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  • ISSN: 1996-0794
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJFS
  • Start Year: 2007
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Table of Content: June 2013; 7(6)

June 2013

Assessment of some aspects of phytonutrients of cashew apple juice of domestic origin in Nigeria

  Phytochemical screening, assessment of some biochemical characteristics and antioxidants indices of juice obtained from red and yellow varieties of cashew apple of domestic origin in Western Nigeria was were done with view to gain insight to its phytonutrients and health maintenance potentials. Assessment revealed the presence of phytochemical of the therapeutic importance principally: total phenolics,...

Author(s): Daramola, B.

June 2013

Effect of substituting sugar with date palm pulp meal on the physicochemical, organoleptic and storage properties of bread

  The effect of substituting granulated sugar with date palm fruit pulp meal (DPFPM) in bread production was evaluated. Date palm fruit pulp was oven dried (46°C, 8 h) and milled. Granulated sugar was substituted at 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% with DPFPM in bread recipe and bread produced using straight dough bulk fermentation method. Proofing ability of the dough, oven spring, bread loaf weight, volume and...

Author(s): J. E. Obiegbuna, P. I. Akubor, C. N. Ishiwu and J Ndife

June 2013

Effect of fermentation on physico-chemical, textural properties and yoghurt bacteria in mango soy fortified yoghurt

  Mango soy fortified yoghurt (MSFY) samples were prepared by using blends of 78.3% milk containing 3% fat, 14.5% soymilk containing 8.2% total solids and 7.2% mango pulp containing 18% total solids. The physico-chemical, textural properties and yoghurt bacteria counts of MSFY were analyzed at an interval of 30 min during fermentation upto 270 min. The fermentation time had a positive effect on acidity but a...

Author(s): Ashu Walia, H. N. Mishra and Pradyuman Kumar

June 2013

Toxicity of leaf powder of Lepidagathis alopecuroides to Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus Juveniles

  Oreochromis niloticus juveniles (mean body weight, 13.99±0.38 g and length, 8.32±0.93 cm) were exposed in a daily renewal bioassay to different concentrations of Lepidagathis alopecuroides (0.00, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 mg/l), for 96 h to assess its toxicity. The opercular (obf), tail beat (obf) frequencies and mortalities were monitored during the exposure period. The...

Author(s): Okey, I. B, Keremah, R. I, Ikpi, G. U and Ebeniro, L. A 

June 2013

Effects of some processing factors on the characteristics of stored groundnut milk extract

  The purpose of this work was to investigate the influence of processing variables on some properties of stored groundnut milk extracts (GME). GMEs were prepared from fresh, roasted (170 °C, 25 min) and steeped (water, 20 min) groundnuts. The groundnuts were milled, sieved, the slurry boiled, homogenized, pasteurized and stored. The GMEs packaged in glass bottles, plastic bottles and low density...

Author(s): ADEIYE Oluwasijibomi Adesola, GBADAMOSI Saka Olasunkanmi and TAIWO Adekunbi Kehinde

June 2013

Thiaminase properties in the fillet and liver of Tilapia zillii from Osinmo Reservoir: A comparative study

  The thiaminase enzymes were partially purified and characterized from Tilapia zillii fillet (flesh) and liver using ammonium sulphate precipitation. The enzyme showed specific activities of 5.20 and 1.17 umol/min/mg of protein respectively for T. zillii fillet and liver. The enzymes exhibited a maximal activity at pH 5.0 and 7.0 for the liver and fillet, respectively. The Michealis...

Author(s): Raphael Emuebie Okonji, Komolafe Olaniyi Olusola, Leonard Ona Ehigie, Popoola Micheal Olaoluwa and Kayode Samuel Bamitale

June 2013

Antioxidant capacity of extracts from hawthorn (Crataegus mexicana) skin

  The hawthorn Crataegus mexicana is a traditional Mexican fruit with properties that make this fruit useful for the treatment of many ailments, including diseases of the respiratory and urinary tract. This paper reports the antioxidant capacity of the n-hexane, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, acetone, ethanol and methanol extracts of C. mexicana. Samples were evaluated for total...

Author(s):   Méndez-Iturbide Daniel, Banderas-Tarabay José Antonio, Nieto-Camacho Antonio, Rojas-Chávez Agustina and García-Meza Maria G  

June 2013

Performance characteristics, biochemical and haematologcal profiles of broiler chickens fed synthetic and herbal methionine supplemented diets

  This study was conducted to compare the efficacy of herbal methionine (HM) to synthetic methionine (SM) in broiler chickens. The herbal methionine (Meth-o-Tasr®) was supplied by lntas Pharmaceutical Limited, India. The HM and SM were added to standard diets at 0, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 kg/ton of finished feed and fed to 168 Arbor Acre broiler chickens. After seven days pre-experimental period, the birds were...

Author(s): F. A. Igbasan and O. A. Olugosi