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Table of Content: 11 December, 2013; 8(46)

December 2013

Chebyshev wavelets method for boundary value problems

Chebyshev wavelets method (CWM) is applied to find numerical solutions of fifth and sixth order boundary value problems. Computational work is fully supportive of compatibility of proposed algorithm and hence the same may be extended to other physical problems also.  A very high level of accuracy explicitly reflects the reliability of this scheme for such problems. Key words: Chebyshev wavelets method (CWM),...

Author(s): Ayyaz Ali, Muhammad Asad Iqbal and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din

December 2013

Fine-grained federation of geographic information services through metadata aggregation

Large scale Geographic Information Systems (GIS) require experts from different areas, such as data maintenance and handling, data rendering and displaying, and data processing. However, it is challenging to host data, processing capabilities, and experts in the same geographical location. To enable remote coupling of these data and processing services, interoperable distributed system architectures have been developed....

Author(s): Ahmet Sayar

December 2013

Association between emotional intelligence and illicit drug involvement: A study in adolescents in Tehran, Iran

The study sought to assess if there is an association between emotional intelligence (EI) with illicit drug use in adolescents, and if this link is independent of social and parental variables. In this cross-sectional study, 990 randomly selected adolescents (age 15 - 17) from public high schools in Tehran, Iranian capital, were interviewed in 2006. The independent data consisted of EI (measured by the Bar-On Emotional...

Author(s): Katayoon Khushabi, Setareh-Ameneh-Forouzan and Mehdi Akbarian

December 2013

Modeling of adsorption isotherm of benzoic compounds onto GAC and introducing three new isotherm models using new concept of Adsorption Effective Surface (AES)

In this research, by using derivation of Langmuir isotherm model and sharing point of this model with Volmer, Kiselev and Fowler-Guggenheim models, a new simple approach to derivation of isotherm models named Adsorption Effective Surface (AES) was introduced. Using AES method, one can explain such behavior of theoretical models as in predicting maximum adsorption capacity (qm). In this method, adsorption and desorption...

Author(s): M. Davoudinejad and S. A. Ghorbanian

December 2013

Environmental assessment, instrumentation-quality tests of radiological equipment and human health implications

The health implications of human exposures to ionizing radiation may be deleterious on the immunity mechanism, particularly when large but sub-lethal doses are applied over a period of time. Quality control tests of X-ray equipment and environmental monitoring of a private radiological center (Moroko X-ray Center, Lagos) was carried out. The results showed that radiological personnel and the facilities for safety were...

Author(s): Oluwafisoye, P. A., Obed, I. R., Bisi-Johnson, M. A., Olowookere, C. J., Popoola, A. O. and Efunwole, H. O.