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Table of Content: 23 March, 2012; 7(11)

March 2012

An overview of water pollution and constructed wetlands for sustainable wastewater treatment in Kathmandu Valley: A review

Due to lack of strong legislation and guidelines to control untreated wastewaters and industrial effluents, surface and groundwater sources have been deteriorated seriously in Kathmandu Valley. Although, there are five centralized wastewater treatment plants in the valley, most of them are out of order. In recent years, constructed wetlands (CWs) have gained attention in the country for treating domestic...

Author(s): Anup Gurung and Sang-Eun Oh

March 2012

Quality of water from dug wells and the lagoon in Lagos Nigeria and associated health risks

The aim of this research work was to assess the quality of the water from dug wells and lagoon in Lagos, Nigeria, ascertain the contamination problems that may confront the consumers, determine the health risks and suggest appropriate remedies. Twenty (20) dug wells were randomly selected in Oworonshoki area of Lagos and water samples were collected during July to August 2010. The samples were checked for odour, colour...

Author(s): B. A. Adelekan and O. A. Ogunde

March 2012

ILOMPEL: Information and metadata modeling for personalized e-learning

This paper presents the pedagogically and psychologically engaged Personalized e-Learning Course Model (PeLCoM) and the Information Learning Object Model for Personalized e-Learning (ILOMPeL), based on variations of students’ intellectual profiles. Developed information learning object model makes clear the set of learning resources and organizes them in the way that it is possible to pack them, sequence, and to...

Author(s): Dragica Jovanovic, Malisa Zizovic and Danijela Milosevic

March 2012

An improvement of electrical characteristics of P-N diode by X-ray irradiation method

This paper presents a new technique of semiconductor fabrication technology, where a soft X-ray annealing method is proposed as a new technique and used in this work. The effect of Pt and Soft X-ray annealing on P-N diodes was investigated. The tested P-N diodes were fabricated at TMEC laboratory using CMOS technology. Results obtained have shown that the platinum doping is affected both reverse and forward current...

Author(s): Jirawat Prabket, Itsara Srithanachai, Surada Ueamanapong, Amporn Poyai, Wisut Titiroongruang, Surasak Niemcharoen and Preecha P. Yupapin

March 2012

Determination of some trace element nutritional status of cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus L.) with leaf analysis which grown natural conditions in Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey

This investigation was carried out to determine the trace element nutritional status of cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus L.) in Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. For this purpose, leaf samples were collected from different 20 cherry laurel (P. laurocerasus L.) gardens in June. Iron (Fe), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), boron (B) and molybdenum (Mo) contents were determined in leaf samples....

Author(s): Sevinç AdiloÄŸlu

March 2012

Generic method for statistical testing of parallel programs based on task trees

This paper deals with a particular class of parallel programs, which are based on task trees. The main objective of this paper was to adapt the generic method for statistical testing of sequential programs (GMST-SP) for this class of parallel programs, such that adapted method (GMST) can treat a family of task trees rather than just a single task tree, and that it can respect various evolutions of individual task trees....

Author(s): Miroslav Popovic, Ilija Kupresanin and Ilija Basicevic

March 2012

A genome-based database for agricultural biotechnology

The National Agricultural Biotechnology Information Center (NABIC) plays a leading role in maintaining a database of information for agricultural plants and microbes. Since 2002, the NABIC has constructed an agricultural biology-based computational infrastructure and has provided comprehensive agricultural biological research information in Korea. Its major functions are focused on developing bioinformatics...

Author(s): ChangKug Kim, DongSuk Park, YoungJoo Seol, GangSeob Lee, Myeong Ho Kim, SooChul Park, YongKab Kim and JangHo Hahn

March 2012

Performance improvement of hybrid SCM SAC-OCDMA networks using multi-diagonal csode

Hybrid Subcarrier Multiplexing (SCM) incorporating spectral amplitude coding optical code division multiple access (SAC-OCDMA) technology was investigated both mathematically and by simulation. The hybrid SCM/SAC-OCDMA system combined two schemes in such as a way that the resulting hybrid system is robust against the Multi- Access Interference (MAI) and much enhanced the channel data rate. In this paper, we describe the...

Author(s): Thanaa Hussein Abd, S. A. Aljunid, Hilal A. Fadhil, Ibrahim Fadhil Radhi,Ahmad R. B. and M. A. Rashid

March 2012

Alteration of cotyledonary globulins and albumins mobilization in pea exposed to cadmium

Seed germination and post germination events are complex physiological processes which can be seriously affected by heavy metals. Cadmium (Cd) is an environmental pollutant extremely toxic to plants and other living organisms including humans. To assess Cd phytotoxicity, pea seeds (Pisum sativum L. var. douce province) were germinated in distilled water or 200 µM CdCl2. Cadmium treatment induces a deleterious...

Author(s): Khadija Jaouani, Abdelilah Chaoui and Ezzdine El Ferjani

March 2012

Power quality monitoring system based on embedded system with network monitoring

This paper has proposed a power quality monitoring system on the detection of power disturbance in real-time by using an embedded system. It can be controlled and monitored by its function via Ethernet network. This system has been developed to monitor and detect any disturbance signals in power lines. If any phase in the power lines has disturbance, the monitoring system will store the fault data into the chosen memory...

Author(s): Krisda Yingkayun, Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn, Neville R. Watsonand Kohji Higuchi

March 2012

Optimal homotopy perturbation method for solving partial differential equations with large solution domain

In this paper, an efficient modification of homotopy perturbation method, namely optimal homotopy perturbation method, is introduced for solving linear and nonlinear partial differential equations with large solution domain based on a new homotopy perturbation method and Padé approximation method. We compare the performance of the method with those of new homotopy perturbation and optimal variational iteration...

Author(s): M. Abolhasani, M. M. Hosseini, H. Ghaneai and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din