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Cellular Pathology

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  • ISSN: 2449-0776
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJCPath
  • Start Year: 2013
  • Published Articles: 107

Table of Content: December 2014; 3(12)

December 2014

Effect of cigarette smoke on some enzymes of the descending aorta of adult wistar rats (rattus norvegicus)

Aim: The effect of cigarette smoke on the aorta of Wistar rats was investigated for possible enzymatic destruction. Methods: Thirty six Wistar rats 200±10g were randomly grouped into 3 of 12 rats in each group. One group was exposed to cigarette smoke (Benson and Hedges containing 1.1mg nicotine) once daily at 18.00hours. The second group was exposed to smoke from cotton wool of equal weight as of the...

Author(s): Popoola, NA, Enaibe, BU , Adekomi, DA , Raheem, SA , Olajide, OJ , Mustapha, T  

December 2014

Prevalence of parasitic agents associated with diarrhoea in children less than 5 years old in Lagos, Nigeria

Aim: Diarrhoea has been a common cause of morbidity and mortality in children less than 5years old. This work was intended to see if the level of hygiene is a reflection of the type of water taken by children. Methods: One hundred and five stool samples were collected from children in two health facilities in Lagos: Ajegunle (52) and Surulere (53) from April to July 2012. The samples from children who had diarrhoea...

Author(s): Ogbonna FN, David AN, Ezeugwu SMC, Onyejepu N, Ajayi MB

December 2014

The effect of oral administration of the mixture of honey and garcinia kola on the kidney of wistar rats

Aim: Honey and Garcinia kola have long been used separately by the traditional medical practitioners as remedies for cough and other ailments. Recently, a combination of both as a remedy for cough is common. This work was intended to see the effect of this synergy on the kidney. Methods: Twenty five Wistar albino rats weighing 180±10g were grouped into 5 (A, B, C, D, E) of 5 rats each. They were fed twice...

Author(s): Avwioro OG , Demehin AO , Onyije FM , Bini N , Oladele AA , Umukoro S

December 2014

The effect of the mixture of garcinia kola and honey on the liver of wistar rats

Aim: A mixture of honey and Garcinia kola has been used for the treatment of certain dry coughs and diseases. The effect of the recommended dosage of the mixture on the liver was investigated. Methods: Twenty five Wistar albino rats weighing between 170g and 190g were grouped into 5. There were 5 rats each group. The rats were fed twice daily at 8.00am and 6.00pm with a mixture of G. kola and honey 0.16g/kg + 0.5ml,...

Author(s): Avwioro OG, Ogunbayo TJ, Ekhueorhan A, Onyije FM, Adedeji TM

December 2014

Phytochemical and trace element analysis of Vernonia Amygdalina (bitter leaf) in different locations in Nigeria

Aim: This study was to evaluate the phytochemical and mineral elements of Vernonia amygdalina leaf grown in Anambra, Imo, Delta and Edo States of Nigeria. Methods: Standard methods were used for the phytochemical screening while the elemental analysis was done by the use of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. Results: The results revealed high concentrations in mg/100g of the bioactive constituents; Flavonoids...

Author(s): Mokogwu ATH, Okorie UP, Digban KA, Abubakar A, Mokogwu EE.

December 2014

Effect of Tamoxifen on the histomorphological and biochemical components of the liver of Guinea Pigs

Aim: Tamoxifen, once praised for its importance in preventing breast cancer recurrence, is now implicated in dangerous side-effects. The authors are not aware of studies on the effect of tamoxifen on the histomorphological and biochemical components of the liver of guinea pig, hence the present one. Methods: Thirty guinea pigs weighing between 650g and 700g were assigned randomly into 6 groups of five and were...

Author(s): Okolie NJC, Okechi OO, Ofor I, Okorochi EC

December 2014

Health point prevalence of helicobacter pylori in central hospital Warri, Nigeria

Aim: More than 50% of the world’s population harbor Helicobacter pylori in their upper gastrointestinal tract. Infection is more prevalent in developing countries, and the incidence is decreasing in the West. This study aims to determine the health prevalence rate H. pylori in Central Hospital Warri. Method: All patients suspected of dyspepsia or/and gastritis from 2012 to 2014 were tested for H. pylori....

Author(s): Jemikalajah DJ, Okogun GRA