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Table of Content: 23 August, 2012; 7(33)

August 2012

Google analytics: Tips for micro-firms

  The free web analytics tools launched by some search engines (for example, Google analytics and yahoo web analytics) have the potential to be turned into key marketing tools for small businesses and long tail websites. Web analytics, however, is not just about the number of people visiting a site, but is also about the quality of the traffic and what the visitors do when they access a site. The aim of this...

Author(s): Beatriz Plaza

August 2012

An application of Delphi method for eliciting criteria in personnel selection problem

  An important phase of human resource management is personnel selection, which is concerned with identifying an individual from a pool of candidates suitable for a vacant position. As with many decision problems, personnel selection problem is very complex in real life. Some of the techniques in decision making are multi criteria decision making (MCDM) which can be applied for personnel selection process....

Author(s): Ali Reza Afshari, Rosnah Mohd Yusuff and Amir Reza Derayatifar

August 2012

Laminar flow of couple stress fluids for Vogel's model

  The coupled nonlinear equations for heat transfer flow of variable viscosity couple stress fluids between two parallel plates are derived for four different problems, namely plane Couette flow, plug flow, plane Poiseuille flow and generalized plane Couette flow. These equations are made dimensionless with the help of non-dimensional parameters and solved by using regular perturbation technique. The effect of...

Author(s): M. Farooq, S. Islam, M. T. Rahim and A. M. Siddiqui

August 2012

Laser raman and infrared spectrum analysis on low-density lipoproteins purified from hen egg yolk

  Diversified proteins were separated from hen egg yolk by ammonium sulphate rapid fractionation, and pure low-density lipoprotein (LDL) was obtained after filtrating through Sephadex G-200 chromatography. After the qualitative detection ofSodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), we discovered that LDL consists of five major apoproteins. The results show...

Author(s): Xue Hui-jun, Li Sheng, Wang Hua, Lu Guo-hua, Sun Run-guang# and Wang Jian-qi#

August 2012

Study on the impact of geotextiles on fatigue life of asphalt specimens

  In this research, four types of geotextiles were selected and their impact on fatigue life and average flexural stiffness of hot mix asphalt (HMA) specimens was investigated. Fatigue tests were implemented by four-point bending beam test at strain control condition with haversine wave and 10 Hz frequency. The fatigue tests were carried out in four strain levels 250, 400, 650 and 1000 micro strain. Based on...

Author(s): Mahmoud Ameri, Jalil Shahi and Hamed Khani Sanij,

August 2012

Contractions on Hilbert space with the smallest local unitary spectra

  Let T  be a contraction on a complex Hilbert space H, let  be the local spectrum of  at , and let  be the local unitary spectrum of T at ;. We show that if  is of Lebesgue measure zero, then, where  is the unitary part of  in the canonical decomposition of  H  with respect...

Author(s): Cesim Temel

August 2012

Impaired N-cadherin-mediated adhesion increases the risk of inducible ventricular arrhythmias in isolated rat hearts

  Recent studies suggest that cadherin-mediated adherens junctions may be impaired in diseases and pathologic processes related to ventricular arrhythmias, which are concomitant with decreased connexin 43 (Cx43). In this study, we evaluated the acute arrhythmogenic effects of adherens junction impairment in isolated rat hearts. A total of 56 hearts isolated from adult male rats were perfused with 0.2 mM AHAVD,...

Author(s): Hong-jun Zhu, Xiao-Mei Ding, Jian-gang Zou, Xiao-feng Hou and Ke-jiang Cao

August 2012

Expression of protein-gene peptide (PGP) 9.5 in myocardial sleeves around the pulmonary artery and aorta in pigs

  A subgroup of outflow tract (OT) ventricular tachycardias (VT) originates from the aortic sinuses or the main stem of the pulmonary artery. Myocardial sleeves onto the pulmonary artery (PA) and aorta (Ao) have been recognized as a frequent site for the origin of arrhythmia. The aim of this study was to analyze PGP9.5 expression in pulmonary artery and aorta from 100 pigs hearts and relate it to the mechanism...

Author(s): Jingping Lu, Dongsheng Zhao, Gang Zhang, Jie Gen and Qijun Shan

August 2012

Characterization of de novo assemblies of quasispecies from next-generation sequencing via complex network modeling

  Several worldwide pandemics, such as influenza, human immunodeficiency virus, and coronavirus, are caused by viral quasispecies. Characterization of quasispecies harboring in a host is essential to unveil the mechanisms that are at the base of the pathogen evolution, infection and spread at the epidemic level. Next generation sequencing (NGS) produces many thousands of sequence fragments from a single sample,...

Author(s): Mattia C. F. Prosperi, Sandro Meloni, Iuri Fanti, Stefano Panzieri, Giovanni Ulivi and Marco Salemi

August 2012

Airborne light detection and ranging (LiDAR) point density analysis

  The point density is a preeminent parameter on airborne laser scanner surveys. It is not only related to accuracy but costs and savings. The lack of uniformity of the point density across the survey is well-known in the scientific community. This paper analyzes the behaviour of the point density derived by an oscillating mirror laser scanner on different single strips on flat bare ground in order to estimate...

Author(s): José Balsa-Barreiro, Joan Pere Avariento and José Luis Lerma