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Table of Content: January 2010; 4(1)

January 2010

Doing business with impudence: A focus on women entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

  This study attempts to investigate the courage it takes for women to do business in Saudi Arabia. A total number of 350 participants were allowed as a sample. Drop-off, pick-up and On-line survey methods were used to receive maximum response rate. The descriptive statistics, the T-test and the ANOVA test were utilized to examine the business motivational factors. The results reveal that self-achievement is...

Author(s):   Muhammad Asad Sadi and Basheer Mohammad Al-Ghazali    

January 2010

New development of organizational commitment: A critical review (1960 - 2009)

  This paper reviews the characteristics of main approaches to Organizational Commitment from the beginning of conception of Commitment in Becker (1960) till today, provides an overview of different eras and domains.  Then discuss some new development of Organizational Commitment in commitment tendency or combined influence to organizational outcomes. This paper will argue some of thinking and ideas...

Author(s):   Zheng WeiBo, Sharan Kaur and Wei Jun    

January 2010

The impact of industrial knowledge management and environmental strategy on corporate performance of iso-14000 companies in Taiwan: The application of structural equation modeling

The aim of this study is to investigate the relationships between environmental strategy, the environmental knowledge circulation process, and corporate performance by the investigation and data sampling of companies approved for International Organization for Standardization 14000 certification in Taiwan prior to December 2007. Data were collected via questionnaires and structural equation modeling was employed to...

Author(s):   Po-Shin Huang and Li-Hsing Shih    

January 2010

Triplex-network design for research of supply chain reliability

  The purpose of this paper was to explore a research design, which can integrate knowledge in multi-discipline into triplex-network architecture, for the development of systematic Supply Chain Reliability (SCR) theory. Through analysis of the emergence of triplex-network in supply chains, triplex-network-based evaluation model of SCR was proposed and a numerical example was provided. The dynamic interactions...

Author(s):   Xin Miao, Bao Xi and Bo Yu    

January 2010

Effective factors on economic development in East Azerbaijan, Iran

  The current paper aims at presenting a pattern for the development of East Azerbaijan province, Iran, in a frame on national and regional developmental policies, which requires the formation of two basic processes: (a) To access and employ a mechanism which ultimately limits unnecessary consumption expenditures in the province and leads the surplus of economic output toward physical and human investment...

Author(s):   Hamidreza Alipour    

January 2010

The study of knowledge transfer and green management performance in green supply chain management

  The information communication and knowledge exchange based on environmental friendly requirements among manufacturers is the critical success factor of green supply chain management (GSCM). The firms of IT industry in Taiwan with green supply chain implementation was used as the research objects to further explore constructs of knowledge transfer and the relationships between  knowledge transfer...

Author(s):   Guo-Ciang Wu, Yu-Hui Cheng and Shin-Ying Huang    

January 2010

From self interest to public interest: Promoting higher levels of business ethics

  While there has been widescale acknowledgement of the importance of business ethics, it is evident that many businesses still conduct themselves unethically. This paper adapts Lawrence Kohlberg’s study on moral development to provide insight into the different levels of impact that self interest and public interest may have on promoting higher levels of business ethics. By drawing on Kohlberg’s...

Author(s):   Nirmala Dorasamy  

January 2010

Enhancing an ethical culture through purpose -directed leadership for improved public service delivery: A case for South Africa

  The fundamental purpose of government departments is to provide services to satisfy public needs. Public leaders have to take on organisational roles to decide how to best achieve the organisation’s purpose of meeting human needs and enhancing human life. An ethical culture underpinning purpose-driven leadership is viewed as an effective approach that will promote the broader interests of society in...

Author(s):   Nirmala Dorasamy    

January 2010

Store brand proneness and maximal customer satisfaction in grocery stores

  To identify the factors whose perception has the greatest influence on customer satisfaction, the authors analyse a database of 422 Spanish consumers who purchase from different types of self-service grocery stores in a representative Spanish city. The findings reveal that among consumers who exhibit a low propensity to buy store brands, perceptions of the quality image, as well as perceptions of service and...

Author(s):   Maria Pilar Martínez-Ruiz, Ana Isabel Jiménez-Zarco, Virginia Barba-Sánchez and Alicia Izquierdo-Yusta    

January 2010

World trade organization pseudo-paradigm as a necessity for change: A qualitative study

  Paradigm, the major motive engine of globalization in the present century in its modern sense has been the development of communications and the blast of information. Through a historical etymology we realize that the main generator of globalization process has been the scientific and cultural movement of renaissance and enlightenment times and In the present paper using the qualitative study approach, a...

Author(s):   Mohammad Hossein Aghaei-Danshvar, Sarkis L. Kantardjian, Esfandyar Omidbakhsh and Mohammad Khoshchehreh    

January 2010

Analysis of debt-paying ability for a shipping industry in Taiwan

  The debt financing market is an integral part of the global financial system. A company partially financed by debt faces bankruptcy danger. Although financial statement analysis covers more ratio approaches to viewing a firm’s liquidity, leverage, asset activity, profitability and performance, it cannot integrate a diverse ratio to analyze firm’s debt-paying ability. This paper employs data...

Author(s):   Wen-Cheng Lin, Chin-Feng Liu and Gin-Shuh Liang    

January 2010

Application of adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system in measurement of supply chain agility: Real case study of a manufacturing company

  In this paper we have developed an approach based on Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for measurement of agility in Supply Chain. An Agile Supply Chain (ASC) is frequently considered as a dominant competitive advantage. As complexity and vagueness of agility in global markets must be considered as one of the essential characteristics of an ASC system, we efficiently applied ANFIS in order to...

Author(s):   S. M. Seyedhoseini, J. Jassbi and N. Pilevari        

January 2010

An investigation of conflict resolution in educational organizations

  The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of Conflict Resolution Education (Peer Mediation) in schools on the behaviours of students. The study utilized semi-experimental design. The sample of this study consists of 203 eight grade secondary school students in one Primary Education School in Bolu province in Turkey. Voluntary students were chosen according to sociometric technique and given 30 hours...

Author(s):   Saduman Kapusuzoglu    

January 2010

Understanding school culture via analyzing organizational stories

  Schools have different cultures specific to themselves. School culture represents dominant values, norms, assumptions, beliefs, stories, ceremonies and symbols shared by the members of a school. The objective in interpreting school culture is to understand the stories and symbols created by the members of this culture. Organizational story is a tool to analyze school culture. This article aims to highlight...

Author(s):   Vehbi Çelik    

January 2010

The study of impacts and cognition for the attitude and intentions towards the Penghu casino industry development

  The topic of opening offshore tourist casinos has been controversial throughout Taiwan. Supporters usually use Las Vegas in the U.S. as an example, demonstrating that Las Vegas, by opening tourist casinos, has brought prosperity and money to a deserted location like Nevada. Taiwan has wanted to open tourist casinos for some time, especially in the Penghu offshore island area, to rid themselves of the low...

Author(s):   Chih-Yung Tsai and Yih-Chearing Shiue        

January 2010

Corporate social responsibility strategies, dynamic capability and organizational performance: Cases of top Taiwan-selected benchmark enterprises

  With an increasing trend of attention devoted to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) in businesses all over the world, this paper discusses the types of CSR strategies from both value perspective and strategic orientation. We also incorporate dynamic capabilities perspective to explain the effects of CSR strategies on organizational performance. Case studies from Taiwan further support theory framework...

Author(s):   Shyh-Rong Fang, Chiung-Yao Huang, and Stephanie Wei-Ling Huang