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Table of Content: June 2011; 5(6)

June 2011

Effect of ulinastatin preconditioning on the expression of hemeoxygenase-1 in limb ischemia reperfusion lung injury in rats

To investigate the role of HO-1 in ischemic preconditioning and pharmacological preconditioning by ulinastatin in attenuating remote lung injury in rat model of lower limb ischemia reperfusion. Sixty four male SD rats were randomly divided into four groups: Sham operation group, ischemia and reperfusion group, ischemia preconditioning group (IPR), ulinastatin preconditioning group (UTI). The animals were deeply...

Author(s): Fan Li-hua, Lu Xiang-hong, Li Jun, Zhou wei and Lian Qing-Quan

June 2011

The effect of fenugreek on the bioavailability of glibenclamide in normal beagle dogs

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graceum) is an herbal medicine widely used in the traditional medicine to alleviate many diseases including diabetes. Many studies proved its efficacy in reducing blood sugar in diabetic patients. Concurrent administration of fenugreek and glibenclamide may affect bioavailability of glibenclamide. For this reason this study was designed to clarify effect of fenugreek ingestion on...

Author(s): Mohamed Fahad Al-Ajmi

June 2011

Effect of aspartame on some oxidative stress parameters in liver and kidney of rats

Aspartame is one of the most widely used artificial sweeteners in over 90 countries worldwide. It is a highly intensity sweetener added to a large variety of food, most commonly found in low calorie beverages, desserts and table top sweeteners added to tea or coffee. The present study examined whether the daily oral administration of ASP (40 mg/kg) for 2, 4 and 6 weeks induce oxidative stress in the liver and kidney of...

Author(s): Iman, M. Mourad

June 2011

Effects of competition term trainings on leptin values of female judokas

The purpose of this study was to measure serum leptin and insulin levels of 16 female judokas between the ages of 16 and 19 in the Turkish national judo team and to compare the values before and after 6-week training program height and weight values of athletes participated in the study were measured before and after the training period. The percentage of body fat was measured by Holtain brand skin fold and body mass...

Author(s): M. Nuri Çelik and Ruchan Iri

June 2011

Evaluation of antioxidant and fertility effects of Digera muricata in male rats

Treatment of carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) 1 ml/kg b.w. (10% in olive oil) to Sprague-Dawley male rats once a week for 16 weeks caused a significant increase in serum level of alanine transaminase (ALT), aspartate transaminase (AST), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), cholesterol, low density lipoprotein (LDL), direct bilirubin, total bilirubin, estradiol and prolactin; whereas suppressed level of...

Author(s): Muhammad Rashid Khan, Gul Nabi Khan and Dawood Ahmed

  • Article Number: 325B24D30191

June 2011

Therapeutic effect of petroleum ether extract from Semen cuscutae against β-estradiol 3-benzoate induced kidney-yang deficiency in mice

This study aimed to investigate the ameliorative effect of the petroleum ether extract ofSemen cuscutae (SCPEE) on β-estradiol 3-benzoate (EB) induced kidney-yang deficiency (KD) by using an animal model. This model was established by daily intraperitoneal injection of EB (4 mg/kg) to ICR male mice for 15 days. To evaluate the SCPEE effect, after the first EB injection, the mice were orally administrated daily...

Author(s): Chen Su-Hong, Lv Gui-Yuan, Fan Jing, Yan Mei-Qiu, Shan Le-Tian, Fang Zhe, Li Heng-Hui, Su Jie and Li Wei

June 2011

Rapid screening for 61 central nervous system drugs in plasma using weak cation exchange solid-phase extraction and high performance liquid chromatography with diode array detection

Rapid and accurate screening for toxicants/chemicals in a broad range is an important element in systematic toxicological analysis (STA). Herein, we report a novel method for the rapid screening of 61 central nervous system (CNS) drugs in plasma, using a solid-phase extraction (SPE) column termed, weak cation exchange (WCX) and high performance liquid chromatography with a diode array detector (HPLC-DAD). The SPE column...

