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Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences

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Table of Content: 5 September, 2011; 3(5)

September 2011

Iron and nitric oxide play key roles in the development of cardiovascular disorder

Iron (Fe) is an essential but potentially harmful nutrient. On the other hand, nitric oxide (NO) is an inorganic free-radical gaseous molecule which has been implicated to play an unprecedented variety of roles in biological systems. Although complex relationships between Fe and NO have been demonstrated, there are still controversies as to what are the influences of Fe on NO balance in the development of cardiovascular...

Author(s): Adeyemi O. S. and Akanji M. A.

September 2011

Hydrogeochemistry of subsurface water around waste disposal sites in Hyderabad city, India: Geogenic and anthropogenic consequence

Geochemical study of groundwater around major dumpsites in Hyderabad city India, this study was carried out to evaluate the groundwater quality. Approximately 4,000 tons of solid wastes are dumped in low-lying areas as landfills on daily basis affecting groundwater quality. The samples were collected from sixty location points in/around dumpsites and were precisely analysed for physicochemical characters by standard...

Author(s): Vandana Parth, N. N. Murthy and Praveen Raj Saxena

September 2011

Prevalence of alcohol in autopsied medico-legal cases at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, Jordan

It is well established that drinking alcohol increases the risk of fatal injuries. The presence of blood alcohol in autopsied deaths is regularly encountered in medico-legal practices. The aim of this study is to investigate the prevalence and concentration of alcohol in 1731 medico-legal autopsies that were conducted in the National Institute of Forensic Medicine (NIFM), Jordan from January 2007 to December...

Author(s): Etab, T. Kassasbeh, Emad, M. Abdallat and Mu’men, S. Hadidi

September 2011

Metal quantification in cattle: A case of cattle at slaughter at Ota Abattoir, Nigeria

In this study, cattle were assessed for the levels of metals in some organs. Six metals, Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd), Cobalt (Co), Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni) and Lead (Pb) were determined in twenty samples comprising four different parts (liver, kidney, muscle tissue and blood) from five cows at slaughter in a major abattoir in Ota, using flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer (S-series 712354v1.27), following...

Author(s): D. O. Nwude, J. O. Babayemi and I. O. Abhulimen