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Table of Content: 30 December, 2011; 5(17)

December 2011

Nutrient content and sensory acceptability of a weaning diet formulated from mixtures of soya bean, groundnut and rice

Flours of soya bean (variety: Anidaso), groundnut (variety: Chinese) and rice (variety:Jasmine 85) were mixed to obtain a weaning diet. The material balance method was used in obtaining the proportions of flours for mixing with 16% protein and 9% fat as the constraints (targets). The proximate nutrients, mineral concentrations and sensory qualities of the formulated diet were compared with cerevita, a...

Author(s): Guy Eshun, Nyantakyiwaa Kyei Baffour and Priscilla Yaaba Ackah  

December 2011

Survey of the improvement of fish fermentation for lanhouin production in Benin

The objective of this study was to control ‘maturation’ process of fish during the fermentation, by using bio-organisms that can give the expected improvement. Starter culture of Lactobacillus plantarum was used as bio-organism on species of fish such as Pseudotolithus senegalensis and Scomberomorus tritor. The inoculum was serially diluted (10–1 to 10–5)...

Author(s): Dossou-Yovo Pierre, Josse Gérard Roger, Bokossa Innocent and Palaguina Iraïda

December 2011

Application of response surface methodology for the study of composition of extruded millet-cowpea mixtures for the manufacture of fura: A Nigerian food

A three-factor three level response surface methodology central composite retortable design (CCRD) was adopted to study the effect of feed composition (X1), feed moisture content (X2) and screw speed (X3) on the proximate, amino acid composition and sensory evaluation during extrusion of pearl millet and cowpea flour mixtures for the purpose of fura production. The mean observed value of protein for the...

Author(s): K. B. Filli, I. Nkama, V. A. Jideani and U. M. Abubakar

December 2011

Evaluation of weaning foods formulated from germinated wheat and mungbean from Bangladesh

The aim of this study was to develop a weaning food for the children of Bangladesh by using available resources, for this purpose five weaning formulations (F1 to F5) based on germinated wheat and mungbean sugar and skim milk powder were processed and evaluated. For preparation of germinated wheat and mungbean flour, seeds were soaked in water for 12 h at 30°C ± 2, germinated for 60 h at 33.5°C...

Author(s): Imtiaz, H., BurhanUddin, M. and Gulzar M. A.

December 2011

The quality of Nigerian kola nuts

Dried mature red variety nuts of Cola nitida and Cola acuminata were purchased from three major markets noted for their wholesales with a view to ascertaining the quality of the nuts and generating a baseline data towards elaborating standards for the nuts. Dirt’s and other extraneous materials were removed from the sampled nuts and oven dried at 80°C for 16 h. The nuts were physically...

Author(s): O. O. Atanda, A. Olutayo, F.C. Mokwunye, A. O. Oyebanji and M. O. Adegunwa

December 2011

Analysis of acrylamide in traditional foodstuffs in Zimbabwe

We carried out a preliminary study on the occurrence of acrylamide in potentially high risk traditional foodstuffs consumed in Zimbabwe. Various studies have shown that acrylamide, a ‘probable human carcinogen’, is formed by high temperature thermal processing of carbohydrate rich foodstuffs (lnternational Agency for Research on Cancer, 1994). Acrylamide concentrations in roasted maize, groundnuts, soy beans...

Author(s): E. Sanganyado, C. T. Parekh and S. Eriksson

December 2011

Effect of plant maturity on the antioxidant properties, total phenolic and mineral contents of Sesamum radiatum leaves

This study investigated the effect of maturity on the total phenolic content, antioxidant properties and minerals of Sesamum radiatum leaves. S. radiatum seeds were sown on an unfertilized land and the leaves were harvested on weekly basis from the fourth to the tenth week after planting (WAP) when senenescence has started setting in. The total phenolic content, minerals and antioxidant properties of...

Author(s): Oduntan A. O., Akinwande B. A. and Olaleye O.