Author(s): Yin Zhang, Wei-Ping Xie, Chong-Hong Chen and Ling Lin

June 2011

Anti-oxidative effects of citro flavonoids on spermatogenesis in rat

Citrus fruits have long been recognized as containing valuable sources of important nutrients which are biologically active in humans. Citrus fruits, such as oranges, contain compounds called phytochemicals that can be included into three major groups: the flavonoids, limonoids and carotenoids. The flavonoids are a group of benzopyran derivatives which occur widely in plants. The flavonoids typically consist of a...

Author(s): Arash Khaki, Zahra ghanbari, Maryam ghanbari, Elaheh Ouladsahebmadarek, Layla Javadi, Laya Farzadi, Fatemeh Fathiazad, Mohammad Nouri and Amir Afshin khaki

June 2011

The effects of tobacco smoke generated from cigarettes exposed to pulsed electromagnetic field in the rat

In this study, we have investigated the toxic effects of tobacco smoke obtained from cigarettes treated in pulsed electromagnetic field in the rat. The treatment of cigarettes was accomplished before the initiation of animal studies after exposure of standard cigarettes to pulsed electromagnetic irradiation of low power (>10-7W) and wide frequency spectrum (30 Hz to 300 GHz) during 24 h according to the technology...

Author(s): Predrag Vukomanović, Milan Jokanović and Zoran Radosavljević

June 2011

Determination of enantiomeric compositions of ibuprofen by infrared spectrometry with catalytic amount of simple chiral recognization reagent

Catalytic amount of cheap chiral recognition reagent (quinine) combined with chemometric and infrared spectroscopy (IR) was used for quick and accurate determination of the enantiomeric compositions of ibuprofen. First of all, full spectrum was used as the input variable of partial least regression (PLS) to establish the calibration model, after which a good prediction rate of the average error of 4.65% was obtained....

Author(s): Xiaojing Chen, Xiangou Zhu, and Jun Jiang,

June 2011

The effects of carotid baroreceptor stimulation on blood pressure variability in young male athletes and non-athletes

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of carotid baroreceptor (BR) stimulation on blood pressure changes in young male volleyball players and non-athletes. Twenty five young male volleyball players and twenty-five young male non-athletes were recruited for voluntary participation in the present study. A neck suction device (Ekberg,s model) was used for stimulation of carotid baroreceptor. In this...

Author(s): Ali Arasteh, Maliheh Hamzehzadeh Azar, Saeed Khamnei and Yousef Mehmannavaz

June 2011

Analysis of silymarin in the seeds of white and blue capitulum of Silybum marianum plants

Silybum marianum is a wild medicinal plant containing silymarin, which is a known drug, used as the hepatoprotective agent. S. marianum growing in different areas of NWFP were collected and analyzed for the silymarin and oil contents. In all the samples analyzed for the silymarin, high yield was found in the sample collected from Swat district (3.85%) while high yield of oil was recorded in the sample...

Author(s): Iqbal Hussain, Farhat Ali Khan, Riaz Ullah, Naeem Khan and Zia Muhammad

June 2011

Phytochemicals screening and antimicrobial activities of selected medicinal plants of Khyberpakhtunkhwa Pakistan

The study was carried out to assess the phytochemical and antimicrobial bioassay of five medicinal plants, Lepidium sativum, Nerium oleander, Ranunculus repens,Tecoma stans and Urtica dioca. These plants are traditionally used as medicine in the Northwest Pakistan, therefore it is necessary to identify and  estimate their alkaloid,...

Author(s): Iqbal Hussain, Moneeb Ur Rehman Khattak, Riaz ullah, Zia Muhammad, Naeem Khan, Farhat Ali Khan, Zahoor Ullah and Sajjad Haider

June 2011

Antioxidant and antibacterial constituents from Morus nigra

The objective of this study was to isolate and characterize the constituents of the localMorus nigra L. (Black mulberry), to compare its constituents with other studied Mulberries and to evaluate its anti-oxidative and anti-bacterial activities. The isolated compounds were identified by comparison of spectral data (UV, IR, MS and NMR) with literature values. The stem bark and wood of M. nigra yielded...

