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Table of Content: 28 February, 2013; 8(8)

February 2013

The impact of plasma interference profile (PIP) on argon discharge in plasma focus device

Radiation emission in a low energy (2.2 kJ, 12 kV) UM plasma focus is studied. The system is operated in Argon filling gas. Enrichment of the radiation emission yield is obtained with an optimized pressure 1.7 mbar. Time resolved radiation emission measurements are made by using an array of PIN diode detectors covered with few Al foil thicknesses, to be found at top arrangement at distance 43.50 cm from the...

Author(s): Muhammad Zubair Khan, Yap Seong Ling and Wong Chiow San  

February 2013

Improvement of electromagnetic wave (EMW) shielding through inclusion of electrolytic manganese dioxide in cement and tile-based composites with application for indoor wireless communication systems

The electromagnetic wave absorption characteristics of composite cement-based building material have attracted much interest in recent times. Researchers have mainly focused on the 2 GHz to 12 GHz frequency range while the authors have investigated the mobile and WiFi frequency bands. The determination of characteristics such as reflection loss, absorption, attenuation and shielding effectiveness are crucial in the...

Author(s): Johann Christiaan Pretorius and B. T. Maharaj

February 2013

Effects of growth rate on the physical and mechanical properties of Sn-3.7Ag-0.9Zn eutectic alloy

Sn-3.7wt.%Ag-0.9wt.%Zn alloy was directionally solidified upward under different conditions, with different growth rates (V = 3.38 - 220.12 µm/s) at a constant temperature gradient (G = 4.33 K/mm) and with different temperature gradients (G = 4.33 -12.41 K/mm) at a constant growth rate (V = 11.52 µm/s) by using a Bridgman-type directional solidification furnace. The microstructure was observed to be a rod...

Author(s): U. Böyük, S. Engin, H. Kaya, N. MaraÅŸli, E. Çadirli and M. Åžahin

February 2013

Gamma-ray shielding of concretes including magnetite in different rate

The effect of magnetite ore rate on the gamma radiation shielding properties of concrete samples have been measured by using the transmission method for 59.54 and 80.99 keV gamma rays with a NaI(Tl) detector. Linear attenuation coefficients of concrete samples including magnetite in different rates were obtained by Lambert law in which measured gamma ray intensities were used. They were compared with theoretical values...

Author(s): B. Oto and A. Gür