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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJBR
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Table of Content: April 2009; 3(4)

April 2009

Enhancing antioxidant availability in grains of wheat plants grown under seawater-stress in response to microalgae extracts treatments

  This study investigated the antioxidant capacity and the levels of enhanced total carotenoids (TCAR), tocopherols (TOC) and phenolic (TPC) and protein (PC) contents in whole grains of wheat plants irrigated 10 and 20% (v/v) seawater (SW) in response to water extracts of microalgae Spirulina maxima (SME) and Chlorella ellipsoida (CEE) and exogenous plant growth enhancers of ascorbic acid...

Author(s): Hanaa H. Abd El-Baky

April 2009

Effect of traditionally designed nutraceutical on stress induced immunoglobulin changes at Antarctica

  This study was conducted to establish the effect of a traditionally designed nutraceutical on stress related changes in selected immunoglobulin levels in the body. The nutraceutical was prepared from different potent herbs described in Ayurveda using standard operative procedures and were tested for heavy metal and microbial load. Initially, 21 subjects were selected in addition to 7 volunteers for control...

Author(s): P. Bansal, R. Sannd, N. Srikanth and G. S. Lavekar

April 2009

Fatty acid composition and properties of skin and digestive fat content oils from Rhynchophorus palmarum L. larva

  Skin and digestive fat content (DFC) oils from Rhynchophorus palmarum L. larva (Curculionidae) were extracted and their physicochemical properties were characterized. Water content (0.41 %) of skin oil was higher than the amount of DFC (0.04 %). While, the lipid fraction of the skin (35.16%) was slightly lower than the DFC (49.05%). The fatty acid compositions of the both oils were determined....

Author(s): Edmond Ahipo Dué, Hervé César B. L. Zabri, Jean Parfait E.N. Kouadioand Lucien Patrice Kouamé

April 2009

Cholesterol concentration in different parts of bovine meat sold in Nsukka, Nigeria: Implications for cardiovascular disease risk

  Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading cause of mortality globally. Reducing dietary fat and cholesterol intake is central to the reduction in the risk of CVD. In Nigeria and other developing countries, meat is a good source of protein and other nutrients, and its consumption is increasing. This study investigates the cholesterol concentration of ten parts of bovine meat – rib muscle, fore-limb...

Author(s): Chukwunonso E. C. C. Ejike and Tufon N. Emmanuel

April 2009

Regenerative action of Cochlospermum tinctorium aqueous root extract on experimentally induced hepatic damage in rats

  The hepatoprotective effect of aqueous root extract of Cochlospermum tinctoriumon carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) – induced hepatic damage in rats was reported. The present study examined the curative action of the plant extract on experimentally induced hepatic damage in rats. Wistar rats were divided into normal control, induction control, extract and prednisolone treated groups. Hepatotoxicity was...

Author(s): Etuk E. U., Francis U. U. and Garba I.

April 2009

Antisickling property of Carica papaya leaf extract

  Sickle cell disease (SCD) results from a mutation in the hemoglobin inside the red blood cells, where a glutamic acid at position 6 is replaced by a valine. Many phytomedicines have been identified as potential antisickling agents, stemming from reported usage as ethnomedicines by the local folk. This research examined methanolic leaf extracts of Carica papaya L. (Caricaceae) for possible in...

Author(s): N. O. A. Imaga, G. O. Gbenle, V. I. Okochi, S. O. Akanbi, S. O. Edeoghon, V. Oigbochie, M. O. Kehinde and S. B. Bamiro

April 2009

Effect of experimental Schistosomiasis mansoni infection on serum levels of iron, zinc and copper in the olive baboon (Papio anubis)

  Schistosoma mansoniasis is a disease of grave concern due to its high morbidity and mortality in parts of the world. This study aimed at providing insight into the pathogenesis of S. mansoniasis as an aid in the development of effective control methods. Iron, zinc and copper concentrations were spectrophotometrically measured in sequential serum specimens obtained from baboons throughout the...

Author(s): Mungatana N. W. K., Ngure R. M., Shitandi A. A., Mungatana C. K.  and Yole D. S.

April 2009

Epidemiological and biochemical studies of human lymphatic filariasis and associated parasitoses in Oguta, South-Eastern, Nigeria

  Possible organ infections associated with human filariasis, helminthiasis and malaria in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State, South-Eastern Nigeria were investigated. Blood, urine and stool samples were collected in appropriate containers from 200 male and female respondents aged 31 – 85 years. Parasitological studies were carried out on blood samples for malaria and/or microfilariae parasites...

