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Table of Content: 2 March, 2012; 7(10)

March 2012

A class of totally umbilical slant submanifolds of Lorentzian para-Sasakian manifolds

In the present paper, we study slant submanifolds of a Lorentzian para (LP)-Sasakian manifold. We consider  as a totally umbilical proper slant submanifold of an LP-Sasakian manifold and show that every totally umbilical proper slant submanifold of an LP-Sasakian manifold   is either totally geodesic or if it is not totally geodesic in , then we derive a formula of its slant angle and give an...

Author(s): Khushwant Singh, Siraj Uddin, Cenap Ozel and M. A. Khan    

March 2012

Unsteady flow through porous medium induced by periodically rotating half-filled horizontal concentric cylindrical annulus with heat transfer

This communication investigates the unsteady flow of viscous incompressible fluid through porous medium induced by periodically heated half filled concentric cylindrical annulus placed horizontally. The boundaries of the annulus are rotating periodically with different angular velocities in the same or opposite directions about their common axis. The governing equations are expressed in terms of stream function and...

Author(s): Bhupendra Kumar Sharma, Pawan Kumar Sharma and R. C. Chaudhary      

March 2012

Hydromagnetic rotating flow in a porous medium with slip condition and Hall current

The slip effect on hydromagnetic rotating flow of viscous fluid through a porous space is investigated. The fluid is electrically conducting with the consideration of Hall current. The entire system rotates about the axis normal to a porous plate of uniform suction or injection with uniform angular velocity. The closed form solution is obtained using Laplace transform technique. The analytical expression for skin...

Author(s): A. Farhad, M. Norzieha, S. Sharidan, I. Khan and Samiulhaq        

March 2012

Ground State Heavy Mesons Spectrum in Cornell Potential

This paper studies the meson masses containing heavy flavour quark (anti-quark) with light flavour combination. The considered potential is Coulomb as well as linear confining terms. Also, an improved form of the hyperfine interaction is introduced. The ground state masses (J=0 and J=1) of heavy mesons and magnetic moments of heavy mesons with J=1 using the effective mass of the confined quarks are computed. The...

Author(s): Z. Ghalenovi, A. A. Rajabi, N. Salehi and A. Tavakolinezhad      

March 2012

Design and implementation of an improved arbitrary waveform generator based on Walsh functions

The design and implementation of a new method of generating arbitrary signals was attempted. This new system is based upon the use of Walsh functions, which are derived from Rademacher functions. The VHDL modeling and the Xilinx field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) implementation of the proposed circuit were made. Two Walsh circuits realized using counter and exclusive OR (XOR) gates mainly control the operation of the...

Author(s): Zulfikar S., S. A. Abbasi and A. R. M. Alamoud      

March 2012

Co-crystal structure of mixed molecules

Based on the fundamentals of organic chemistry, the approach leads to the corresponding amides in good yields which were the reaction of esters with primary amines. In our laboratory, there was no reaction when we tried to react methyl 2-(2-oxo-2H-chromen-7-yloxy)acetate with 2-(2-aminophenyl) benzothiazole). Although the spectral data was so enough for validation of the structure of the product but in the thin layer...

Author(s): Abdul Amir H. Kadhum, Ahmed A. Al-Amiery, Hamdan A. Aday, Yasamin K. Al-Majedy Ali A. Al-Temimi, Redah I. Al-Bayati and Abu Bakar Mohamad    

March 2012

Electrocoagulation process for removal of adenosine-5'-monophosphate and sodium hexamethaphosphate from the synthetic wastewater

As well known, eutrophication is one of the main problems encountered in surface water. This phenomenon is caused by the excess phosphate level in the effluent of wastewater treatment plant. Thus, to control of eutrophication, removal of phosphorus is required. The aim of this study was to determine the efficiency of electrocoagulation (EC) process to phosphorus removal from the synthetic wastewater. This study was an...

Author(s): M. B. Miranzadeh, D. Rabbani and S. Dehqan      

March 2012

Numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations of the second kind by using fuzzy transforms

In this paper, we introduce an approach by using inverse fuzzy transforms based on the fuzzy partition with combination in collocation technique for the numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations of the second kind. The main advantage of this approach is to reduce the problem to the linear system of equations. We present the convergence theorem for this method. Finally, we give two examples to illustrate the...

