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Table of Content: 4 August; 5(15)

August 2010

Chemical, biological and physiological indicators of metal pollution in wetlands

  Chemical, biological and physiological responses in terrestrial and aquatic plants may be used as biomarkers to monitor contamination in ecosystems. Some plant parameters such as chlorophyll content, photosynthesis, transpiration, metal uptake and metabolism may be used to determine the level of toxic stress in plants. Similarly, the concentrations of metals in soil may be used to establish the levels of...

Author(s):   O. O. Ayeni, P. A. Ndakidemi, R. G. Snyman and J. P. Odendaal

August 2010

Preliminary approach to improve knowledge management in engineering management

  There is a steady change in engineering management from an information age to knowledge age where there is an increasing need for knowledge management. The construction industry has a poor record in the management of its knowledge, and results in huge wastage of resources and detrimental effect to quality. In addition, knowledge management in the context of the Malaysian construction industry has many...

Author(s):   H. Abdul-Rahman and Chen Wang

August 2010

Novel approach for high (secure and rate) data hidden within triplex space for executable file

  Steganography is an art that involves the concealing of information with the aim of making the communication invisible. Unlike cryptography, where the main aim is to secure communications from the Snooper by encoding that data in such a way that it becomes visible but not understood. In this paper, we propose a framework that will integrate both steganographic and cryptographic approaches within a hyiperd...

Author(s): A. A. Zaidan, B. B. Zaidan, O. Hamdan Alanazi, Abdullah Gani, Omar Zakaria and Gazi Mahabubul Alam

August 2010

Documentation of an Ottoman replica tile via photogrammetric modeling

  Reproduction of the tiles often utilized as finishing material in Ottoman architecture is on the agenda during the restoration of the buildings. The documentation should be prepared before passing it on to the reproduction of the tiles. In this study, photogrammetric modeling has been used for the documentation of an Ottoman replica tile. The primary goal of the photogrammetric measurement system was to solve...

Author(s): Elif Ozlem Aydin, Bahadir Ergun and Cumhur Sahin

August 2010

The effect of the rock type forming the aggregate in lightweight polymer concrete on compressive and flexural tensile strength

  In this study, lightweight polymer concrete samples were produced with limestone (Ceyhan, Adana), pumice (Nevsehir) and zeolite (Gordes, Manisa) as a binder resin, and compressive and flexural tensile strength of these samples were determined via laboratorial experiments. For the study, the cylinder and prismatic samples of polymer on normal aggregate concrete (NAC), polymer on normal and lightweight...

Author(s): A. M. Kilic, O. Kilic and M. O. Keskin

August 2010

Investigation of the control voltage and reactive power in wind farm load bus by STATCOM and SVC

  In this study, the voltage stability of the bus load in various static and dynamic load systems that are fed by a wind farm has been examined. In the control of load voltage and reactive power, 10 MVAr static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) and static var compensator (SVC) is used. In the wind farm examined, double feed induction generator (DFIG) is used. In voltage and reactive power control, the results...

Author(s):   Ali Ozturk and Kenan Dosoglu    

August 2010

Predicting the chloride content from the color analysis for various cement-based materials

  The rate of chloride content is of great importance for the performance of reinforced concrete structures exposed to chloride-contaminated environments. The chlorides are known to cause corrosion of metals embedded in cement-based materials. Thus, an important criterion for the evaluation of reinforced concrete structures is the measurement of the chloride content. This is normally done using time consuming...

Author(s): Rüstem Gül, Murat Yavuz and Abdulkadir Cüneyt Aydin

August 2010

Modeling freight transportation preferences: Conjoint analysis for Turkish Region

  Conjoint analysis is a very popular method used to analyze the structure of consumers’ preference. This technique is usually based on stated preference technique. Stated preferences experiments present individuals with hypothetical travel scenarios and seek their preferences. This paper reports the results of a conjoint analysis experiment performed in two Turkish Regions that estimates transportation...

