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Petroleum and Gas Engineering

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  • ISSN: 2141-2677
  • DOI: 10.5897/JPGE
  • Start Year: 2010
  • Published Articles: 120

Pipe irregularities mapping using tomographic instrumentation system

July-December, 2021 - Vol 12 Num. 2

Formation of irregularities on the inner surface of pipes is a common phenomenon that leads to corrosion and affects the functionality in the processing industries. Ultrasonic is known as one of the non-destructive means to address the formation of irregularities inside pipes. In this study, an ultrasonic measurement...

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Pipe irregularities mapping using tomographic instrumentation system

July-December, 2021

Z. Zakaria, M. Idroas, M. K. N. Ramli, H. Abu Bakar, A. Samsuri and I. Ismail  

Experimental investigation of impact of low salinity surfactant flooding for enhance oil recovery: Niger Delta field application

July-December, 2021

Izuwa N. C., Nwogu N. C., Williams C. C., Ihekoronye K. K., Okereke N. U. and Onyejekwe M. I.

Experimental investigation of flame propagation mitigation using woven wire and perforated metal meshes in circular pipe

July-December, 2021

Abdullahi Alhaji Ahmadu

Numerical modelling of heat and mass transfer in a gas pipe conducting system: Application to methane gas

January-June, 2021

Serge Samuel Bell, René Oum Lissouck, and Rachel Raissa Ngono Mvondo,  

Performance evaluation of oil based drilling fluid formulated with castor oil

January-June, 2021

S. G. Udeagbara, N. U. Okereke, A. Kerunwa, I. Oguamah, O. I. Nwanwe, J. E. Odo, B. Ikejimba and R. Okeke

October 2014

Development of simple correlations to evaluate the petroleum potential of Quseir - Safaga oil shale, Egypt

Mina R. Shaker, Shouhdi E. Shalaby and Tarek I. Elkewidy

November 2014

Investigation of hydraulic fracture optimization in on Infill well in low permeability reservoirs

Wang Wendong, Su Yuliang, Zhou Shiyu, Yuan Bin and Shang Yangyang

June 2013

Experimental study of surfactant alternating gas injection versus water alternating gas and water flooding enhanced oil recovery methods

Mehdi Mohammad Salehi, Mohammad Amin Safarzadeh, Eghbal Sahraei and Seyyed Alireza Tabatabaei Nejad

May 2013

Improving well productivity in an Egyptian oil field using radial drilling technique

Adel M. Salem Ragab

November 2014

Transfer matrix technique for determining the resonance conditions in retrieving stuck drill pipes with a top vibratory suspended drive

K. K. Botros, J. O’Blenes and E. Yajure

July-December, 2021

Pipe irregularities mapping using tomographic instrumentation system

Z. Zakaria, M. Idroas, M. K. N. Ramli, H. Abu Bakar, A. Samsuri and I. Ismail  

March 2019

Prediction of the water saturation around wells with bottom water drive using artificial neural networks

Muhammad Alrumah and Turgay Ertekin  

January-June, 2021

An experimental approach to the descaling of production tubing using high pressure flat fan nozzles

Kabir H. Yar’Adua, Abubakar J..  Abbas, Salihu M., Suleiman, Abdullahi Ahmadu and Aisha Kabir

June 2010

A proactive approach for predicting and preventing wax deposition in production tubing strings – The Niger Delta experience

A. A. Sulaimon, G. K. Falade and W. DeLandro

December 2017

Downhole flow controllers in mitigating challenges of long reach horizontal wells: A practical outlook with case studies

Omar Jamal Chammout, Bisweswar Ghosh and Mohamad Yousef Alklih