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Table of Content: 18 January; 6(2)

January 2011

Opinions on genetic engineering studies of primary school students in Turkey

In this research, what primary school 8th class students think about the genetic studies and what were their views and attitudes concerning these studies were examined.  An information-oriented descriptive survey method was adopted as the research method. The research has been carried out in 12 primary schools which were chosen in 7 provinces of Turkey, from different regions. Schools and provinces were...

Author(s): Unsal Umdu Topsakal

January 2011

Retrospective study of some factors influencing delivery of low birth weight babies in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria

A retrospective and cross-sectional study of low birth weight (LBW) incidence in Ibadan, Nigeria, was conducted covering the period 1995 - 2005. LBW is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as birth weight less than 2500 g. It is a serious threat to survival in both perinatal and neonatal periods, and to normal physical and mental development in the post natal period. The study was aimed at gaining...

Author(s): A. M. Amosu, N. O. S. Atulomah, M. F. Olanrewaju, T. I. Akintunde, A. O. Babalola, A. M. Akinnuga and M. O. Ojezele

January 2011

On the connection behavior of gate bracing system

In this paper, the connection behavior of a particular configuration of a brace system, which is used in seismic areas, is investigated. This system which is called Gate Brace SYSTEM (GBS) consists of six members that are symmetrical and the diagonal member is not straight; it is connected to the corner of the frame by the third member. This system improves the energy dissipation due to earthquakes as well as its...

Author(s): M. Mosalman, A. Mosalman and H. Mosalman Yazdi

January 2011

Dual modality search and retrieval technique analysis for leukemic information system

Medical Information System (MIS) deals with standardized method of collection, storage, retrieval and evaluation of patient data. Computational Intelligence (CI) technique has many abilities in data processing and structuring, pattern matching, forming knowledge base, reasoning and decision making. MIS for leukemia cells was developed at University of Malaya for the Hematology Department of Hospital Ampang, Malaysia. CI...

Author(s): S. Rajendran⊃, H. Arof⊃, N. Mokhtar⊃, M. Mubin⊃, S. Yegappan⊃ and F. Ibrahim⊃

January 2011

Monitoring and analysis of MRR-based feedrate optimization approach and effects of cutting conditions using acoustic sound pressure level in free-form surface milling

Sculptured surface machining (SSM) is one of the continually used manufacturing processes for die/mold, aerospace(especially turbine blades), precision machine design, bio-medical devices and automotive industries. Developments of machining technologies for quality enhancement of machining results has become a very important fact in current real industry. Off-line feedrate adjusting is a new methodology to automatically...

Author(s): Eyup Bagci

January 2011

Reliability and validity of patient health questionnaire: Depressive syndrome module for outpatients

We evaluated the reliability, validity and detection rate of the Depressive Syndrome module of the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) in general hospital outpatients. Totally 600 general hospital outpatients were evaluated using the PHQ-9. The internal reliability, test-retest reliability and validity were examined. Cronbach's α coefficient of PHQ-9 was 0.857 and the test-retest reliability was 0.947. The...

Author(s): Cuidong Bian, Chunbo Li, Qianglin Duan and Heng Wu  

January 2011

Seismic response of multi-drum classical columns of Apollo Temple at Claros

This paper presents a small scale experiment investigation on the seismic response of multi drum classical columns. The model of a 1:10 scale replica of a multi drum column of the Temple of Apollo at Claros in Türkiye was analyzed with MSC Marc Mentat software and tested by shaking table applying several earthquake motions and harmonic excitation. In the experimental study, the base motions were applied only in...

Author(s): Bengi Arisoy, Ayhan Nuhoglu and Emre Ercan

January 2011

Determination of the efficiency of green areas in Erzurum City

In urban areas, replete with environmental problems, people need open green areas in order for them to recreate themselves. In this study, the green area amount in Erzurum city centre was determined and its efficacy was evaluated using GIS. The study was carried out in three districts and 73 neighbourhoods. The land use classification was performed on Quickbird image in 2005 and it was determined that the residential...

