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Table of Content: 22 August, 2013; 7(31)

August 2013

Survey of Brazilian community pharmacist knowledge about combined oral contraceptives

The present study evaluated community pharmacist (CP) knowledge about combined oral contraceptives (COCs) in a developing country. A cross-sectional study was conducted in community pharmacies of the Assis and Ourinhos micro-regions, Brazil, between June 1, 2012 and October 30, 2012. A structured questionnaire developed by the research team was applied to evaluate CP knowledge about COCs. The structured questionnaire...

Author(s): Paulo Roque Obreli-Neto, Leonardo Régis Leira Pereira, Camilo Molino Guidoni, André de Oliveira Baldoni, Renata Cristine Martins, Juliane Aparecida de Abreu, Carolina Blasco Aquino, Nathaly da Silva Faria, Edmarlon Girotto and Roberto Kenji Nakamura Cuman    

August 2013

Impact of artemether on some histological and histochemical parameters in Biomphalaria alexandrina

The present study elucidated the molluscicidal properties of the antihelminthic plant derivative, dihydro-artemisinin methyl ether (Artemether) against some histological and histochemical parameters of Biomphalaria alexandrina snails. Results indicated that Artemether has a toxic effect against B. alexandrina snails expressed by LC90 of 32.69 ppm, after 24 h...

Author(s): Hanan S. Mossalem, Hoda Abdel-Hamid and Nashwa A. El-Shinnawy    

August 2013

Immunologic effects of Moringa oleifera methanolic leaf extract in chickens infected with Newcastle disease virus (kudu 113) strain

This study was aimed at evaluating the immune boosting potential of crude methanolic extract of Moringa oleifera in chickens experimentally challenged with Newcatle disease (ND) virus.One hundred and twenty forty two (42) day old chicks were randomly divided into four equal groups. Groups I and II were given daily oral treatment of methanolic extract of M. oleifera at 200 mg/kg body weight until day 56 of age....

Author(s): Didacus C. Eze, Emmanuel C. Okwor, John O. A. Okoye and Denis N. Onah    

August 2013

Cytotoxic and anticoagulant peptide from Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans venom

Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans venom is a complex mixture of peptides and proteins with many biochemical and pharmacological activities. In this study, a novel peptide was identified by ultra filtration and reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC). The amino acid sequence was FTGGDESRIQEG determined by Edman degradation. Themolecular mass...

Author(s): Yi Kong, Jing Hui, Yu Shao, Shilong Huang, Hao Chen, and Ji-Fu Wei    

August 2013

Preparation of curcumin ethosomes

This study aims to prepare a novel curcumin ethosomes and investigate its properties as a drug delivery system of curcumin. A new modified method combining thin-film hydration and ultrasound was used to prepare ethosomes. Particle size was determined using Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction analyzer. Average particle size was calculated based on the measurements of five different batches of ethosomes. Free curcumin was...

Author(s): CHEN Jin-guang, LAI Wei and JIANG Yu       

August 2013

Antioxidant markers in guinea pig exposed to obidoxime and HI-6 acetylcholinesterase oxime reactivators containing oxime moiety

Obidoxime and asoxime (HI-6) are considered to be the most important acetylcholinesterase (AChE) reactivators applicable for treatment of poisoning by nerve agents. Unfortunately, toxicology of the oximes is not well known. For this reason, we decided to investigate the pertinent adverse effects on guinea pigs which are close to humans in toxicological point of view. HI-6 and obidoxime were administered intramuscularly...

Author(s): Lucie Drtinova and Miroslav Pohanka      

August 2013

Anti-Plasmodium falciparum activity of Aloe dawei and Justicia betonica

Malaria is a fatal disease caused by different Plasmodium species of parasites and has remained the major killer of humans worldwide especially the children under five years of age and pregnant women. In this study, the anti-Plasmodia activities of the crude leaf ether extracts of Aloe dawei (AD) and Justicia betonica (JB) on Plasmodium falciparum were investigated, with...

Author(s): Godfrey S. Bbosa, David B. Kyegombe, Aloysius Lubega, Nathan Musisi, Jasper Ogwal-Okeng and Olwa Odyek    

August 2013

Monotherapy versus combinations of nucleos(t)ide in treatment-naive hepatitis B decompensated cirrhotic patients: A nested case-control study

The data are limited on the long-term clincial outcome of monotherapy versus combinations of nucleos(t)ide analog (NUCs) for hepatitis B related decompensated cirrhotic patients. This study was to evaluate the efficacy in treatment-naive patients using NUCs monotherapy or combinations. Three hundred and six patients with decompensated hepatitis B cirrhosis were selected from cirrhosis cohort and divided into...

Author(s): Lei Li#, Wei Liu#, Yuhan Chen, Peng Li,Feili Wei, Chunlei Fan, Peiling Dong, Bing Li, Dexi Chen and Huiguo Ding    

August 2013

Social stratification predicts the risk of ischemic heart disease: A cross sectional study in Pakistani population above 40 years

This study was designed to investigate risk of ischemic heart disease in different social classes of healthy Pakistani population above 40 years of age. We stratified healthy Pakistani population into 5 social classes according to their life style and work profile. Different baseline parameters and serum markers were measured to investigate risk factors and to determine the risk of ischemic heart disease (IHD) over next...

Author(s): Mahtab Ahmad Khan, Maqsood Ahmad, Sohail Safdar, Ahmed Subhani, Muhammad Usman Minhas, Saba Sajjad, Muhammad Asadullah Madni and Sajjad Muhammad