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Table of Content: 18 May 2011; 6(10)

May 2011

Growth and production kinetics of antimicrobial compound from Streptomyces albidoflavus 321.2

  In this study, an antimicrobial compound was isolated from the fermented broth ofStreptomyces albidoflavus 321.2 (MTCC 3662), a new soil isolate. Arginine glycerol salt medium was found best for the production and was maximum after the 6th day of fermentation at 32°C using 6% (v/v) inoculum at static condition to yield 250 mg/ml. The compound exhibited less toxicity against experimental...

Author(s):   Raj Narayan Roy and Sukanta Kumar Sen        

May 2011

Historicity of the material concrete in the city of Tlemcen

  The relative question to the first uses of the concrete as a material of construction in the domain of building in Algeria, and especially in the city of Tlemcen, is the heart of the work that we intend to publish. The objective of this research is to illustrate the history of the evolution of the use of material concrete in the domain of construction in the city of Tlemcen. The applied methodology is to...

Author(s):   L. Sail, F. Ghomari and A. Megnounif        

May 2011

Study of cutting force and surface roughness in milling of Al/Sic metal matrix composites

  In this experimental study, composite samples containing silicon are produced with powder metallurgy technique by sintering under argon atmosphere. The effect of cutting speeds, feed rates and different cutting tool types on cutting forces and surface roughness are investigated in the face milling operation of silicon carbide particle reinforced aluminium metal matrix composites. Machining operations are...

Author(s):   Yakup Turgut, Hanifi Çinici, Ismail Åžahin and Tayfun Findik        

May 2011

A new prognostic model and score to predict short term outcome after intracerebral hemorrhage

  Spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) accounts for the highest mortality of all strokes. An early and reliable prognostic indication in ICH patients is potentially useful for initiating individual treatment and for informing patients and families. The published predictive models are largely based on neurological features; however, a part of them need to be judged with the subjective...

Author(s):   Feng-zeng Li, Hui Chen, Yong-hong Wang, Ying-jun Yang, Cheng-hua Li, Zi-he Dong and Jin-peng Zhong        

May 2011

Dynamics of plankton and fish in a subtropical temporary wetland: Rice fields

  Rice fields are temporary wetlands that harbor many of the same species that breed in natural temporary ponds. These systems have a complex limnology, characterized by rapid physical, chemical, and biological changes. The goal of this study was to evaluate the role of nutrients in the plankton and fish dynamics during a production cycle, based on the auto-ecology of the species related to their adaptations to...

Author(s):   Lúcia Helena Ribeiro Rodrigues, Eliete Bertazzo Canterle, Vanessa Becker, Vanessa Gazulha, Ângela Hamester and David da Motta Marques,      

May 2011

A hybrid bio-geography based optimization for permutation flow shop scheduling

  The permutation flow shop problem (PFSSP) is an NP-hard problem of wide engineering and theoretical background. In this paper, a biogeography based optimization (BBO) based on memetic algorithm, named HBBO is proposed for PFSSP. Firstly, to make BBO suitable for PFSSP, a new LRV rule based on random key is introduced to convert the continuous position in BBO to the discrete job permutation. Secondly, the NEH...

Author(s): Minghao Yin, and Xiangtao Li,

May 2011

Development of a biomedical virtual microscopy slide scanner using a line scan charge-coupled device (CCD) camera

  This study developed a high speed biomedical tissue slide scanner using a line scan CCD camera to capture continuous images and complete a virtual slide of a panoramic image in real time. The virtual slide provides highly reliable data for pathology researchers in determining the pathogenic origin of biomedical tissues. The scanning system consisted of a motion control module, an image acquisition module, an...

Author(s):   Jiun-Hung Yu, Yen-Chung Chen and Fang-Jung Shiou        

May 2011

A reinforcement learning method for decision making process of watermark strength in still images

  Digital image watermarking is one of the most important techniques for copyright protection. The robustness and imperceptibility are the basic requirements of digital image watermarking that are contradictory. The key factor that affects both the robustness and imperceptibility is the watermark strength. This paper presents a new method to determine the watermark strength using Reinforcement Learning (RL) in...

Author(s):   Alimohammad Latif, Ahmad Reza Naghsh-Nilchi and Vali Derhami        

May 2011

A novel identification and monitoring technique of multi ID public transport for station reporting

  The intercity passenger market has been expanding rapidly. Nowadays, it is easily observed that many people stand on the bus stations in order to get their desired bus, but sometimes it takes too much time for them to, due to many remarkable reasons. In this research, a new intelligent model for multi ID buses movement monitoring and station reporting system based on GPS and succession of RF Transceivers is...

Author(s):   Ahmed N. Abd Alla, Muhammad Rauf, Azhar Fakharuddin and Nik M. K. bin Nik yousuff        

May 2011

Evaluating the effect of computer simulations on secondary biology instruction: An application of Bloom’s taxonomy

  The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of computer simulations designed to assist 9th grade students in learning the “cell unit”. Bloom taxonomy was utilised for the design of the study and the interpretation of its findings. Participants were 91 (Male =55, Female=36) year nine students studying at Fatih Secondary School in Diyarbakir, Turkey. The control and experimental groups...