Author(s): N. DemircioÄŸlu Yildiz, M. Demir and S. Yilmaz

January 2011

Effects of probe properties on ultrasonic inspection of austenitic stainless steel weldments

A tee joint weldment was produced from SAE 304L austenitic stainless steel plates by the shielded metal arc process. The weld was a completely penetrated 45° single bevel groove weld. A defect free weldment was produced. The weld metal consisted of orientated and coarse austenitic grains. A hole was drilled in the base metal and the weld metal. A notch was drilled in the heat affected zone, adjacent to the weld...

Author(s): Memduh KurtulmuÅŸ and Irfan Yükler

January 2011

Process analysis in landscape planning, the example of Sakarya/Kocaali, Turkey

Landscape planning which is one of the fields of study that creates a balance between natural sciences and engineering sciences in the best possible way is also important for natural resource management. One of the main purposes is a balanced planning of people and nature, instead of people oriented planning. In landscape planning, the approaches in which landscape functions are analyzed and the structure and change of...

Author(s): Osman Uzun and Pinar Gültekin

January 2011

Effects of personal characteristics on environmental awareness; a questionnaire survey with university campus people in a developing country, Turkey

This study was carried out to identify the awareness and sensibility levels of campus people about environmental problems in Erzurum, the largest city of the East Anatolian Region, Turkey. A standard questionnaire form was completed by 350 volunteers and the data obtained were evaluated with Chi-square (x2) test. Environmental sensibility of the campus population was found to be 64.4% and the relationships between the...

Author(s): Nalan Demircioglu Yildiz, Hasan Yilmaz, Metin Demir and Süleyman Toy

January 2011

Hidden Markov model/Gaussian mixture models (HMM/GMM) based voice command system: A way to improve the control of remotely operated robot arm TR45

A speech control system for a didactic manipulator arm TR45 is designed as an agent in a tele-manipulator system command. Robust Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and Gaussian Mixture models (GMM) are applied in spotted words recognition system with Cepstral coefficients with energy and differentials as features. The HMM and GMM are used independently in automatic speech recognition agent to detect spotted words and recognize...

Author(s): Ibrahim M. M. El-emary, Mohamed Fezari and Hamza Attoui

January 2011

Employing Threshold Inverter Quantization (TIQ) technique in designing 9-Bit folding and interpolation CMOS analog-to-digital converters (ADC)

This paper presents design and implementation of a 9-bit folding and interpolation ADC using 0.35 µm CMOS C35B4 model under AMS-HIT Kit Library. The complete system consists of two main blocks. One of them is 4-bit flash ADC, which is based on the so-called Threshold Inverter Quantization (TIQ) technique. This part forms the coarse part of the data conversion process. The second one is the 5-bit...

Author(s): Oktay Aytar and Ali Tangel

January 2011

The concentration of magnesium in the front and rear dorsal ordinary muscles of bluefin tuna, Thunnus thynnus L.

Concentration of magnesium in dorsal ordinary muscles (Dom) obtained from front (Fdom) and rear (Rdom) muscle samples from wild/fattened female/male bluefin tuna (BFT) in the Turkish Eastern Mediterranean were analyzed and compared. A total of 180 individual that is (90 female and 90 male) samples were investigated. Mean Mg levels in the Fdom and Rdom samples of wild and fattened BFT were found to be as follows: 48.76...

Author(s): Fatih Percin and Ozlem Sogut

January 2011

Allowable bearing capacity based on Schmertmann method for sandy soils

In this study, since the city of Bartin in Northwest Turkey on the Black Sea is in the first-degree seismic zone and its residential area only occupies 7% of the total acreage that is expected to expand with newly flourishing urbanization, soil samples were obtained from a total of five different locations where there are open areas for the construction of dwellings. Engineering properties of the soils were assessed by...

