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Table of Content: 30 March 2015; 10(6)

March 2015

Evaluation of pavement noise emission model: A case study in Tehran

Noise pollution and its influence on environment and life quality of human beings may be considered as a hot topic in scientific research. Since there are no sufficient studies on noise pollution in Tehran, this study was carried out to determine noise levels of pavement in Tehran City. SMM1 (The first standard of noise measurement method) model is one of the most common models used in calculating noise emission in...

Author(s): Ali mansour khaki, Amir Esmael Forouhid and Hootan Chegini

March 2015

The -expansion method and the exp -expansion method with applications to a higher order dispersive nonlinear Schrödinger equation

In this article, we study the connection between the -expansion method and the exp -expansion method with the aid of a suitable transformation. We employ these two methods to derive families of exact solutions for a higher order dispersive nonlinear Schrödinger equation describing the propagation of the optical pulse in a medium. Comparison between these two methods is presented. We show that the two methods as...

Author(s): Elsayed M. E. Zayed, Yasser A. Amer and Reham M. A. Shohib

March 2015

Antifungal activity of aqueous and ethanol extracts of seaweeds against sugarcane red rot pathogen (Colletotrichum falcatum)

The study was carried out to evaluate the effect of seaweed extracts of Sargassum myricocystum (brown alga) and Gracilaria edulis (red alga) against the mycelial growth of Colletotrichum falcatum with different extraction methods of aqueous and ethanol at concentrations of 5 and 10% along with control by poison food technique. The result revealed that extract of S. myricocystum (ethanol extract) showed significant...

Author(s): S. Ambika and K. Sujatha

March 2015

Improved production of β-galactosidase and β-fructofuranosidase by fungi using alternative carbon sources

The influence of alternative carbon sources as inducers of -galactosidase and -fructofuranosidase by filamentous fungi (that are, Aspergillus aculeatus, Chrysonilia sitophila, Gliocladium virens, Aspergillus fumigatus and Trichoderma longibrachiatum), recently isolated from Brazil’s Atlantic Forest biome has been investigated. The greatest levels of intracellular β-galactosidase activity were obtained...

Author(s): Diandra de Andrades, Vanessa Cristina Arfelli, Alesandra Oriente, Caroline Henn, Veridiana Araujo Alves da Costa Pereira, Rita de Cássia Garcia Simão, Jose Luis da Conceição Silva and  Marina Kimiko Kadowaki

March 2015

Algorithm for wavelength assignment in optical networks

Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) is a technology which multiplexes many optical carrier signals onto a single optical fiber by using different wavelengths. Wavelength assignment is one of the important components of routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) problem in WDM networks. In this article, to decrease the blocking probability, a new algorithm for wavelength assignment- Least Used Wavelength Conversion...

Author(s): Gulzar Ahmad Dar, Ifrah Amin and Hardeep Sing Saini

March 2015

The law of symmetry and its application

In this paper, the content of the law of symmetry and its application in science and production is introduced. It emphasizes the law`s effect on scientific law.   Key words: Symmetry principle, scientific law, translation variant, symmetry, geometrical, rotational.

Author(s): Yang Hongyu, Huang Chunyi, Wang Zhiyang, Lin Ying and Zhang Shue

March 2015

Evaluation of potential application of micromagnetic techniques for detection of corrosion in reinforced concrete

Despite the constant development of new materials, reinforced concrete is still widely used in civil engineering. Corrosion of the steel armour in reinforced concrete structures has historically been one of the main causes of damage and early failure. The development of a reliable method of non-invasive corrosion inspection and evaluation has been a challenge for many years. This paper focused on magnetic inspection of...

Author(s): Carlos Henrique de Carvalho, Carlos Otávio Damas Martins, Sandro Griza, Thomas Gabriel Rosauro Clarke and Ledjane Silva Barreto