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Table of Content: 4 March 2010; 5(5)

March 2010

A review of cryogenic cooling in high speed machining (HSM) of mold and die steels

Metal cutting generates heat which influences the quality of a finished product, the force needed in cutting as well as limiting the life of the cutting tool. There are various attempts by researchers all over the world to understand the mechanism and theory behind the temperature built-up during machining in order to achieve optimized machining procedure and best workpiece results. Theories are developed, experiments...

Author(s): Aznijar Ahmad-Yazid, Zahari Taha and Indra Putra Almanar

March 2010

The effects of training and spatial experience on the perception of the interior of buildings with a high level of complexity

The high level of complexity that is a compulsory result of the complex plan schemes worsens the perception and usage of locations. It was attempted in this research to determine the effects of education in architecture and spatial experience on the spatial complexity and the evaluations of the perception performance in the education buildings that have a high level of complexity. The research included the Selcuk...

Author(s): M. Lutfi Hidayetoglu, Kemal Yildirim and Kubulay Cagatay

March 2010

Outlier detection for geodetic nets using ADALINE learning algorithm

Developed by imitating the operation of human brain, artificial neural network applications are used in many fields such as engineering, industry, medicine, agriculture, finance, communication, meteorology, space and aeronautics. By the help of sophisticated computing technologies, the learning algorithms used in artificial neural networks allowed solving many problems that remained as undecided and defied any...

Author(s): Mevlut Gullu and Ibrahim Yilmaz

March 2010

Misconceptions of civil engineering students on structural modeling

Student misconceptions have recently been an important area of research in many branches of science. However, the research work on the misconceptions of engineering students has remained of limited extent. Although the most important task of a structural engineer is structural analysis, structural modeling and interpretation of analysis results have come into prominence due to emerging computer technology. This study is...

Author(s): Salih Yilmaz

March 2010

The structure and importance of fire suppressing organizations in Turkey

A great number of forest fires with the assistance of weather conditions and mankind activities causes destruction to the forests in Turkey. The duration and reasons of forest fires differ from each other, so it needs to apply different organizations in order to put out these fires. Whatever it is, whether a major or minor forest fire, the important thing is to arrange the correct forest fire suppressing techniques....

Author(s): Hamit Ayberk, Ali Kucukosmanoglu and Huseyin Cebeci

March 2010

Photogrammetric observation of the variation of intrinsic parameters for zoom lenses

Today, non-metric cameras are used wide-spread  in close-range photogrammetric applications. Such professional cameras can be combined with both digital and mechanical zooming satisfactorily. Optical behavior of the lenses is changed depending on the feature of the optical system used during the zooming process. This so-called change is arranged by optimizing the number of pixels used on the digital...

Author(s): Bahadir Ergun

March 2010

A study with a purpose to determine structural defects and faults: The seismic risks of the existing buildings in various districts of Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, a host of many different civilizations- being a city of tourism, art, and culture, with a mega-city area of 5712 km2, having more than 1,000,000 buildings with a population exceeding 10 million, has been exposed to numerous earthquakes in its history and, has experienced damaged extensively as a result of these earthquakes. Istanbul was also affected by the recent August 17th Golcuk and November 12th Duzce...

Author(s): Ali Koçak

March 2010

Evaluation of recent global geopotential models based on GPS/levelling data over Afyonkarahisar (Turkey)

This study presents the evaluation of the global geo-potential models EGM96, EIGEN-5C, EGM2008(360) and EGM2008 by comparing model based on geoid heights to the GPS/levelling based on geoid heights over Afyonkarahisar study area in order to find the geopotential model that best fits the study area to be used in a further geoid determination at regional and national scales. The study area consists of 313 control points...

Author(s): Ibrahim Yılmaz, Mustafa Yılmaz, Mevlüt Güllü and Bayram Turgut

March 2010

Determination of the relations between shore border line and land ownership by using GIS: An example from the Eastern Coast of the Black Sea

Coastal areas, because of its unique natural resources, in every period of history of civilization have created a focal point, in terms of placement and use of a social order has become important. Both in the world and in Turkey, coastal areas, where the settlement and social and economic activities have become intense, are facing some problems. In Turkey, varieties of the climate, topography and the characteristics of...

Author(s): Faik Ahmet Sesli

March 2010

Brittle fracture index (BFI) as a tool in the classification, grouping, and ranking of some binders used in tablet formulation: Lactose tablets

This work aims at classifying, grouping and ranking binders based on their abilities to ameliorate capping and lamination in lactose tablets using BFI as a tool. Binders from different “families” (for example, starches, celluloses, natural gums, and synthetic gums) were employed via the wet granulation process at concentrations ranging from 1.0 - 12.5% w/w to formulate tablets with and without centre holes...

Author(s): Ebere I. Okoye, Anthony O. Onyekweli, Olobayo O. Kunle and Matthew I. Arhewoh