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Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences

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  • ISSN: 2006-9820
  • DOI: 10.5897/JTEHS
  • Start Year: 2009
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Asbestos exposure risk from ceiling and other building materials

October-December 2020 - Vol 12 Num. 4

Although much research has been conducted regarding asbestos removal and worker exposure, there are gaps in our understanding of the extent of asbestos-containing materials still present in building materials and the effectiveness of exposure controls used during the removal of these materials. We conducted a review of...

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Asbestos exposure risk from ceiling and other building materials

October-December 2020

Kevin Guth, Ushang Desai, James McCluskey and Raymond Harbison  

L-Theanine: Neuroprotective Against Trichloroethylene-induced Parkinson’s Disease Hallmarks

July-September 2020

Justin Shen  

Prevalence and distribution of aflatoxin (AfB1) in groundnut and groundnut-based products in Northwestern Nigeria

July-September 2020

Michael Boboh Vabi, Christopher Oche Eche, Maikasuwa Isaac Ogara, Hakeem Ayinde Ajeigbe and Abba Aliyu Kasim  

Exposure to air freshner and its distresses on the antioxidant biomarkers of male Wistar rats

July-September 2020

Gabriel-Brisibe C. U., Odinga T., Wokocha P. G. , Agara H.N. and Adinde T. C.  

Heavy metal pollution status and risk assessment on area with artisanal mining activities

April-June 2020

Uzoekwe Anayo Stephen and Mbamalu Maryann  

October 2014

Determination of the effects of some artificial sweeteners on human peripheral lymphocytes using the comet assay

Zeynep Fındıklı and Åžifa TürkoÄŸlu

October 2014

Effect of dipentyl phthalate in 3-dimensional in vitro testis co-culture is attenuated by cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition

Susanna Wegner, Xiaozhong Yu, Hee Yeon Kim, Sean Harris, William C. Griffith, Sungwoo Hong and Elaine M. Faustman

September 2014

Mitigating potential and antioxidant properties of aqueous seed extract of Leea guineensis against dichlorovos-induced toxicity in Wistar rats

  Ajiboye B.O., Salawu S.O., Okezie B., Oyinloye B.E., Ojo A.O., Onikanni S.A., Oso A.O., Asoso O.S. and Obafemi T.O.

October 2014

Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in cane rat (Thryonomys swinderianus) in Ogun State, Nigeria

Durojaye A. Soewu, Olufemi M. Agbolade, Rasheed Y. Oladunjoye and Ibukun A. Ayodele

September 2013

Effect of some pesticides on growth, nitrogen fixation and nifgenes in Azotobacter chroococcum and Azotobacter vinelandii isolated from soil

Aras Mohammed Khudhur, and Kasim Abass Askar

October 2010

Studies on biochemical changes in the tissues of Labeo rohita and Cirrhinus mrigala exposed to fenvalerate technical grade

T. Anita Susan, K. Sobha, K. Veeraiah and K. S. Tilak

May 2011

Evaluation of disease control and plant growth promotion potential of biocontrol agents on Pisum sativum and comparison of their activity with popular chemical control agent - carbendazim

Poornima Sharma

January 2011

Television watching and sleep promotes obesity in urban and semi-urban children in India

Suresh V., Rupnath K., Ramesh V., Rojarani M., Ramadevi T. and K. R. S. Sambasivarao

April 2010

Effect of Hibiscus sabdariffa anthocyanins on 2, 4-dinitrophenylhydrazine-induced tissue damage in rabbits

A. Ologundudu, A. O. Ologundudu, O. M. Oluba, I. O. Omotuyi and F. O. Obi 

October-December 2020

Asbestos exposure risk from ceiling and other building materials

Kevin Guth, Ushang Desai, James McCluskey and Raymond Harbison