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Medicinal Plants Research

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  • ISSN: 1996-0875
  • DOI: 10.5897/JMPR
  • Start Year: 2007
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Table of Content: 3 April, 2015; 9(13)

April 2015

Morelloflavone and its semisynthetic derivatives as potential novel inhibitors of cysteine and serine proteases

This article reports the three biflavonoids isolated from the fruit pericarp of Garcinia brasiliensis Mart. (Clusiaceae): Morelloflavone-4```-glycoside (compound 1), (±)-Fukugiside (compound 2), and Morelloflavone (compound 3). Structural modifications by acylation and alkylation reactions were performed on the natural biflavonoid (±) morelloflavone to obtain three semisynthetic compounds:...

Author(s): Vanessa Silva Gontijo, Jaqueline Pereira Januário, Wagner Alves de Souza Júdice, Alyne Alexandrino Antunes, Ingridy Ribeiro Cabral, Diego Magno Assis, Maria Aparecida Juliano, Ihosvany Camps, Marcos José Marques, Claudio Viegas Junior and Marcelo Henrique dos Santos

April 2015

One-pot synthesis of potential antioxidant agents, 3-carboxylate coumarin derivatives

A simple and efficient route to synthesize 3-carboxylate coumarin derivatives through three-component one-pot reaction in a single step has been recommended. This method provides a direct and rapid access to get 3-carboxylate coumarin derivatives. The structures of these synthetic products were identified and the antioxidant activities were tested by inhibiting DPPH· and ·OH radicals capacities. The data...

Author(s): Lijuan Han, Bing Huang, Zhiwei Xiong and Chunyan Yan  

April 2015

Antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of black and green tea from Vaccinium meridionale Swartz leaves

Tea is a beverage made from leaves with high contents of polyphenolic substances that vary based on the process they are subjected to. In this study, the apical and young leaves from Vaccinium meridionale (named mortiño) were processed to obtain two kinds of tea: green and black tea. This was done in order to compare their antioxidant activity, content of secondary metabolites at different temperatures of...

Author(s): Isabel Cristina Zapata-Vahos, Verónica Villacorta, María Elena Maldonado, Dagoberto Castro-Restrepo and Benjamín Rojano  

April 2015

Antioxidant capacity of different African seeds and vegetables and correlation with the contents of ascorbic acid, phenolics and flavonoids

The antioxidant capacity of 2 African seeds and 8 vegetables were analyzed using ferric reducing antioxidant power assay (FRAP assay) after water and acetone extractions. The contents of ascorbic acid, phenolics and flavonoids were determined and their correlations with FRAP value were investigated. The results showed that Vernonia amygdalina was stronger (4.84 mM/100 g dry weight (DW)) than other vegetables analyzed in...

Author(s): Edet E. E., Ofem J. E., Igile G. O., Ofem O. E., Zainab D. B. and Akwaowo G.  

April 2015

Effect of Commiphora swynnertonii resin extract on various physiological parameters in chickens

In the current study, various haematological and biochemical parameters of chickens were evaluated following an oral administration of resin extract from Commiphora swynnertonii. Sixty chickens (8 months old) were randomly assigned into 5 groups (n=12): G1 served as a negative control, that is, chickens received normal saline only, while G2 to G5 chickens were given different doses of the resin extract orally for 14...

Author(s): Bakari G. G., Max R. A., Mdegela H. R., Pereka A. E., Phiri E. C. J. and Mtambo M. M. A.