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Food Science

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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJFS
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Table of Content: April 2014; 8(4)

April 2014

Importance of lecithin for encapsulation processes

The crude soy and rice lecithin are used in studies of liposome formulation. They have been used as flavor encapsulators, flavor masking, antioxidants, and nutrient protective against degradations in the gastro intestinal tract. This study aimed to show the importance of rice and soy lecithin in its varied uses as liposomes in different areas. The paper indicates the importance of soy and rice lecithin, both crude and...

Author(s): Adriana Rodrigues Machado, Leticia Marques de Assis, Maria Inês Rodrigues Machado, Leonor Almeida de Souza-Soares

April 2014

Physico chemical and organoleptic characteristics of Muscovy drake meat as influenced by cooking methods

The study was conducted to determine the effect of various cooking methods - grilling, deep frying, pan frying and roasting on quality attributes of Muscovy drake meat. A total of one hundred and eighty (180) Muscovy drakes fillets weighing between 118-130 g were used in a completely randomized design. Cooked samples were analyzed for proximate composition and physical characteristics. Organoleptic characteristics were...

Author(s): Omojola A. B., Hammed S., Attoh-Kotoku V., Wogar G. S. I., Iyanda O. D. and Aremo J. O.

April 2014

Household food processing methods to enhance iron and zinc bioavailability in formulated haricot bean and maize complementary food

This study aimed to test the nutritional quality of white haricot bean-maize porridge, a potential complementary food made using household food processing. Focus group discussions were conducted with mothers and revealed that traditional processing practices were soaking, germination and roasting. Although few used pulses in complementary foods (only maize), they expressed preference for white haricot bean to...

Author(s): Getenesh Berhanu, Addisalem Mesfin, Afework Kebebu, Susan J Whiting and Carol J Henry

April 2014

Lactic acid fermentation of potato pulp by Rhizopus oryzae IFO 5740

Thirty-eight strains of the fungus Rhizopus oryzae were grown on potato pulp, an agricultural by-product of the starch industry. Either lactic acid or fumaric acid and ethanol were formed, and the ratio differed among the strains tested. The highest amount of L(+)-lactic acid (11.2 mg/g fresh matter) was observed in the pulp fermented for six days by R. oryzae IFO 5740. The IFO 5740 strain rapidly reduced the hardness...

Author(s): Peng Wang and Feng Ying Zhang

April 2014

Antioxidative and flavouring effects of Aframomum danielli on biscuits

Antioxidative and flavouring effects of Aframomum danielli seed crude ethanolic extract on biscuits were studied. The degree of oxidation during storage was monitored by determining the acidity of the extracted fat from the biscuit samples using the standard method. Biscuits were baked with A. danielli seed extract at the following levels of addition: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 ppm and a sample using butylated...

Author(s): Afolabi M. O. and Adegoke G. O.