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Table of Content: May 2013; 7(5)

May 2013

Assessment of changes in drinking water quality during distribution: A case study of Area 25 Township in Lilongwe, Malawi

The quality of drinking water at the point of delivery to the consumer is crucial in safeguarding people’s health. This study assesses changes in drinking water quality during distribution at Area 25 Township in Lilongwe, Malawi. Water samples were collected from the exit point of the treatment plant, storage tank and taps at consumers’ households. All samples were tested using standard procedures for pH,...

Author(s): I. B. M. Kosamu, S. C. Gama, M. Tsakama, B. U. G. Mughogho and C. Tenthani

May 2013

Spatial variation of volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide in Blantyre City, Malawi

This study assessed variations of ambient volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide (CO) levels in Blantyre City, Malawi. Volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide measurement was done using the Multi-Gas Monitor between August and December, 2010. Rapid urbanization and lack of standard enforcement on air pollution as well as lack of data on pollutant levels in the city prompted this study. The study focused...

Author(s): Mapoma, H. W. T., Zimba J. J. , Utembe W. and Kosamu I. B. M. 

May 2013

Evaluation of soil and water salinity for irrigation in North-eastern Ethiopia: Case study of Fursa small scale irrigation system in Awash River Basin

For sound land use and water management in irrigated area, knowledge of the chemical composition of soils, water, climate, drainage condition and irrigation methods before action are crucial for sustainability of irrigation projects. The study aimed to evaluate the physicochemicalproperties of soils and water for intended irrigation scheme with reference to standard suitabilityclasses. With regard to this, a study...

Author(s): Mohamed Seid and Tessema Genanew

May 2013

Temporal pollution by nitrate (NO3), and discharge of springs in shallow crystalline aquifers: Case of Akok Ndoue catchment, Yaounde (Cameroon)

Less than 30% of households in Yaounde have direct access to pipe-borne water. It is important to generate a time series on quality and quantity of spring water, which is an alternative source of water. Accordingly, temporal variation of NO3 and dissolved oxygen (DO), lag time of springs recharge by rainfall, discharge of springs and annual discharge of water from the Akok-Ndoue catchment was evaluated. Eleven springs,...

Author(s): Wilson Y. Fantong, Alain T. Fouépé, Issa, Serges L. B. Djomou, Hycinth S. Banseka, Katsuro Anazawa, Adelana SMA, Jude W. Mendjo, Festus T. Aka, Takeshi Ohba , Joseph V. Hell and George E. Nkeng

May 2013

A study of the physico-chemical water quality, hydrology and zooplankton fauna of Opa Reservoir catchment area, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

This study was aimed at relating the zooplankton fauna of Opa reservoir catchment area (Rivers Obudu, Opa and Esinmirin) to their physico-chemical water parameters and some aspects of their hydrology. Basin perimeter, basin width, total length, number of streams, river order and discharge showed significant positive correlation with species occurrence, while compactness ratio showed significant positive correlation with...

Author(s):   EO Akindele and IF Adeniyi

May 2013

Mass of Prunus africana stem barks on Tchabal mbabo and Tchabal Gang Daba Mountain Forests, Cameroon

Prunus africana is a species of the Rosaceae family, known under its common name as pygeum or African cherry. The bark is the major source of an extract used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, an increasingly common health problem in older men in the western world. A study which aimed to produce a formula for establishing the mass of the bark of Prunus africana specimens was carried out in May 2011 on Tchabal Mbabo...

Author(s): Jean Lagarde BETTI and Joseph AMBARA

May 2013

Hydrogeochemical analysis and quality evaluation of groundwater from Onicha-Uburu, Southeastern Nigeria for irrigation purposes

A total of 20 groundwater samples from boreholes and hand dug wells within Onicha-Uburu and its environs were assessed to determine their suitability for irrigation purposes. Physical and hydrogeochemical parameters were evaluated, while techniques such as sodium absorption ratio (SAR), sodium percent, residual sodium carbonate (RSC) and magnesium adsorption ratio (MAR) were used to assess the suitability of these...

Author(s): Nweke, O. M., Aghamelu, O. P. and Obasi, I. A.

May 2013

Research on the efficiency and performance of camera traps and dome system for wild goat inventory

This study, carried out in 2009-2010, aims to use imaging technology for wild goat inventory in the study area, because direct counts done by means of labor intensive techniques give high error rates. Camera traps and dome systems are used to investigate the replacement of direct counts done by authorized institutions, using manpower in vast and rough terrains for Capra aegagrus. In a total area of 555 hectares, of...

Author(s): Idris OÄžURLU, Emrah Tagi ERTUÄžRUL and Yasin ÜNAL

May 2013

Heavy metals found at Umzimvubu River Estuary in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

The aim of this research was to detect and measure the concentration of heavy metals found in the water and silt of the Mzimvubu River at Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape. The water from this river estuary is used by the people and animals of that area and is suspected to cause several health conditions. The objective of the research was to undertake a pilot analysis for heavy metals. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy...

Author(s): Songca S.P., Seteni B.,  and Oluwafemi O.S.

May 2013

Heavy metal concentrations in water, sediment and periwinkle (Tympanotonus fuscastus) samples harvested from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria

Heavy metal pollution of terrestrial and aquatic environments in Niger-delta region of Nigeria is on the increase due to increased urbanization and crude oil exploration. Tympanotonus fuscastus are mud dwellers and could bioaccumulate heavy metals; therefore consumption of heavy metal contaminated sea foods like periwinkle may breed lots of health problems. Heavy metal concentration in water, sediment and Periwinkle...

Author(s): Otitoju, O. and Otitoju, G. T. O.