Author(s):   Hulya Aslan Efe and Rifat Efe        

May 2011

Determining of the yield, quality and nutrient content of tomatoes grafted on different rootstocks in soilless culture

  Using of grafted plants provides a stability and tolerance against biotic and abiotic stress factors in tomato cultivation and increases yield and quality that depend on vigour of rootstocks. This study was conducted to determine the effects of different rootstocks on yield, quality and nutrient contents of grafted tomatoes in soilless culture. In the experiment, cv. Yankı...

Author(s):   Naif GeboloÄŸlu, Emin Yılmaz, Perihan Çakmak, Mine Aydın, and YaÅŸar Kasap        

May 2011

Energy-aware distributed algorithm for virtual backbone in wireless sensor networks with bidirectional links

  An important characteristic that distinguishes wireless sensor networks (WSNs) from other distributed systems is their need for energy efficiency because sensors have finite energy reserve. Since there is no fixed infrastructure or centralized management in WSN, a connected dominating set (CDS) has been proposed as a virtual backbone. The CDS plays a major role in routing, broadcasting, coverage and activity...

Author(s):   Hassan Raei, Mehdi Sarram and Mohammad Ghasemzadeh        

May 2011

Ethnoecological evaluation of some medicinal and aromatic plants of Kot Malakand Agency, Pakistan

  A study of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) was conducted during summer 2009 in the mountainous areas of Kot. The area has the largest pure stand of Chirr pine forest, hosting many economically important MAPs in the region. In this context the present study was conducted with the aims to identify important MAPs species and investigate linkages in the market channel starting from collectors to consumers....

Author(s):   Hassan Sher    

May 2011

Critical success factors for software projects: A comparative study

  Although there have been studies completed on the critical success factors of software projects, these studies all have been specific to one particular country. There has been no comprehensive study reporting on different project sizes in various domains and in multiple countries. We present our extensive literature survey of critical success factors that impact software projects. Forty-three articles from...

Author(s):   Mohd Hairul Nizam Nasir and Shamsul Sahibuddin        

May 2011

Association between somatostatin levels and life of polymorphonuclear neutrophils in macaques following intestinal ischemia-reperfusion

  Previous studies have shown that delayed apoptotic polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs) might play an important role in the development of multiple organ dysfunction syndromes (MODS). Somatostatin (SST) may improve the histopathological lesions as well as functions of vital organs in rats with MODS. This study was to investigate the association of SST levels in plasma or jejunum tissue and PMN life in...

Author(s):   Lan-tao Xu, Yan-yan Wu, Hua Fan, Qing-hua Tan, Bing Hu, Chun-hui Wang and Cheng-wei Tang        

May 2011

Analyzing the effects of peak to average power ratio and digital predistortion in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems

  Dummy sequence insertion (DSI) and partial transmit sequence (PTS) are two existing distortionless peak to average power ratio (PAPR) reduction techniques that have been proposed for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. Both DSI and PTS have drawbacks. In DSI, increasing the number of dummy sequence decreases the transmission efficiency (TE) and in PTS, the complexity increases when the...

Author(s):   Pooria Varahram and Borhanuddin Mohd Ali        

May 2011

Variation of Schmidt hammer rebound values depending on bed thickness and discontinuity surfaces

  In this study, Schmidt hammer rebound (HR) values of fine to medium-grained sandstone were measured to investigate the anisotropy effect on strengthaccording to thickness. The highest HR was measured from the thickest (132 cm) bed, with an average value of 43, while the lowest was measured from the thinnest (8 cm) bed, with an average value of 35. The variation of HR is determined as 23%. Similarly,...

Author(s):   A. Ozbek and M. Gul        

May 2011

Heat and drought resistance criteria in spring bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.): Morpho-physiological parameters for heat tolerance

  This study was aimed at evaluating some morpho-physiological parameters such as stomatal conductance (gs), canopy temperature (CT), canopy temperature depression (CTD) and stay green duration (SGD) in terms of heat tolerance. For this purpose, trials designed according to randomized complete blocks were conducted with twenty-four spring bread wheat genotypes as three replicated in the Research and Application...

Author(s):   Bilge Bahar, Mehmet Yildirim and Cemal Yucel        

May 2011

Diagnosis and treatment of postoperative aseptic meningitis

  To summarize the experience on diagnosis and treatment of aseptic meningitis, the clinical characteristics and corresponding treatment of postoperative aseptic meningitis were retrospectively analyzed in 108 patients. The following symptoms and findings were noticed in all patients: Fever (38 to 40°C); consciousness disturbance without progressive aggravation; increase of leukocyte count...

Author(s):   Xuzhi He, Xuhui Wang, Minhui Xu, Hong Liang and Lunshan Xu        

May 2011

A study on the metaphor of social exclusion from embodied cognition

  The research seeks to further understand the metaphor between social exclusion and coldness. In study 1, participants primed with social exclusion estimated that food contains more calories, compared with participants in the control condition, while in study 2, participants categorized words presented on a computer screen. However, social exclusion words were categorized more quickly in the cold font than in...

Author(s):   Zeng Wang and Zhong-Yi Lu