Author(s): Hulya Keskin Citiroglu, Omer Faruk Capar and Mehmet Erdinc Bilir

January 2011

Determination of drillability of some natural stones and their association with rock properties

Rapid and economic drilling of the holes for placement of diamond wires of diamond wire cutting machine which are opened in development work and production activities in underground, open pit mining and boreholes are important issues. For this purpose, drilling rates on different natural stone of diamond bit which mounted to a laboratory scale core drilling machine were determined. Later, relationships between...

Author(s): Niyazi Bilim

January 2011

Evaluation of the in vitro and in vivo therapeutic equivalence of two pharmaceutically equivalent heparin products

The current study compares the anticoagulant effects of a reference heparin product, heparin Leo® USA to a test product, heparin Hikma, Jordan. Both products are usually administered intravenous (IV) or subcutaneous (SC) and bioequivalence requirements are typically waived. Hence, it is pivotal to compare the therapeutic equivalency of the two products without jeopardizing the health of...

Author(s): Rana Abu Farha, Ala Issa, Mohammad Fararjah, Mohammad Mohammad, Hatim AlKatib, Suhair Saleh and Yasser Bustanji

January 2011

A genetic algorithm approach for finding the shortest driving time on mobile devices

Recently, with the increasing interest in using handheld devices, the application of navigation systems that provide driving information to the drivers has become widespread in daily life. An efficient route guidance system should consider the influential factors of traffic flow such as traffic density and allowable velocity limits of the roads. As the number of influential factors and amount of nodes in road network...

Author(s): Ismail Rakip Karas and Umit Atila

January 2011

The pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects of human peripheral mononuclear cells against the human leukemia cells in middle age with habitual morning swimming

In order to know if the physiologic stress under cool temperature, as well as the greater immunomodulatory effects of human peripheral mononuclear cells (PBMNC), will cause the pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects against the proliferation in human leukemia cells U937 in middle age with habitual morning swimming, 14 regular morning swimmers and 11 sedentary lifestyle subjects were enrolled with formal consents...

Author(s): A. C. Huang, C. M. Jiang, C. C. Lee, T. S. Huang, M. C. Wu and Y. Y. Chen

January 2011

Development of a UV-spectrophotometric method for the simultaneous determination of aspirin and paracetamol in tablets

A specific, rapid and simple UV spectrophotometric method with good sensitivity was developed and validated for the simultaneous quantification of aspirin and paracetamol in standard solutions and tablets. The method employed solving of simultaneous equations based on the measurement of absorbance at two wavelengths, 265 and 257 nm, λ max for aspirin and paracetamol, respectively. The calibration curve...

Author(s): Ghulam Murtaza, Izhar Hussain, Shujaat Ali Khan, Arham Shabbir, Arshad Mahmood, Muhammad Hassham Hassan Bin Asad, Kalsoom Farzanal andNadia Shamshad Malik

January 2011

Evaluation of national farmers’ registry data in geo-information context: Case study of Trabzon, Turkey

For the management of agricultural subsidies, information on farmers and farmland in Turkey is registered in the National Registry of Farmers (NRF) system. However, the system currently does not include any integrated spatial data. This hinders the population of necessary information on the actual agricultural land and thus, makes it impossible to correlate farmers’ declaration with the actual agricultural land...

Author(s): Halil Ibrahim Inan, Tahsin Yomralioglu and Nihat Enver Ulger

January 2011

Evaluation of the physiological data indicating the dynamic stress level of drivers

Bio-signal recordings that reflect the operating conditions of the physiological systems provide several useful metrics to determine the dynamics of internal states in human body. In this context, this study is aimed to identify the useful metrics indicating the real-time stress level of drivers. Totally 10 of drivers’ bio-signal datasets obtained from MIT-BIH PhysioNet Multi-parameter Database were used to...

