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Table of Content: December 2005; 15(2)

December 2005

Physiotherapy in health care delivery

Physical therapy (PT) in health care delivery is not confmed to rehabilitative management or treatment of musculoskeletal injuries or diseases alone. It has continued to be relevant in areas of preventive medicine and in the prevention of primary and secondary conditions that may lead to disability. Some techniques of physical therapy have also been employed as panacea to some musculoskeletal conditions that have proven...

Author(s): Mathew O B Olaogun

  • Article Number: 1F80EF765309

December 2005

Risk factors for low back pain among hospital workers in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

This study investigated the risk factors for low back pain among workers in hospitals in Ibadan under the Oyo State Hospital Management Board. A crosssectional survey was carried out using a two-part questionnaire. Six hundred and seventy-five questionnaires were circulated and self administered out of which 446 were duly completed and returned, representing a response rate of 66 %. The data was analysed with the...

Author(s): Sanya A. O, Omokhodion F. O, and Ogwumlke O. O.

  • Article Number: 29B3E9C65311

December 2005

Influence of age on hamstring tightness in apparently healthy Nigerians

Purpose: Hamstring tightness has been documented in apparently healthy Nigerian adults and in those with musculoskeletal problems, but the influence of age on hamstring tightness has not been studied. This study was therefore designed to determine the influence of age on hamstring tightness in apparently healthy subjects. Methods: Hamstring tightness was measured using the active knee extension test (AKET) in 240...

Author(s): Akinpelu AO, Bakare U and Adegoke BOA

  • Article Number: AA1043B65313

December 2005

Management of uterine with electrostimulation - A Case Report

A thirty-year-old woman with a history offirst degree prolapse with cystocele and enterocele after ten days of normal delivery was referred for physiotherapy. The patient complained of general discomfort and low back pain while walking. She was treated using faradic electrical stimulation with 2000ms pulse duration and lOOOms pulse interval at an intensity of 37mA. This output was used for 20 minutes at each treatment...

Author(s): Adedoyin RA, Oyelese OB, Ezeukwu V, Oyebami OM, Adeyemi AB and Akinola TO  

  • Article Number: 566CE9965315

December 2005

Gender distribution of physiotherapy graduates from Nigerian Universities

Physiotherapy has been reported to be a predominantly  female   profession  in  the   United Kingdom. There is a paucity  of socio-demographic literature on Nigerian physiotherapists generally and the  gender   distribution   of   the  practitioners   in particular.   The  objective   of  this ...

Author(s): Odebiyi Daniel O and Adegoke BOA

  • Article Number: 35ABCC465317

December 2005

Hamstring and quadriceps strength ratio: effect of age and gender

This study was carried out to investigate how age and gender influence hamstring-quadriceps (knee flexor-extensor) muscle strength ratio in a Nigerian urban population. One hundred and fifty apprently healthy male and female subjects in 3 age groups (group I, 11-20 years; group II, 21-40 years and group III, 41-60 years) participated. The hamstrings and quadriceps isometric muscle strength of all the patients was...

Author(s): Jaiyesimi AO and Jegede JA

  • Article Number: 93E96E765319

December 2005

Relevance of physiotherapy in the management of faecal incontinence

Pelvic floor dysfunction usually results infaecal incontinence. The dysfunctions are decreased rectal sensation, impaired anal sensation, rectal prolapse, and weakness of the pelvic muscles due to complicated birth delivery or prolonged  labour. Trauma to the perineum or the sacral nerve roots is also a cause of pelvic dysfunction. The management involves   medical, surgical and physiotherapy...

Author(s): Onigbinde AT, Adedoyin RA, Obembe AO, Johnson OE, Emechete AAI, Akinwande A, Aikomo T, Awotidebe T

  • Article Number: 24F586365321