Author(s): Ofentse Mazimba, Runner R. T. Majinda and Daniel Motlhanka

June 2011

Preventive effect of Rhododendron arboreum on cardiac markers, lipid peroxides and antioxidants in normal and isoproterenol-induced myocardial necrosis in rats

This study was designed to investigate the preventive effect of ethanolic extract ofRhododendron arboretum (ERA) against isoproterenol-induced myocardial ischemia in rat myocardium. Wister rats were pretreated with ERA (100, 250, 500 mg kg-1) orally for 42 days and then intoxicated with isoproterenol (ISO, 150mg/kg body weight, s.c. for 2 days). MI induced in rats by subcutaneous injection of ISO-(150 mg/kg body...

Author(s): Manjunatha P. Mudagal, Sandip Karia and Divakar Goli

June 2011

A systematic review of the adverse effects of tacrolimus in organ transplant patients

Tacrolimus has been the drug of choice for prevention of graft rejection following organ transplantations. This systematic review and meta-analysis [UiTM1] was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of tacrolimus in organ transplantation. Publication in English of randomized clinical trials, which used tacrolimus to prevent graft rejection in adult patients were included in this analysis. Articles were searched from PubMed,...

Author(s): L. K. Teh, S. H. M. Dom, Z. A. Zakaria and M. Z. Salleh

June 2011

Volatile constituents and anti candida activity of the aerial parts essential oil of Dittrichia graveolens (L.) Greuter grown in Iran

The aims of present study were to analysis of chemical compositions and evaluate anti-Candida activity of Dittrichia gravolence essential oil. The composition of the hydrodistilled essential oil from aerial parts of D. graveolens (L.) Greuter were grown in Iran investigated by gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC/ MS). The major components, among the identified 22, were 1,8 Cineol (54.89%),...

Author(s): Nasrin Aghel, Ali Zarei Mahmoudabadi and Loobat Darvishi

June 2011

Antioxidant effect of the Egyptian freshwater Procambarus clarkii extract in rat liver and erythrocytes

The present study aims to evaluate the curative activity of freshwater crustacean extract (FCE) from freshwater crayfish Procambarus clarkii and silymarin on oxidative stress induced by carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) in rat liver and erythrocytes. The degree of treatment in this activity has been measured by using biochemical parameters such as serum aspartate aminotransferase (ASAT), alanine aminotransferase...

Author(s): Sohair R. Fahmy and Salwa A. H. Hamdi

June 2011

Experimental model for safe in vitro- and in vivo-influence of internal and external factors of cell differentiation

Gene transfer in laboratory-cultivated mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) was made by appropriate recombinant DNA-constructs. Electrophoretic profiles of genetic material from wild type on oncogene Dcn1 and “knock-down” on it inbred experimental mice differed not only in it, but also in tumor-suppressor gene HACE1 between both categories of laboratory rodents. The results obtained were compared with...

Author(s): Iskra Ventseslavova Sainova, Ilina Vavrek, Velichka Pavlova, Teodora Daneva, Ivan Iliev, Lilija Yossifova, Elena Gardeva and Elena Nikolova

June 2011

Effect of Urtica dioica leaf extract on activities of nucleoside diphosphate kinase and acetyl coenzyme, a carboxylase, in normal and hyperglycemic rats

Urtica dioica has been shown to have capability of reducing blood glucose through enhancing insulin secretion. The aim of this study was to assess in vivo and in vitroeffects of aqueous and alcoholic extracts of U. dioica leaves on activities of Acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase (ACC), Nucleoside diphosphate kinase (NDPK) and insulin level and serum glucose concentration. The experimental...

Author(s): Durdi Qujeq, Saied Davary, Zoleika Moazzi and Soleiman Mahjoub