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Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health

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  • DOI: 10.5897/JVMAH
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Table of Content: January-March 2020; 12(1)

January 2020

Ovopet® a new and effective treatment to decrease inflammation, pain and lameness in competing trotters

The use of nutritional supplements for joint problems has received much attention in recent years. At this sight, Ovopet®, an innovative ingredient from eggshell membrane that ensures the supply of nutrients necessary for the repair of joints together with anti-inflammatory compounds of natural origin, appears as a natural alternative supplementation for the treatment of joint problems in horses. Thus the aim of...

Author(s): Erena Gil-Quintana, Andrea Molero and Andrés Aguirre  

January 2020

Aerobic bacterial isolates, incidence rate and associated risk factors of heifer and cow mastitis in and around Debre-Libanos district, Oromia, Ethiopia

The investigation was led from February-November 2014 longitudinally to recognize aerobic bacterial isolates, estimate incidence rate, identify the associated risk factors and antimicrobial sensitivity patterns of heifer and cow mastitis in and around Debre-Libanos district. An aggregate of 31 Jersey and Holstein-Fresian cross heifers that were left for less than a month to calve were sampled and pursued for the initial...

Author(s): Daniel Fisseha, Tesfaye Sisay Tessema and Biruk Tesfaye Birhanu  

March 2020

Identification of small ruminant external parasite species in Tanqua Abergelle and Kola Tembien districts of Tigray region, Northern Ethiopia

Ectoparasites are a major concern in sheep and goat flocks, wherever sheep and goat are kept. A cross-sectional study was carried out in the districts of Kola Tembien and Tanqua Abergelle from September 2014 to June 2017 with the objectives of identifying external parasites to their species level. Randomly selected sheep and goats were clinically examined for the presence of ectoparasites or lesions and identified in...

Author(s): Guash Abay