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Full Length Research Paper

Physicochemical analysis and microbial quality of cow butter obtained from Menz district of Amhara region, Ethiopia

Lina Gazu
  • Lina Gazu
  • Department of Animal Science, Debre Berhan University, College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, P. O. Box 445 Debre Berhan, Ethiopia.
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Tewodros Eshete
  • Tewodros Eshete
  • Department of Animal Science, Debre Berhan University, College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, P. O. Box 445 Debre Berhan, Ethiopia.
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Getachew Kassa
  • Getachew Kassa
  • Department of Biotechnology, Debre Berhan University, College of Natural and Computational Science, Ethiopia.
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  •  Received: 04 January 2018
  •  Accepted: 04 April 2018
  •  Published: 31 August 2018


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