Author(s): R. Ezzati and F. Mokhtari    

March 2012

Adaptive control of the generalized Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers equation

In this paper, the adaptive and non-adaptive stabilization of the generalized Korteweg-de Vries (KdV)-Burgers equation by nonlinear boundary control are analyzed. This is motivated by the method proposed by Smaoui (2004). We use this method to resolve the adaptive control of the generalized KdV-Burgers equation. For the non-adaptive case, using Lyapunov method, we show that the controlled system is exponentially stable...

Author(s): Xiaoyan Deng, Lixin Tian and Wenxia Chen    

March 2012

Wavelet method for a class of space and time fractional telegraph equations

In this paper, an operational matrix of integration based on Haar wavelets (HW) is introduced, and a procedure for applying the matrix to solve space and time fractional telegraph equations is formulated. The space and time fractional derivatives are considered in the Caputo sense. The accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated by the five test problems. Approximate solutions of the space and time...

Author(s): G. Hariharan, R. Rajaraman and M. Mahalakshmi      

March 2012

Development of narrow band spectral-sliced wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) system and its performance in optical access networks

In this paper, we have proposed a narrow band spectral-sliced wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) system and investigated its performance for optical access networks application. In the proposed system, the low cost light emitting diodes (LEDs) are used as the broad band light source. The system performance investigation was carried out using non-return-to-zero (NRZ) and return-to-zero (RZ) modulation format by...

Author(s): N. Ahmed, S. A. Aljunid, R. B. Ahmad, Hilal A. Fahdil and M. A. Rashid    

March 2012

An intelligent approach for malware detection in dual stack IPv4/IPV6 networks

The advent of internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) as a replacement of internet protocol version 4 (ipv4) has raised the necessity for efficient and effective malware detection techniques for IPv6 networks. Because of the evolvable and polymorphic malware, current malware detection technologies cannot cope with the exponential growth of malwares. This paper proposes a new intelligent approach based on adapted evolving...

Author(s): Altyeb Altaher, Sureswaran Ramadass and Ammar ALmomani        

March 2012

A learning automata approach to adaptive web sites

Web is a large network of related documents that are increasing rapidly. Due to the unknown optimal structure for a web site, providing a way to do this is important. In this paper, a method based on distributed learning automaton (DLA) with variable number of actions to create an adaptive web site is provided that has ability to insert efficient links and eliminate inefficient links. In the proposed method, we used web...

Author(s): Fatemeh Zandevakili, Javad Akbari Torkestani and Tayebeh Yarahmadi      

March 2012

Tree structured encoding based multi-objective multicast routing algorithm

Quality-of-service (QoS) based multicast routing is a major challenge to next generation networks due to the increasing demand of real-time applications which require strict QoS guarantee. In the presented multi-objective multicast routing, the QoS parameters, namely, cost and available bandwidth are represented as objectives, while end-to-end delay and delay jitter are represented as constraints. The optimization...

Author(s): Sushma Jain and J. D. Sharma      

March 2012

Learning with power l1-graph for single labeled image biometric recognition

Single labeled biometric recognition is one of the main challenges to graph-based transductive classification learning. To enhance the recognition rate of single labeled problem, sparse representation provides a feasible strategy for representation learning. In this paper, we developed a power l1-graph learning technique for semi-supervised learning, called label propagation by power l1-graph (LPPG). Different...

Author(s): Fei Zang, Jiang-She Zhang and Chun-Xia Zhang  

March 2012

Metaheuristics for scheduling on parallel machine to minimize weighted number of early and tardy jobs

This paper considers the scheduling of n jobs on m parallel machines to minimize the weighted number of early and tardy jobs. The single machine case of this problem has been shown to be NP- complete in the strong sense. This problem on m parallel machineis also NP complete in the strong sense and finding an optimal solution appears unlikely. The problem is formulated as an...

Author(s): M. O. Adamu and A. O. Adewumi      

March 2012

Investigation of structural properties of layered III-nitride semiconductor materials by high resolution X-rays diffraction

High resolution X-ray diffraction (HRXRD) was used to investigate the structural properties of group III-nitride semiconductors, and was shown to give separable information on crystalline quality as well as on chemical composition, residual stresses, etc. Contributions from the various structural parameters to the HRXRD diagram profile, although mixed to each other, have been sorted out. Through the examples of...