Author(s): Ahmet Akbas

January 2011

Hash-based document extraction in corporate mobile devices using ontological architectures

Due to the rapid technological advances in mobile and wireless networking devices, personal computing has moved towards into ad hoc and pervasive environments. Today, the dynamic nature of mobile applications and services have integrated them far more in end-users’ lives. Organizations need an effective way of handling their information system for their employees and customers. Mobile devices such as notebook...

Author(s): Tuncay Ercan

January 2011

Cumulative distribution of rainfall data for tropical countries

This paper presents the monthly average cumulative rainfall data for 24 regions over a 9-year period for giving reliable rain data for tropical countries that are famous for heavy rains. By acquiring the monthly rainfall average from the selected regions, system designers for tropical countries such as Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea (PNG) can be used to devise suitable designs for the rainy...

Author(s): J. S. Mandeep, Renuka Nalinggam and Widad Ismai

January 2011

Spectral analysis of tide waves in the Strait of Gibraltar

In the Strait of Gibraltar, tide waves have been investigated through the spectral analysis of tide records. These traces have been recorded from the third quarter of the year 1997 to the third quarter of the year 2004 by the stations located at the Strait of Gibraltar: Huelva, Ceuta and Malaga. All the data refer to the Tide Gauge Zero (TGZ). These data have been sampled with a ratio of one sample per hour (1 SPH)....

Author(s): F. Manzano-Agugliaro, V. Corchete and X. B. Lastra

January 2011

Reducing the charging errors in an hospital emergency department: A PDCA approach

Modern hospitals are highly computerized in managing the routine and operational documentary procedures. One of the best practices in managing with acomputerized system was the materials used in a hospital. One of the benefits the computer system may provide to the hospital was to save labor force. Some problems occurred in the emergency department because the healthcare staff failed to communicate with the...

Author(s): Frank, F. C. Panand Shu-Jyuan Chou

January 2011

Comparison the 154 and 380 kv transmission system network of Northwest Anatolia by making power flow emulation with constraint analysis in Turkey

In this study, thereby explaining under which circumstances an interconnected transmission network works that, in Turkey 380 and 154 kV power transmission lines connected to each other and consist of 18 generation and 96 load buses that the interconnected power network of Northwest Anatolia taken up with 114 buses and also done the power flow and constraint analysis in order to plan for new establishing systems. With...

Author(s): Nihat Pamuk and Yilmaz UyaroÄŸlu

January 2011

Treatment of bisegmental lumbar spinal stenosis: Coflex interspinous implant versus bisegmental posterior lumbar interbody fusion

To evaluate the clinical efficacy of coflex interspinous implant for bisegmental lumbar spinal stenosis, 23 cases of bisegmental lumbar spinal stenosis were treated with coflex interspinous implant for lumbar fusion (Coflex plus fusion, n =12), or bisegmental posterior lumbar interbody fusion (bisegmental fusion, n = 11). The operation time, bleeding volume, and the visual analog scale (VAS) for lumbar...

Author(s): Hongsheng Lin, Guowei Zhang, Hao Wu, Ning Liu and Zhengang Zha

January 2011

Determination and optimization of the machining parameters of the welded areas in moulds

In this study, the parameters of surface roughness, cutting temperature and cutting forces in the milling of the repaired welding regions of DIN 1.2344 hot work tool steel, which was used in mould manufacturing, with end mills coated multilayer TiAIN were examined experimentally. The effects of the feed rate, cutting speed and depth of cut on surface roughness, cutting temperature and cutting force were searched. In...

Author(s): Ay Mustafa

January 2011

Determination of the aquifer layer by the application of electrical method of exploration at Ubiaja in Edo Central of Nigeria

This investigation was carried out in two locations at Ubiaja in the central part of Edo state, Nigeria. The vertical electrical sounding (VES) was done using the schlumberger electrode array configuration to obtain the data and the schlumberger automatic analysis method of interpretation was adopted. The interpretation of the data showed a resolution of nine geoelctric layers for both VES and the...

Author(s): Alile O. M. and Ehigiator M. O.