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Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJWREE
  • Start Year: 2009
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Table of Content: August 2013; 5(8)

August 2013

Study of geosynthetic clay liner layers effect on decreasing soil pollution in the bed of sanitary land fills

  According to importance of preventing pollution of soil by leachate in the landfills, the bed of landfills has to be designed in the way that it can prevent soil pollution. This research has studied the effect of geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) layer to decrease soil pollution in the bed of landfills. Two different kind of soil were transferred to laboratory for doing experiments. In the first step, the...

Author(s): Rouhollah Soltani Goharrizi, Fazlollah Soltani and Bahador Abolpour

August 2013

Pump functional response at air- entraining vortex occurrence

  Varied decay response function (α), was used to evaluate the effect of water depth and time on pump functional response to vortex occurrences. High water depths at any time interval increased vortex occurrences. Decay response function of pumps peaked at water depth of 0.32 m. Relationship between response function and time duration of air-entraining vortex occurrence was established. Relationship...

Author(s):   Okoro, B. C.

August 2013

Hydrogeophysical and hydrochemical analysis of shallow water wells around Ire-Akari area, Akure southwestern Nigeria

  The hydrogeophysical and hydrochemical analysis of the shallow wells around Ire-Akari area Orita-Obele Akure, Ondo state was carried out to understand the geologic layer constituting the aquifer, its suitability or otherwise as source of potable / drinking water and the tendency of the overburden to naturally protect the aquifer. The result of the hydrochemical analysis showed that most of the physio-chemical...

Author(s):   A. O. Adelusi, M. Ayuk and J. S. Kayode

August 2013

Investigation of soil and water salinity, its effect on crop production and adaptation strategy

  Bangladesh is a deltaic country with total area of 147,570 km2. The  major part (80%) of the country consists of alluvial sediments deposited by the river Ganges, Brahmaputra, Tista, Jamuna, Meghna and their tributaries. The coastal region covers almost 29,000 sq. km or about 20% of the country. Moreover, the coastal areas of Bangladesh cover more than 30% of the cultivable lands of the country. About...

Author(s): H. M. Rasel, M. R. Hasan, B. Ahmed and M. S. U. Miah

August 2013

Comparison of spectrophotometric methods using cuvette tests and national standard methods for analysis of wastewater samples

  The suitability of spectrophotometric methods using cuvette tests (CT) for determination of ammonia (NH4+-N), nitrates (NO3--N), total phosphates (РО43--Р) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in real wastewater were evaluated by comparison with corresponding Bulgarian national standard methods (BS). The CT methods are based on measuring of ready-to-use cuvettes (bar-coded reagent...

Author(s): Sonya Dimitrova, Nadejda Taneva, Kapka Bojilova, Vesela Zaharieva, Svetlana Lazarova, Mariana Koleva, Rumen Arsov and Tony Venelinov

August 2013

Geospatial study on morphometric characterization of Umtrew River basin of Meghalaya, India

  Geospatial technology that is, remote sensing (RS), geographical information system (GIS) and global positioning system (GPS) have proved to be an efficient tool in the field of modern day geographical and geological studies. GIS and Remote sensing techniques have been adopted for the identification of different morphological features and to analyze their existence in a hilly river basin of Meghalaya plateau,...

Author(s): Pranjit Kumar Sarma, Kalyanjit Sarmah, Prem Kr.Chetri and Ankita Sarkar