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Table of Content: 4 April, 2013; 8(13)

April 2013

A review on thermoelectric cooling modules: Installation design, performance and efficiency

A thermoelectric cooling module (TECM) is defined as a solid-state heat pump and present advantages (for example, no moving parts and no harmful gasses) over other refrigeration technologies. However, to optimally use TECMs as high efficient heat pumps it is crucial to understand the factors that influence the performance and efficiency of these modules during the installation design phase. This paper therefore provides...

Author(s): Rupert Gouws and Houston Eilers

April 2013

Enzymatic bioconversion of kraft pulped and oxidative delignified sawdust from the Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria into fermentable sugars

The major obstacle during pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass centers mostly on the insufficient separation of lignin from cellulose that could further be converted into bioenergy and other useful chemicals. The choice of an optimum biomass pretreatment process depends on the digestibility of lignocellulosic material, cost-effectiveness and overall impact on the environment. Kraft pulp samples from sawdust wastes...

Author(s): N. A. Ndukwe, W. O. Okiei, B. I. Alo, J. P. H. van Wyk, T. M. Mamabolo and C. C. Igwe

April 2013

Performance evaluation of technological innovation capabilities in uncertainty

The evaluation of technological innovation capabilities (TICs) depends on determining multiple criteria and on building a performance and implementation plan. There are intensive studies on the issues of TICs which have been dealt with extensively by practitioners and academicians, however, studies on the implementation and performance evaluation are few. This study proposes the approach of adopting trapezoid fuzzy...

Author(s): Yuan-Hsu Lin, Ming-Lang Tseng, Yi-Li Cheng, Anthony S. F. Chiu and Yong Geng

April 2013

Enhancement of T-joints of Spruce wood reinforced by using glass-fiber composite laminate

In this study, T-joints constructed from Spruce wood and reinforced with glass-fiber fabric have been investigated under bending moment experimentally. Five types of T-joint were investigated. One of them is unreinforced and the others are reinforced with glass epoxy composite laminate. The specimens were subjected to bending moment until the failure of the joint. Five specimens were tested for each...

Author(s): Nurdan Cetin Yerlikaya and Alaattin Aktas

April 2013

Experimental investigation of heat transfer in oscillating circular pipes: High frequencies and amplitudes

Heat transfer characteristics of oscillating turbulent air flow in a circular pipe heated at uniform heat flux were experimentally examined. The experiments were performed over range of Reynolds number 10 × 103 to 5 × 104 and oscillating frequencies from 5 to 100 Hz. Thermocouple, the temperature control system and the other measurement systems were installed on the...

Author(s): H. GÜL