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  • DOI: 10.5897/JMPR
  • Start Year: 2007
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Table of Content: 3 March, 2014; 8(9)

March 2014

High temperature stress decreases root iridoid glycosides biosynthesis of Scrophularia ningpoensis during florescence

Radix Scrophulariaceae is an herbal medicine used as antipyretic and antibacterial. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of high temperature stress on the secondary metabolites of Scrophularia ningpoensis Hemsl (S. ningpoensis). Potted S. ningpoensis plants of three ecotypes in florescence were subjected to high temperature stress for 15 days. Results showed that under high temperature stress,...

Author(s): Z. S. Liang, Y. Y. An and H. Y. Liu

March 2014

Medicinal characteristics of Smyrnium cordifolium Boiss. plant extract in rats

The most common sleep disorder is insomnia and about 35% of all people suffer from this disturbance. A trend in using herbal medications for this disorder is increasing globally. Current study aimed to investigate the hypnotic characteristics of Smyrnium cordifolium Boiss (SCB) plant extract. From an experimental study, 96 healthy male Wistar rats were equally divided into 12 groups. For hypnotic evaluations, a negative...

Author(s): Naser Abbasi, Elham Mohammadyari, Khairollah Asadollahi, MasoumehTahmasebi, Abangah Ghobad, Morovat Taherikalani

March 2014

Effect of methyl jasmonate on isoflavonoid accumulation and antioxidant enzymes in Pueraria mirifica cell suspension culture

The effect of methyl jasmonate (MJ) on the isoflavonoid accumulation and activities of three antioxidant enzymes (superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase) were studied in Pueraria mirifica cell suspension culture after MJ elicitation for up to 6 days. Treatment with MJ at a concentration of 1.0 µg/ml induced the highest isoflavonoid contents at the first day after elicitation, when compared to...

Author(s): Tanatorn Saisavoey, Nuttha Thongchul, Polkit Sangvanich and Aphichart Karnchanatat

March 2014

The influence of extraction solvents on the anticancer activities of Palestinian medicinal plants

Palestine has a rich and prestigious heritage of herbal medicines. To investigate the impact of variable extraction techniques on the cytotoxic effects of medicinal plant extracts, 5 well-known medicinal plants from Palestine were extracted with 90% ethanol, 80% methanol, acetone, coconut water, apple vinegar, grape vinegar or 5% acetic acid. The resulting 35 extracts were screened for cytotoxic activities against three...

Author(s): Jawad Alzeer, Balayeshwanth R. Vummidi, Rami Arafeh, Waleed Rimawi, Hatem Saleem and Nathan W. Luedtke

March 2014

Byrsonima intermedia preparations inhibits trypsin and chymotrypsin activities from Aedes aegypti larval gut

This work describes the larvicidal activity of the ethanolic crude extract (EEB) as well as the hexanic (FH), chloroform (FCL), ethyl acetate (FAE) and remaining (FR) fractions obtained from Byrsonima intermedia leaves and bark against Aedes aegypti. Hexanic and remaining fractions from the leaves demonstrated larvicide activity against A. aegypti larvae on the 3rd stage, with LC50 values of 250 and 125 μg/ml-1,...

Author(s): Cristiane Bezerra da Silva, Katlin Suellen Rech, Fernanda Maria Marins Ocampos, Luciane Dalarmi, Vanessa Cristina Godoy Jasinski, Josiane de Fátima Gaspari Dias, Sandra Maria Warumbi Zanin, Vitor Alberto Kerber, Juliana Danna Kulik, Gislene Mari Fujiwara, Maislian de Oliveira, Obdúlio Gomes Miguel and Marilis Dallarmi Miguel