Author(s): Okey A. Ojiako and G. O. C. Onyeze

April 2009

Effect of administration of acetylsalicylic acid on phosphatase enzymes in liver of metabisulphite treated rats

  Membrane stabilization is an established attribute of most anti-inflammatory drugs. In this work the membrane stabilization capability of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) was investigated in the liver of metabisulphite insulted experimental rats. Previous reports have shown that sodium metabisulphite administered to rats resulted in labilization of plasma membrane of some rat tissues while acetylsalicylic acid, an...

Author(s): J. E. Olajide, M. A. Akanji, J. Omale and N. O. Mohammad

April 2009

Purification of human serum paraoxonase: A simple and rapid method

  Paraoxonase/arylesterases (EC. is an enzyme found tightly associated with high density lipoprotein particle in serum. Because of its unique enzyme activity, antioxidant property and its role as an anti atherosclerotic molecule, various methods are used for its purification from human serum. Methods involved in its purification are elaborate and complicated. Also the yield and final activity are highly...

Author(s): A.J. Mahadesh Prasad, K. Kemparaju, Elizabeth A Frank and Cletus J.M. D’Souza.

April 2009

Efficacy of defatted soy flour supplement in Gulabjamun

  Study was undertaken to determine the efficacy of defatted soy flour mix levels inGulabjamun (sweet dessert comprised of fried milk balls dipped in sugar syrup)and its impact on the quality parameters. Soy flour was fortified in three levels (3.33, 6.66 and 9.99%) w/w to prepare different compositions of Gulabjamuns by replacing wheat-flour in control recipe. 10 g spherical...

Author(s): Awadhesh Kumar Singh, Dattatreya Mahadev Kadam, Mili Saxena and R. P. Singh

April 2009

Effects of ethanolic and aqueous leaf extracts of Landolphia owariensis on the serum lipid profile of rats

  The lipid profile of normal adult male rats administered both ethanolic and aqueous leaf extracts of Landolphia owariensis (P. Beauv) were determined. The animals were distributed into two sets of four groups with five animals in each group. Each set had one group, which served as control while the other three groups in the two sets were administered different concentrations of the ethanolic and...

Author(s): Nwangwu Spencer C., Ike Francisca, Olley Misan, Oke James M., Uhunmwangho Esosa, Amegor, O. F. Ubaoji Kingsley  and  Nwangwu Udoka

April 2009

Effect of Hibiscus sabdariffa anthocyanins on 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine-induced hematotoxicity in rabbits

  In this study, the 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine-induced biochemical and hematological changes in rabbits were examined under the administrative protocol of anthocyanin extract from Hibiscus sabdariffa calyces. Blood levels of reduced glutathione (GSH) and  malondialdehyde (MDA)  as well as red blood cell counts (RBC), white blood cell counts (WBC), packed cell volume (PCV) and hemoglobin...

Author(s): A. Ologundudu, A. O.Ologundudu, I. A. Ololade and F. O. Obi

April 2009

Kinetics studies of protease in fermenting locust beans (Parkia biglobosa) and melon seed (Citrullus vulgaris)

  Melon seed (Citrullus vulgaris) and locust bean (Parkia biglobosa) were separately subjected to a natural solid – substrate fermentation for 5 days. The peak of protease (P.I) production from the fermenting melon seeds was 48 h while that of the protease (P.II) from fermenting locust bean was 96 h. Both P.I and P.II demonstrated maximum activity at 40°C. The peak of activity for P.I was observed...

Author(s): C. Egwim Evans, J. Yisa and P. O. Egwim

April 2009

Peripheral blood and C-reactive protein levels (CRP) in chronic periodontitis

  Evidence for a potential link between periodontal disease and coronary heart disease (CHD) has accumulated in recent years. C-reactive protein is potential marker of cardiovascular risk and associated with periodontal disease. CRP levels were analyzed in 26 periodontitis patients and 23 healthy controls along with hemoglobin, red blood cell count (RBC), leukocyte cell count (total and differential WBC),...

Author(s): Balwant Rai, Jasdeep Kaur , Simmi Kharb, Rajnish Jain, S. C. Anand and Jaipaul Singh