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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJFS
  • Start Year: 2007
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Table of Content: 30 September 2011; 5(10)

September 2011

Chemical composition of Tilapia mosambis fish from major dams in Ekiti-State, Nigeria

  The chemical compositions of Tilapia mosambis fish from major dams in Ekiti State were analysed. The proximate analysis shows that the protein content (69.70 to 79.56%) of the fish sample was very high as well as the organic matter (92.03 to 96.15%). The sample was low in Zn, Fe, Pb, and Mn but slightly high in Na, K, Mg and Ca. The total amino acid was 920.5 to 956.1 mg/g crude protein while the...

Author(s): Adefemi, O.S

September 2011

Daily dietary intake of iodine by adolescents in three residential care orphanages in southern Ghana

  The essential mineral iodine plays an important role in early growth, cellular metabolism and the proper development of the brain; data on the daily dietary intake of iodine by adolescents in residential care orphanages in Ghana are scarce. Consequently, the adequacy of their dietary intake of iodine cannot be assessed. The dietary intake of iodine by adolescents in...

Author(s): Dennis Adotey, Vekoslava Stibilj, Yaw Serfor-Armah, Benjamin Nyarko,and Andrej Osterc

September 2011

Characterization of prime starches from some plant food crops for industrial exploitations

  Starches fractionated from red and white cocoyams, giant taro, Ghana cocoyam and local cassava (Yaro) were studied for their physical, chemical and physico-functional characteristics. All starches exhibited low crude protein (0.33 to 0.48%), low fat (0.37 to 0.96%), low ash (0.26 to 0.45%), crude fibre - nil, low bulk densities, very high starch and dry matter (93 to 95%), high gelatinization rate, high peak...

Author(s): Agunbiade, S. O., John-Dewole, O. O. and Adelegan, O.

September 2011

Detection of antibiotics residues in beef in Ghanawa Slaughterhouse, Khartoum State, Sudan

  The study was planned to detect antibiotics residues present in beef in Ghanawa slaughterhouse, Khartoum State. The methodology was based on the collection of information from the owners of the cattle (n = 50), and veterinary pharmacies (n = 50) by means of questionnaire as well as the one plate test (O. P. T.) was employed for estimation of antibiotics residues in different organs of the cattle. The main...

Author(s): Mohamed Bashir Wahab Alla, Twfig Eltigani Mohamed and Atif Elamin Abdelgadir

September 2011

Comparative study of proximate composition, amino and fatty acids of some economically important fish species in Lagos, Nigeria

  The proximate composition, amino and fatty acids of four economically important fish species from the lagoons and off Lagos coast around Lagos, Nigeria were determined over a period of two years. The mean proximate composition of the freshwater species were 19.64% protein, 1.15% lipid, 76.71% moisture and 1.23% ash for Clarias gariepinus; 19.55% protein, 0.96% lipid, 76.75% moisture and 1.11% ash...

Author(s): Adesola Olayinka Osibona

September 2011

Investigating the effect of cooking on color and texture of green bananas (Matooke) wrapped in polyethylene bags

  Traditionally, green bananas locally known as Matooke are wrapped in banana leaves during steaming for the purposes of keeping it warm. However, due to factors such as changing life styles, the spread banana wilt disease, and the emergence of synthetic materials, banana leaves are no longer the number one choice as a wrapping material during cooking. Increasingly, food vendors and cooks are turning...

Author(s): Namawejje, H., Banadda, N, Kigozi, J. B., Ayaa, F. and Sendagi, S.

September 2011

Functional properties of starches on the East African market

  A survey of East African starch industries revealed that the market had two major botanical sources of starches; maize and cassava and that maize starch dominated the market with most of the starch being imported. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and rapid visco analyser (RVA) were used in the determination of starch thermal and pasting properties respectively. Maize starch was found to have a...

Author(s):   Mufumbo Raphael, Baguma Yona, Kashub Stephen, Nuwamanya Ephraim, Rubaihayo Patrick, Mukasa Settumba, Hamaker Bruce and Kyamanywa Samuel