May 2013

Evaluation of copper and lead immobilization in contaminated soil by single, sequential and kinetic leaching tests

The effectiveness of natural clay, calcium phosphate, poultry manure and rice husks as cheap and ecologically non-invasive amendments for immobilizing Cu and Pb in contaminated soil was assessed. A moderately contaminated soil was sampled from a cultivated field in the vicinity of an active waste dump, characterized and amended with the immobilizing agents at 5 to 20% w/w. Single (calcium nitrate), sequential (optimized...

Author(s): R. A. Wuana, S. G. Yiase, P. D. Iorungwa and M. S. Iorungwa

May 2013

Water quality assessment in Bangwe Township, Blantyre City, Malawi

This study assessed microbial contamination of water in sources (boreholes and open wells) and selected households in four Malawian villages (situated in Bangwe Township, Blantyre city) by analyzing the presence of faecal coliforms using membrane filtration. Additionally, pH, conductivity and temperature of the water sources were also determined. Conductivity ranged from 150.5 to 1575 µS/cm. About 70% of all water...

Author(s): Chikumbusko Chiziwa Kaonga, Christabel Kambala, Chikondi Mwendera  and Theresa Mkandawire  

May 2013

Residue analysis of organochlorine pesticides in water and sediments from Agboyi Creek, Lagos

        Microlayer water, mixed layer water, epipellic and benthic sediments were collected from Agboyi Creek, Lagos to analyse organochlorine pesticide residues. Sampling was conducted between December 2008 and September 2009 during the dry and wet seasons to study effects of seasonal variation on the samples. Water samples were subjected to liquid-liquid extraction using dichloromethane,...

Author(s): Akan B. Williams

May 2013

Ecosystem services and drivers of change in Nyando floodplain wetland, Kenya

Papyrus wetlands in East Africa play a vital role in supporting livelihoods of people living around  them. Although, subject to natural fluctuations and threats by anthropogenic activities, little is known about historical changes in wetland functions and services, or their present status. We focused on Nyando wetland on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya. Three sites in the wetland were identified for...

Author(s): P. J. K. Rongoei, J. Kipkemboi, J. B. Okeyo-Owuor and A. A. van Dam

May 2013

Comparison of membrane bioreactor technology and conventional activated sludge system for treating bleached kraft mill effluent

The purpose of this paper was to review the use of membrane bioreactor technology as an alternative for treating the discharged effluent from a bleached kraft mill by comparing and contrasting membrane bioreactors with conventional activated sludge systems for wastewater treatment. There are many water shortage problems currently in the world, some of which are more serious than others. Public concern over health and...

Author(s): Francis Attiogbe

May 2013

Public participation in Malawi’s environmental impact assessment (EIA) process

Since the adoption of the Environmental Management Act of 1996, Malawi has been using environmental impact assessment (EIA) as a tool for predicting and assessing the impact of development projects on the environment. This study assessed the extent of public participation in Malawi’s EIA process. Desktop study of relevant  documents such as EIA and environmental audit reports, policies and laws, books,...

Author(s): I. B. M. Kosamu, A. A. Mkandawire, W. Utembe and H. W. T. Mapoma

May 2013

Electrical resistivity imaging of contaminant zone at Sotubo dumpsite along Sagamu-Ikorodu Road, Southwestern Nigeria

        Electrical resistivity method was used to investigate the effect of leechate contamination of groundwater at Sotubo solid waste dumpsite. Both Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) and Constant Separation Traverse (CST) technique were carried out using Schlumberger and Wenner electrode configuration, the estimated apparent resistivities (ρ) were interpreted using partial curve...

Author(s): Ariyo, S. O., Omosanya, K. O. and Oshinloye, B. A.

May 2013

Uptake kinetics of arsenic by lettuce cultivars under hydroponics

Arsenic (As) uptake ability based on kinetic parameters by two lettuce cultivars; Sijibaiye (SJBY) and Texuanyanlingsun (TXYLS) was investigated in nutrient solution containing eight levels of arsenic (As). Depletion of As from solution was monitored over a period of 24 h at regular time to estimate As uptake kinetics of the plants. Km and Vmax values were evaluated with the aid of the Lineweaver - Burk plot (that is...

Author(s): Mathieu Nsenga Kumwimba, Zeng Xibai, and Bai Lingyu

May 2013

Some crustacean zooplankton of Wular lake in Kashmir Himalaya

In a taxonomic survey of crustacean zooplankton collected from Wular lake of Kashmir, a pictorial key was developed. Thirty-six (36) pictures of 25 species of crustacean zooplankton, out of which 21 represented 16 Cladocera taxa belonging to Chydoridae (Alona affinis, A. rectangula and A. monacantha, Chydorus sphaericus and C. ovalis), Daphnidae (Daphnia magna, D. catawba, D. magna, D. pulex; D. rosea, D. galeata, D....

Author(s): Javaid Ahmad Shah and Ashok K. Pandit

May 2013

Contribution of some water bodies and the role of soils in the physicochemical enrichment of the Douala-Edea mangrove ecosystem

 The effect of enrichment of water bodies could be of serious crises to the mangrove ecosystem. Changes in physicochemical properties of some water bodies in the Douala-Edea mangrove ecosystem was investigated alongside the potential role of soils in controlling these parameters. Water and soil samples within the Douala industrial zones were collected in February 2010 and analysed using standard methods. The...

Author(s): Aaron Suh Tening, George Bindeh Chuyong, Godswill Azinwie Asongwe, Beatrice Ambo Fonge, Lydia Likowo Lifongo, Antoine David Mvondo-Ze, Vivian Bih Che and Cheo Emmanuel Suh