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Full Length Research Paper

Isolation, characterization and crystal structure of ethyl 4-hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxy-benzoate from Scutellaria barbata

Tie-shan Wang1#, Li-jing Chen1, Zhao-yu Wang2#, Sheng-tan Zhang1 and Jing-ming Lin1*
1Department of Pharmacy, Zhujiang Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou 510282, Guangdong Province, Peoples Republic of China. 2College of Life Science and Bio-Pharmaceutical, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Guangzhou 510006, Guangdong Province, Peoples Republic of China.
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  •  Accepted: 17 March 2011
  •  Published: 04 July 2011


Phytochemical research on the aerial parts of Scutellaria barbata used variously in ethno medicinal treatments in southern China, resulted in the isolation of ethyl 4-hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxy-benzoate. Its structure was identified purely on the basis of spectroscopic analyses including EI-MS, IR and X-ray diffraction analysis. The crystal belonged to the monoclinic space group P2 (1)/c with a = 11.5521(6) Å, b = 13.5055(7) Å, c = 16.4171(7) Å, β = 117.240(3)°and Z = 8.This compound was firstly isolated from the genus Scutellaria.


Key words: Scutellaria barbata, isolation, x-ray diffraction analysis, ethyl 4-hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxy-benzoate.