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Livestock Production

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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJLP
  • Start Year: 2009
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Table of Content: October-December 2020; 11(4)

October 2020

Cattle crossbreeding for sustainable milk production in the tropics

Crossbreeding has been used to improve milk production performance of local cattle in the tropics. Crossbreeding exploits additive and non-additive allele gene effects leading to improvements in lactation length, decrease in calving interval, higher milk yields and early age of calving of cows and potentially increasing producer incomes. Varying levels of success have been reported for various crossbreeding programmes...

Author(s): Richard Osei-Amponsah, Ebenezer Kwaku Asem and Frederick Yeboah Obese  

October 2020

Rabbit production practices in Kiambu County, Kenya

To document current rabbit management practices in Kiambu County, a survey using structured questionnaire was undertaken in 45 farms identified using snow ball sampling technique. Data collected were subjected to descriptive statistics. Findings revealed that the majority of the respondents (57.8%) kept more than 10 does while the most prevalent breed was New Zealand White (82.2%). The main purpose of keeping rabbits...

Author(s): Abraham Kipchumba Cherwon, Margaret Mwihaki Wanyoike and Charles Karuku Gachuiri  

October 2020

Urban dairy production and waste management in Oromia special zone around Finfine, Ethiopia

The survey was conducted to assess urban dairy production and waste management system in Oromia Special Zone around Finfinnee, Ethiopia. The three study towns (Burayu, Sululta and Sebeta) were purposively selected due to the high potential for commercial dairy production. A total of 90 commercial dairy producers 30 from each town who at least own 10 dairy cows were randomly selected. The farmers interviewed individually...

Author(s): Jalel Fikadu, Berhan Tamir, Ulfina Galmessa and Kefena Effa  

October 2020

Assessment on artificial insemination service delivery system, challenges and opportunities of artificial insemination services in cattle production in Western zone of Tigray Region, Ethiopia

The aim of the survey was to assess artificial insemination (AI) service delivery system and identify the challenges and opportunities of AI service in cattle production in Western Zone of Tigray Region, Ethiopia. Twenty Kebeles (lowest administrative units) and 353 respondents were purposively involved in face-to-face interview. Data analysis was performed using SPSS and mainly summarized by frequency and percentages....

Author(s): Teweldemedhn Mekonnen and Leul Berhe  

November 2020

Native chicken farming: A tool for wealth creation and food security in Benin

Poultry is the second largest livestock in Benin (contributing to 22% of the total meat produced), and chickens are the most reared poultry in the country. The objective of this study was to assess the current trends of local chicken breeding and factors that influence their production performance, and thereby to deliver information for production improvement and sustainable use of indigenous chicken breeds. An...

Author(s): Camus Adoligbe, Arthur Fernandes, Richard Osei-Amponsah, Nourou Dine Adje, Robert Gbedevi, Marie-Christelle Fonton, Guilherme J. M. Rosa and Farougou Souaibou Souaibou  

November 2020

Metagenomic assessment of the rumen resistome, mobilome and stress response genes in smallholder dairy cattle in Kenya

Smallholder dairy cattle rumen microbiotas are subjected to a wide range of antimicrobials as well as sudden fluctuations in diets. As such, they develop an enormous reservoir of resistant genes, mobilome and stress response genes. However, information on metagenomic reactions to such dietary variations, especially for cattle reared in the tropics, remains largely unexplored. This meta-analysis was conducted to assess...

Author(s): Kibegwa M. Felix, Bett C. Rawlynce, Gachuiri K. Charles, Machuka Eunice and Mujibi D. Fidalis  

November 2020

Laboratory evaluation, purpose of production and utilization of cattle manure in enset (Ensete ventricosum) based mixed production systems of Gurage Zone, Southern Ethiopia

The study was conducted in four districts of Gurage zone in Sothern Ethiopia to determine the N, P, K, organic carbon and nitrogen of cattle manure. Seventy two households, 36 from highland and 36 from midaltitude were randomly selected from a total of 360 sample households selected for the study. Around 88.05% of farmers in the study areas were keeping cattle for high demand of manure to fertilize enset fields and for...

Author(s): Dirsha Demam Wonchesa  

December 2020

Effect of garlic (Allium sativum) and onion (Allium cepa L.) extract chitosan nanoparticles on antioxidant enzymes activities and relative weight of visceral organs of rainbow rooster chicken

Poultry meat is susceptible to oxidation but increased antioxidant enzyme increases its availability in muscle during processing and storage. In livestock, synthetic antioxidant has some side effects; plant polyphenols can enhance the level of antioxidant enzymes but they are in-active in the gut of chicken and therefore, nanotechnology can be of importance in augmenting the stability of polyphenols. In the study,...

Author(s): Viviana Imbua Levi Enoka, Gideon Mutie Kikuvi and Perpetual Wangui Ndung’u