Author(s): Sevil Kofteci, Murat Ergun and H. Serpil Ay

August 2010

An analysis on factors effective in benefiting from forage crops support

  This study aims to determine what factors are effective for farmers to benefit from forage crop support which is very important for animal growers. In order to determine factors that affect utilization of government support as well as to make regional comparisons in terms of benefit levels of these supports in Northwest of Turkey where meat and milk productivity is the highest and Northeast of Turkey where...

Author(s): Nuray Demir and Fahri Yavuz

August 2010

A new performance index formulation aiming to attain fully stressed designs for topology optimization problems

  Evolutionary structural optimization (ESO) is a method combining topology and shape optimization. Although ESO has appeared on a simple foundation, many researchers up to now have made many contributions and performance based optimization, which incorporates performance indices to decide the best topology through all the designs provided by the optimization process, has been presented. Some criterions that...

Author(s): Fatih Mehmet Özkal and Habib Uysal

August 2010

A new approach for classification of clayey soil: A case study for Adapazari region, Turkey

  Adapazari city is founded on very deep alluvial deposits which mainly consist of gravel, sand, silt, silty and clayey sands and clay. In this study, neural networks (NN) are used in the classification of clay samples existence in north of Adapazari. NN is a powerful data modeling tool capable of capturing and representing complex relationships between input and output. It has been used as alternative method...

Author(s): Fatih Goktepe, Hasan Arman, and Murat Pala

August 2010

Real-time motion-sensitive image recognition system

  This study aims at realizing an effective motion analysis for real time security application by using image processing techniques. After obtaining from the environment, image frames are used to sense and perceive a mobile object, as well as its size and motion degree. In case estimated values exceed its threshold, it is decided whether this image belongs to a human being or a destructive object. Images are...

Author(s): Musa Peker and Ahmet Zengin

August 2010

Effects of chopping length and compaction values on the feed qualities of sunflower silage

  This study was conducted to determine the feed qualities of sunflower silages produced with different chopping lengths and under different compaction values. Olivia species sunflower was used in the study. Sunflowers were harvested at the grain-dough maturity stage using silage machine. Dry matter rate on harvesting was 298.5 g/kg and plants were cut in the lengths ranging between 1 and 4 cm. Cut material was...

Author(s): Cihat Yildiz, Ismail Ozturk and Yucel Erkmen

August 2010

Characteristics of workability, strength, and ultrasonic pulse velocity of SCC containing zeolite and slag

  This paper reports the results of the study conducted to evaluate the influence of natural zeolite (NZ) and blast furnace slag (BFS) and both NZ + BFS on the ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV), compressive strength, flexure strength and density of self-compacting concrete (SCC). In addition, the relationship between UPV and compressive strength was evaluated. NZ, BFS and both NZ+BFS were used as the mineral...

Author(s): Ibrahim Türkmen, Ali Öz and Abdulkadir Cüneyt Aydin

August 2010

Participation in the greening of schoolyards in the Ankara public school system

  This research seeks to examine how schoolyards promote physical activity among children and how these environments can be improved using input from students. The study is based on a project that involved school children, teachers and principals of five public schools in Ankara. Data was collected using multiple methods including: Student surveys, interviews with teachers and principals and focus-group...

Author(s): Aydin Özdemir and Mehmet Çorakçi

August 2010

Effect of seeding rate on yield and yield components of durum wheat cultivars in cotton-wheat cropping system

  This research was carried out in experimental field of Southeastern Anatolia Agricultural Research Institute in randomized split bloc design with three replications for three years (2004 - 2005, 2005 - 2006 and 2006 - 2007 growing seasons). The objective of this study was to determine the effects of seeding rates on grain yield and yield components of two durum wheat cultivars (Aydin-93 and Firat-93) under...

Author(s): Hasan Kiliç and Songül Gürsoy

August 2010

A new quaternion: Unit vector division quaternion

  It is well known that, quaternion algebra allows the defining division of 3-D vectors. Division of vectors has many applications in applied mathematics and mechanics. However, indicial notation is widely used in the branches mentioned above. It is shown in this paper that division of orthonormal vectors can be conveniently handled by a simple operator. This operator can be used in the division of two...

Author(s): Fuad Okay