatives and investor owned firms

  This study compares the efficiency of firms with different organizational form, cooperatives and investor owned firms (IOFs). This comparison was effected taking into account differences in property rights and transaction costs. The comparative analysis of productive efficiency was performed in terms of total factor productivity using a sample of Spanish firms. The calculation was made by means of data panel...

Author(s): Idana Salazar Terreros and Carmen Galve Górriz

January 2011

Farmers' perceptions of farmer organizations in rural areas

  Agricultural organizations are important tools in enhancing the living standards in rural areas; better utilizing farmer’s resources, increasing revenues, and achieving agricultural development. Organizational development in rural areas in Turkey is not at a desired level yet. It is very clear that organizing is for the benefit of farmers. Despite this, it is necessary to determine perceptions of...

Author(s): Hacer Celik Ates and Mustafa Terin

January 2011

A study of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and quality attributes in Taiwan’s medical service industry

  Measurement of customer satisfaction in behavioral health services has received increasing emphasis due to clinicians' and researchers' desire to measure outcomes that reflect the patient's unique perspective. This study examined how overall customer satisfaction and customer loyalty associate with the medical service quality attributes offered in Taiwan using Kano’s integrated model and the...

Author(s): Hsiu-Yuan Hu, Ching-Chan Cheng, Shao-I Chiu and Fu-Yuan Hong

January 2011

To evaluate interface usability of an e-course platform: User perspective

  As a core term in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), the analysis of system usability continues to be one of priority focuses of HCI researchers. Through users’ evaluation, a system’s inherent problems can be learned and its design be improved. This research was conducted to obtain the overall evaluation from the participants over the e-Course platform based on the data gathered from...

Author(s): Chi-Hung Lin, I Chun Lin and Jinsheng Roan

January 2011

Critical factors in promoting customer acceptance of and loyalty to online business management degree programs

  This paper investigates the critical factors that promote the customer acceptance of online business management degree programs in online education markets. The model examines the impact of reputation, price, teaching quality, student service quality, and ethical practices on the customer acceptance of online degree programs and customer loyalty to online degree programs. Five hundred and seventy-five...

Author(s): Young-Ei Kim and Jung-Wan Lee

January 2011

Determinants of low-income non-users’ attitude towards WIG mobile phone banking: Evidence from South Africa

  The slow adoption rate of mobile phone banking remains a dilemma for marketing managers globally. Previous studies on mobile phone banking adoption behavior lack investigation on low-income non-users’ adoption behavior and adoption behavior with regard to a specific type of mobile phone banking application. Therefore, this study investigates the attitude formation of low-income non-users towards...

Author(s): T. Raleting and J. Nel

January 2011

Is the balanced scorecard really helpful for improving performance? Evidence from software companies in China and Taiwan

  In the past twenty years, Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has been regarded as a possible effective performance measurement system. In recent decade, BSC is gradually connected with strategic goal management and performance control. However, scholars are still uncertain about the causal relationship between BSC and enhancement of strategic goal accomplishment and performance. Based on previous researches, this study...

Author(s): Der-Jang Chi and Hsu-Feng Hung