Author(s): S. Ndiaye, A. Dioum, P. D. Tall, K. Bejtka, M. Laugt, H. P. D. Schenk, and A. C. Beye    

March 2012

Numerical study on aluminum panels used in braced steel frames as energy dissipation systems

In this paper, aluminum panels were used to improve the seismic behavior of the braced steel frames. One of the methods used to improve the seismic behavior of structures is the use of vertical links as energy dissipation systems. Aluminum has a low yielding stress and it yields faster than steel which results in a significant ductility. The investigation method was simulation by ABAQUS software....

Author(s): Mohammed Ali Irandegani and Kambiz Narmashiri    

March 2012

Synthesis and characterization on electrical properties of conducting polymer of polypyrrole and polypyrrole/cadmium sulfide composites

A series of conducting polymer polypyrrole (PPy) and polypyrrole/cadmium sulfide (PPy/CdS) composites were successfully synthesized using the chemical reaction method. PPy/CdS composites were prepared with CdS concentration percentages ranging from 2 to 10%. From the X-ray diffraction (XRD) results, the XRD pattern showed evidence of conducting structure of polymer PPy and PPy/CdS composites. The spectrum clearly...

Author(s): Nur Zu Ira Bohari, Zainal Abidin Talib, Mohd Amirul Syafiq Mohd Yunos and Anuar Kassim      

March 2012

Corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steel in sulphuric acid

The resistance and susceptibility of austenitic stainless steel, Type 304, exposed to strong tetraoxosulphate (VI) acids (2 and 5 M concentrations) contaminated with sodium chloride at ambient temperatures was investigated by gravimetric and metallographic/scanning electron microscopy surface characterization methods. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used to examine and characterize the test specimen’s...

Author(s): R. T. Loto, C. A. Loto, A. P. I. Popoola and M. Ranyaoa        

March 2012

Relationship between drying time and surface roughness in Siberian pine (Pinus sibirica) wood

Siberian pine wood imported from Russian Federation has a wide indoor and outdoor application in Turkey. The factors which affect drying times and consequently drying costs, control system quality and drying schedules of this wood are well known; however, the effect of surface quality on drying times of Siberian pine wood is not known. In this study, the effect of surface quality on drying times and final moisture...

Author(s): Süleyman KORKUT, Nur Müge GÜNGÖR, Öner ÜNSAL and Ramazan KANTAY        

March 2012

Long-term sea level change in the Malaysian seas from multi-mission altimetry data

The long-term sea level change during 1993 to 2008 was investigated in the Malaysian seas from satellite altimetry data of the TOPEX, JASON-1, ERS-1, ERS-2 and ENVISAT missions. Sea level data retrieval and reduction were carried out using the radar altimeter database system (RADS). In RADS data processing, the 2008 updated environmental and geophysical corrections were applied. Six 1° × 1° areas were...

Author(s): Ami Hassan Md Din, Kamaludin Mohd Omar, Marc Naeije and Sahrum Ses    

March 2012

Prediction of the rate of dust fall in Quetta city, Pakistan using seasonal ARIMA (SARIMA) modeling

The components and quantities of atmospheric dust fallout have been reported to be the pollution indicator of large urban areas. The multiplicity and complexity of sources of atmospheric dusts in urban regions has put forward the need for source apportionment of these sources in order to indicate) their contribution to a specific environmental receptor. The study presented here is focused on the investigation of the...

Author(s): Muhammad Sami, Amir Waseem, Yasmin Zahra Jafri, Syed Haider Shah, Muzafar Ahmed Khan, Sher Akbar, Masood Ahmed Siddiqui and Ghulam Murtaza    

March 2012

Determination of kinetic coefficients for the biological treatment of textile wastewater

The objective of the research is to evaluate the performance of aerated lagoon for biological treatment of textile wastewater and to determine kinetic coefficients for the design of treatment facilities. For this purpose, a bench scale model of aerated lagoon was set up and was operated continuously for 92 days by varying aeration times from 5 to 15 days. Primary treated wastewater effluent collected from Nishat Textile...

Author(s): Mumtaz Shah, Hasim Nisar Hashmi and Hammad Waheed